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    I just came from there this past Tuesday. Everyone was fabulous! The dr., bariatricpal valets, the hospital staff, Bill and Stacy. We were treated very very kindly. I do not regret going there. The only issue I had was at the hotel. They must go all night long and was kinda annoying when you just want to rest (casino in the center of hotel). Unless the put you at the other end of the hotel then the noise isn't bad. Good luck!
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    I'm getting surgery on 2/18 at Tijuana Bariatrics (Dr's Garcia & Vazquez are there). My coworker used Garcia about 6 months ago & raved about them, and she's doing great! I've encountered others that have used them too, all positive reviews. Best of luck to you!
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    I love the Premier Protein ready to drink shakes. I have been blending them with ice, so at least I can have a little bit of ice to crunch on. They have 30 grams of Protein so that really helps satisfy my hunger.
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