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  1. I obviously offended folks when I related what happened to me in florida when I attempted to urge folks to do lots of research on aftercare and not just the surgery itself. to those I offended I am deeply sorry.
  2. you are being rude. I was not suggesting that someone not go to Mexico but only warning them of the possibility that they may need to check with the dr prior to going. we are not here to judge each other but to be supportive in our journey. that means being well informed and I was just sharing what happened to me and encouraging others to be proactive in their after care.
  3. Martha Parker-mcneal

    Lent and Fasting/No meat

    I can eat fish but I think the shakes will be fine since only for a short time. also if you can have dairy-the ricotta bakes and refried Beans are a good Protein source as well as cheese. just so you can have SOME options.
  4. Martha Parker-mcneal

    Am I doing something wrong?

    perfectly normal. your body will lose weight and then stall while it adjusts itself to the new level you are on. this will happen over and over during your journey. just do what you need to do and allow nature to take care of itself. best of luck
  5. Martha Parker-mcneal

    Why will this be different? number two!

    I can only speak for myself. I had rny 13 years ago and kept a 105 ll weight loss for 12 years. it was thro both the small amount I can eat at one time which has never changed and exercising. this last year I started grazing mostly at night and slowed down on the exercise thinking I had this licked. I rarely dump and when I do it is because I am talking or being with folks and forget to chew and go slow to listen to my body. I can eat almost anything except sweets ( three bites and I will start to feel sick so have to stop and I love that) and salads or raw veggies. I can eat bread of any kind and most meats. I wish this were different. I found that I had stopped paying attention to my foods and started grazing. I have gained 20 lbs and am now back on track and have lost 15 of the 20 in two months. I started going to the support groups and really paying attention to my food choices and emotional behaviour. I never lost my small tummy but did allow the head hunger to take over. I am also going to overeaters anon for that same reason. bottom line-- they can fix your ability to eat large volumes at one time but can not fix your emotional need for food. this is a lifelong change you must be willing to undertake and make the necessary lifestyle changes necessary to keep the weight loss. it is a TOOL not a permanent solution. I have never regrated having the surgery and am so thankful for the support group and the program that saved my life. now it is to me to continue to use the TOOL properly and be willing to put me and my health before that immediate gratification of that bite of food that is not good for me. love the mowing the yard analogy. it is so true. I have to remember to do it but don't think of it all the time. good luck to you and your journey
  6. I am 13 years out and have never had an odor other than the normal ones when I really work out and sweat or sometime when I eat broc and have gas real bad. lol never have ever heard of this one at any of the support groups or facebook sites I use either.
  7. Martha Parker-mcneal

    Sugar free candy

    I also eat them particularly at night when the munchies still hits. I don't do chocolate cause that is a trigger for me but like the life savers. I can not have too many as it gives me the trots and gas.
  8. I so agree it is unfair. I moved to florida which is a state that is super conservative. I went to my regular dr but she did not understand the needs of the bariatric patient ( kept trying to give me medication we can not take and did not know what I needed to have checked on the blood test.) that is why I went to the bariatric clinic. I just want folks to get great after care and to be sure they research what they will need so if their dr suggests something that is not right--they will be informed and not have a medical issue that can be avoided.
  9. best not go down this road. yes you will be able to take bigger sips but gulping your drinks is part of what got you to needing the surgery especially if it is something other than Water. also drinking fast will eventually lead to eating fast which will be a killer. this is a new life so learn to slow down and savour it.
  10. Martha Parker-mcneal

    Pure Protein Bars

    no the pure [Protein are wonderful it is the GENEPRO brand that has the law suit as I understand it. still good product but they were inflating the amount of protein in their products. sorry I was not clearer
  11. Martha Parker-mcneal

    Time Off Work

    I was 59 when I had the rny and went back to my job in 7 days. it was a desk job so I did not do much but review cases and attend meetings for about 3 weeks. yes I was very tired and did nothing after work except sleep but I did walk each day ( our building was 11 floors and a block long) started just walking to the bath and back and then graduated to longer times. by the time they released me to go to the gym I was walking the 11 floors twice per day ( down the steps not up ugh). the more I made myself walk the more energy I had. since just liquids and shakes etc. I did not have to cook. would do the pudding and sf Jello on the weekends and fix the Soups ( strain them) and ricotta bakes or refried Beans for the week. a friend got my groc ( the shakes are heavy) the first two weeks and then I got my own. I must admit I am super independent and would not ask for help but I still could do it on my own and really did not need help if I paced myself.
  12. I ditto this remark. I moved to florida and was having no problems but needed my yearly lab work done. when I contacted the local bariatric clinic ( the only one in town) I was told they would not see my unless I had proof that my surgery was done in the usa. I am 13 years out and the hospital in ky only keeps records for 10 years. I finally found some old material I had that they accepted. it is great that it was routine care I needed and not an emergency. just be sure to verify that they will treat you and get it in writing as one person can say one thing and someone else interpreted it another. best of luck
  13. Martha Parker-mcneal

