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  1. 4/21 - When to the NUT today. She was soo proud of my progress. I told her I was concerned that I my loss was slowing down and she assured me that it would be normal. She said, "Slow and steady wins the race. She said my weight looked amazing and that I should be proud of even 4lbs because of how much 1lb of fat means to a healthier body. She gave me the go ahead to start adding in new foods with limitations: 

    Stay away from red meat 

    Stay away from pasta

    Stay away from rice 

    Stay away from from all kinds of ice cream and sugar free junk alternatives.

    And the usual suspects (No cakes, cookies, ice cream and soda (any carbonated/sparkling drink)

    She gave me the go ahead to start lightly at the gym. No more than a 30 minute light weight workout (walking on the treadmill and biking). She said no weight lifting just yet, or swimming :(, I will have to wait until my 6 week followup with my surgeon to see if it is okay. 

    Since Pre-Op Diet (3/12/2017): 29lbs

    Since Surgery (3/26/2017): 15lbs

    Although 15lbs does not seem like a lot, it is when you break it down in weeks. That is 3.75lbs a week. That is more than I ever did without this tool. I am soo happy it's working. 

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    2. Newme17


      3.75 lbs is a lot. That's great! I'm proud of you too. 👍

    3. Sleeve1stFitNext


      Thank you!!! I am really proud too. I just see nothing but the next step and the next step.

    4. luckylimey


      A pound is a pound, and every one that's lost is a benefit.