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  1. 4/20 - So my little punk brother ate my meal prep and even took two containers to school. I woke up this morning to an empty fridge lol. Last night, I have three small containers of chicken and broccoli and two small containers of beans. His reasoning? He is doing it to make me cook tonight lol. I said what? He said, "It is Taco Casserole Thursdays and this is tradition and you have failed to make it for almost 2 months. I cannot allow these atrocities against my stomach to go unpunished." He told me that this is food warfare and hung up lol.

    I called my mom and told her and she started laughing. She said this is what I get for the whole Popeyes incident. She told me to just make the Casserole since I am off today and she wont be home until late. So I told her, I will make the Casserole. However, their is something that little punk does not like to eat and that is sour cream. I will make the Casserole and put sour cream in it. I will get the last laugh. 

    I ended up boiling two large eggs and just eating the egg whites with a little salt sprinkled on top. I am defrosting a turkey burger for lunch. I now have to go to Whole Foods and get the ingredients for the Casserole:

    Turkey Ground Beef

    Reduced Fat Cheese


    Brown Rice (rice substitute if I can find one)

    Bean paste

    Tortilla chips 

    Sour Cream (Lots and Lots of Sour Cream B))



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    2. Newme17


      Oh to be a fly on the wall! I would have loved to seen it. Lol. That was good. 🤣🤣🤣

    3. Ash44


      you have a fun household!

    4. Sleeve1stFitNext


      Yeah we do. I am the only girl with 2 younger brothers. I have to be just a sneaky and tricky as they are.