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    Aetna Approved!

    I received approval from Aetna! (Aetna POS II). I did the 90 day Multi-disciplinary approach. Technically I started in December, but I had a little hiccup and missed one of my appointments with my Primary Care Doctor in January. All I did was tack on an extra appointment with him in April, and all was good. When I first started I was so confused about Aetna's requirements, so I wanted to share for those that are taking the same route. Here is what I did to get approved. December: I met with the Surgeon and bariatric coordinator. I was intimidated about the process because of the insurance requirements. I started a journal to help keep track of my appointments and for a place to relay my thoughts as I went through everything. I met with my Primary Care doc for appointment 1 of 3. I met with a physical Therapist office, the week before Christmas, inside of our local YMCA to meet the exercise requirement. I wasn't sure how often I was supposed to meet with them. I scheduled an appointment twice a week. I later found out that once a month would have sufficed. January: I met with nutritionist for appointment 1 of 3 I met with psychologist for appointment 1 of 3 I met with Primary Care doc for a reason not related to weight loss, so it did not count as appointment #2, and I had to start over in February with my PCP visits. I met with physical therapist twice per week. February: I met with nutritionist for appointment 2 of 3 (I lost10 pounds at this weigh in) I met with psychologist for appointment 2 of 3 . I met with Primary Care doc for appointment 1 of 3 (again...sigh) I learned that I only needed to meet with the exercise therapist once per month, so I only had one visit this month. March: I met with nutritionist for appointment 3 of 3 (I lost 9 more pounds at this weigh in) I met with psychologist for appointment 3 of 3, and took the evaluation test. I met with Primary Care doc for appointment 2 of 3. Since I had already had 3 months straight with the exercise therapist, I did not go anymore after my February appointment. But I did keep an exercise log and gave it to my bariatric coordinator to submit as well, just to help my case. April: 1 visit with Primary Care doc For some reason it took my PCP a while to get everything sent over to the bariatric coordinator so that she could submit it for approval, but it was finally submitted on 4/25, and approval was granted on 5/5. I am 5'9 and started out in December at 290 pounds. As of today I am 259 pounds and I'm proud that I did that on my own. I feel confident and have proven to myself that I can make the lifestyle and habit changes that are required in order to make this tool successful. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in December, which lit the fire under me to get serious about my health. I am waiting for a call back from the Bariatric coordinator so that I can get my pre-op appointment and surgery scheduled. This has been quite a journey so far. I'm excited to watch it all unfold.
  2. My surgery was early Tuesday morning. They finally discharged me late Thursday afternoon after trying to decide if they should keep me another night. I begged to go home and they let me. The sleeve portion of the surgery went perfectly smooth. Apparently my gallbladder was about to "burst at the seams" and was one of the worst my doc had ever seen. He was perplexed as to why it had never given me problems. He took that sick, enlarged, sucker right on out of me. That is where I am having the excruciating pain now. But it's a little more tolerable each day. I'm working on getting all of my water down and taking a lot of naps. Thank you for all of your support. Despite how I'm feeling physically, I have no regrets and would do it all over again. My doc and the nurses were amazing! Anyone else have severe pain after the gall bladder removal? When did it go away?
  3. Just got back from the hospital for my pre-op testing, registration and to sign consent forms with the surgeon. Check in is tomorrow at 5:30 am and surgery scheduled for 7:30 am. This is finally really happening! I am happy they scheduled it so early in the morning so that my anxiety does not have a chance to build up. I am just ready to get it done. What a journey this has been so far! I have learned so much along the way. I'm very proud of the 36 pounds that I lost as I prepared for this surgery. I already feel the difference. I can only imagine how much better that will feel 100 pounds from now. I'm completely prepared to continue with the lifestyle and habit changes that I have implemented since I started all of this. Although the insurance requirements were tedious to me (Aetna POS) as I was going through it, in retrospect I appreciate all of the "extra" that I had to do. 3 nutritionist appointments taught me so much about food and how my body works. The 3 psych appointments helped me learn more about how unhealthy my relationship with food has been and how it has been my crutch for so many years since my divorce. Working on the root issues behind my eating has been revealing and will be an ongoing process. I began to enjoy my appointments with my exercise therapist and always felt sooooo good and proud of myself, afterwards. My personal care physician was very supportive throughout the process. He and my family were great cheerleaders. I cursed Aetna out, just about every day during the process, but I can see how it was all beneficial to me as I look back. Now, I am on my way home to pack. I've already purchased all of my vitamins, shakes, etc to get me through for a while but I have not even started to pack my hospital bag. They already know they are keeping me for two nights because of my anti-coagulation issues. Help me make my list. I'm not going to go out and buy anything else, but what do you suggest I throw in my bag that I may need? I've made a mental list but I just know I'm leaving something out. Thanks for your help. Kristin Starting/highest weight = 292 lbs Pre surgery = 256 lbs 5 ft 9 inches / 46 years old
  4. youngs2twins

    Early June Sleevers

    June 6th in Colorado!
  5. youngs2twins

    June sleeve buddies?

    Finally got my date.....June 6th! I start my pre-op 10 day diet on 5/27
  6. youngs2twins

    Aetna Approved!

    Yay! I saw my surgeon today and got my surgery date. June 6!! I start my 10 day pre op diet on May 27
  7. youngs2twins

    Aetna POS 90 day exercise requirement

    We will be surgery sisters! I'm getting sleeved on June 6 !
  8. youngs2twins

    Aetna POS 90 day exercise requirement

    I have the same insurance and just finished the 90 days. That exercise part was very confusing at first. When I called Aetna they were very vague. My bariatric coordinator was even confused about how the Aetna policy was worded. "Exercise regimen (unless contraindicated) to improve pulmonary reserve prior to surgery, supervised by exercise therapist or other qualified professional;" I called around and finally spoke to a physical therapy place and they said they were not familiar with what an "exercise therapist" was. However, they said they would be glad to work with me. It just so happens that their office is inside of our local YMCA. So, I called Aetna to make sure they the physical therapist that was working with me on my exercise regime was acceptable, and they said that was fine. I've even heard of people that were successful with this requirement by hiring professional trainers. My paperwork was submitted this week. We shall see........

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