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    @@ppressey24 @@Suaniya i have tried premier protein! the problem is though my doctor only wants me to have 2 "milk" servings a day and that is skim milk no other milk by the way and besides having 4 Protein shakes a day which i need i am allowed 2 light yogurts and i know Premier Protein says made with milk so thats why i bought my own to be able to mix with Water it says after mixing 2 of your Protein Shakes with milk you are not allowed any more milk for the rest of the day so i do need to clarify on that but that is why like i said before i went and bought ones that you personally mix so i can mix with water...
    this is my exact diet plan
    am-protien drink and 1 cup of skim milk or light yogurt
    mid morning- Fiber supplement
    noon- Protein Drink, Fiber supplement
    afternoon-1 cup raw vegtables
    dinner-protein drink and fiber supplement
    evening-protein drink and 1 cup of skim milk or light yogurt
    and i need to get 100 ounces a day in which include the diet plan and then am allowed Water, crystal lights, Decaf coffee and tea, broth, sugar free Jello and popsicles so thats why I'm not doing Premier Protein shakes, this is for my pre op to shrink my liver and i know every doctor has their own kinda way but i deff wanna follow what my doctor says so if he says only 2 servings of milk thats what i gotta do! I'm not worried about Protein after i know i can use premier protein and any protein probably by then but this is for the pre op so even the protein i can use is strick

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