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    • bread and any kind of potatoes cause horrid constipation.
    • chicken tenders (i know) sit in my esophagus and wont go down. I had ONE BITE and that little thing sat in my chest for 30 min.
    • broccoli on an empty stomach cause gassy bloated situation i never had before.
    • milk on empty stomach causes nausea.
    • cheezits form a nice little pastey ball of hurt in my chest.
    • steak was really bad my first time after surgery. but now i know i can eat about a 2 oz peice with no problems.

  1. I understand what youre going through. What worked for me was going cold turkey from sweets. I planned it so I had several days off work, so i could go through the irritable headachy part of withdrawal at home. I still have mild cravings for sweets but right now yogurt with granola helps.

  2. Im in the same boat as you. sleeved 5 weeks ago, lost 20 the first 2 weeks, then nothing for over 3 weeks. I 100% understand what your feeling and I get it, its so frustrating! The only thing keeping me hopeful is measuring. I measure everything every 2 weeks and even tho the scale doesn't move, im still losing inches. Maybe try that to see?

  3. Hi everyone!

    I was sleeved 4.29.19, everything seems to be going normally, except IM SO HUNGRY! My stomach growls when I wake up, and growls thru out the day! Im not having the weird stomach noises Ive heard people talking about, its growling and im hungry. That empty hollow hungry feeling. Did this happen to anyone else? On the r/wls subreddit someone suggested it was acid reflux, but it doesnt feel like that, and I take 2 pepcids a day, and I dont eat anything to trigger that. IDK, just thought Id throw that out there.

    Im getting 700-1000 cals a day, 70-100 Protein a day, keeping carbs under 50, drinking Water.

  4. Hi, I know its frustrating. ITS NOT EASY. Im about 3.5 weeks out and stalled 10 days ago at 16 pound lost since surgery. I keep seeing everywhere its normal and just to hang on and it will pick up again. One thing Im glad I did was my body measurements. The scale hasnt moved in 10 days but im still losing inches. Did you measure yourself? Try that now!

  5. You have made a good choice and congratulations on taking your life back.
    I was also sleeved on the 29th. So far so good walking and getting around is ok, although I feel a bit of a pain by the largest incision site. I am showering with no problem. I also washed dishes with no issue standing. Everything is to sweet, but I've been drinking Premier Protein shakes this morning. I've also been taking my Vitamins no problems. I am full after 2 spoonfuls. I have no cravings or urge to eat, but I have to eat to build muscles.

    That's right! I knew there was someone sleeved the same day! Congrats to you too my sleeve buddy!
    Im starting Protein Shakes tomorrow. Stomach still clenches up but getting better every day. Same as you, no urge to eat.

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  6. Hiya all, I'm so happy to be on the other side, finally sleeved 4.29. Im curious if my experience so far is within normal.

    My surgeon used staples to ensure patients would come to week follow up. I'm pretty sore, but just on the incision to the right on my abd. I'm wearing a binder but when I stand up it feels like my guts will come out. I still need full help standing up. I cant fully stand upright bc of pain. Every sip of room temp Water makes my stomach clench and spasm. I've had a low grade temp today 99.5 with a massive headache. food smells are toooo much. Tried to sip Gatorade zero and it was to sweet. Sipped a little warm Bone Broth, that seems to be ok.

    I also had a moment where I had all these thoughts about being a failure, having to cut out parts of me to stop eating. Got really down on myself.

    Please someone tell me this is all normal.

    And thank you for listening. This place has been wonderful for support and info.

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  7. On ‎4‎/‎20‎/‎2019 at 7:29 PM, DB-Pdx said:

    Monday morning I go under the knife

    me too!!

    4/29/19 will be the day our lives changed.

    good luck :)

    whoops, saw you posted on the 20th which means you prolly meant april 22nd

  8. Yay! so awesome getting that info. When I was waiting for approval, I was getting all this info from the docs and I just kept thinking none of this means anything until I get approval!

    I know what you mean about watching everyone Celebrate Easter with food...I have a big retirement party the day before my surgery that im going to that's being catered by an Italian restaurant, but Ill be sipping my Protein shakes!!

  9. In my experience, I was told yesterday at my pre op meeting with surgeon that I will be given a prescription for blood thinner and if my insurance didn't cover the pills the doctor would provide me with shots I would have to administer myself. Maybe ask if you can get pills instead?

    also, the office I go to has 2 surgeons, and only my surgeon give blood thinners after, the other one doesn't. So it really depends on the doc.

  10. 1 hour ago, girlaccountant said:
    20 hours ago, Alwzla8 said:

    Well after a few days I have a bad rash and can not get it to go away even with Benadryl it will not go away ugh!! Anyone else break out?


    the straight lines to the left tell me this is some kind of contact dermatitis..are you using a heating pad? changed your detergent? wearing new clothes or underwear? sitting next to an animal your allergic to?

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