    Pure Protein Bars

    they are indeed great and have the nutrition you need. watch out for genapro tho. our group was told they are being sued for not posting their correct nutritional facts but inflating them. I keep one of the bars with me anytime I am traveling or may be going to a place where the food is not so good for me. I would be amiss if I did not warn you however they can be overused. since sweets are my trigger I found out about a year out that I can not allow myself more than two per week or I start with the sugar cravings again and that can lead to desserts ugh this is a lifetime battle even after the surgery. good luck to you
  14. Martha Parker-mcneal

    2 months today

    do try to drink it flat. the taste is there but the carbonation is what you really need to avoid. best of luck
  15. Martha Parker-mcneal


    maybe a few sips of warm tea ( decaf) or broth. the warm helps me but we are all different. start with just two or three sips and see. mostly you just have to wait it out. hopefully it will be over soon and you can get back to the foods you really should be eating.
  16. Martha Parker-mcneal

    2 months today

    sorry you had such a bumpy start but so glad to have you back on board and getting on with your journey. best of luck to you
  17. Martha Parker-mcneal

    Lack of support...

    how close a friend is she? if you all are close I would sit her down and have a very frank talk with her. set some boundaries-ie no negative talk. the first time she crosses the boundary ( and she will cause this is her mo) -remind her of the discussion. the next time simply hold up your hand and say stop. if it continues then is the time to re-evaluate the relationship. I had to slowly stop a relationship because of all the negative talk. I started having other plans ( even if it was staying home reading a book) about every other time and progressed from there. good luck to you. you will find many supportive friends in your support group. ask someone who you like what they are saying out for coffee after the next meeting.
  18. for those of you who keep posting that you are forgetting to take your vit or drink your water==put a plan in place. this is a life style change and will take time to become a habit. I take my vit when I brush my teeth each morning and night but you can connect it to your meals etc . set the alarm on your phone for every 30 min and drink some Water. or set an alarm clock. if you wont get angry=have someone who is responsible remind you for a week or two until it gets to be second nature. there are many ways to get around any obstacle you might encounter but you have to think outside the box ( our normal way of thinking is what got us here to begin with) ugh. don't be too hard on yourself but also as nike says just do it. if not you could end up in the hospital from dehydration of even worse. best of luck to everyone on their journey
  19. never had the sleeve but have had the rny for 13 years. it is great and not a minutes trouble. lost 105 lbs and now take no diabetes or hbp meds. good luck
  20. I can not get the page to load properly so not sure about what you are asking. if you mean a body odor no there is none at least if you stay clean. I could shower in the hospital and so continued that once home. I did a bath chair in the shower and had someone to call if I got too weak or felt dizzy but that never happened. never heard of anyone having an odor unless their stitches got infected. then maybe but will be treated promptly so is not a permanent thing. hope this helps and if you need something more specific just let me know good luck
  21. I am 13 years out and want to remind everyone considering Mexico to do your research FIRST> you will need to go to a bariatric dr for any future concerns as many dr do not understand the bariatric patient and will prescribe medication that will not work for you or understand the special after surgery issues that often arise ( ie gall bladder issues and dental issues as well as bone health in later life.) additionally you will need special blood work done yearly and the regular drs don't know what to test for. I moved to florida and went to the local bariatric clinic and they demanded proof that my original surgery was done in the usa. they would not see me until I got my records from ky so glad it was a routine visit I needed and not an emergency . just check out your local clinic FIRST so make sure they will do your follow up. hopefully you will never need it but just in case you don't want to get medical care refused.
  22. Martha Parker-mcneal

    Reader discretion advised

    I used stool softners everyday. along with the miralax. also get some gas x it really helped. walking and a heating pad also helped. drink lots of Water and do tea. there is one called smooth going or something like that that helps with constipation. it has been a few years so I am sorry I don't remember the exact name.
  23. I was on my back from the beginning. no issues. did use pillows for support tho.
  24. Martha Parker-mcneal

    800-1,000 Calories

    I was told no juice also. encouraged to not eat much fruit at all because of the high sugar ( even if natural) content. concentrate on the protein and low carb veggies.
  25. Martha Parker-mcneal


    best of luck with your surgery and your journey to wellness'