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  1. As of today I am down 115 lbs since my highest weight ( 255 lbs) and 95 lbs. since my day of surgery (235 lbs) at 5'7'' that has be losing 38% of my body! more than 1/3 of my has disappeared! I went from a size 16/18 to a 4/6 ( the tiniest I have every been as an adult). I was told when I did this that it was unlikely to work as well since I had been on insuling and medication for my diabetes for soo long, but even my doctor has been blown away by my results. I still don't recognize myself in the mirror sometimes, but I am adjusting to thin girl problems; such as, being cold all the time, needing extra padding to define my breast which have gone through a deflation, needing to shop in the talls because normal people aren't my size and height apparently and shirts/ pants are too short, oh and being boney means pain when on hard surfaces.

    I have been insulin free since day five after surgery and my A1C at 6 months out was 6.0 down from a 8.9 at two weeks prior to surgery. I am taking absolutely nothing for my blood sugars and they are between 85-120! This surgery has given me back my life. I went in with being told I'd be losing 20-30 years due to my insulin needs, and came out with such better prospects.

    With it has come a lot of other new things. I got a new boyfriend the january prior to surgery and 4 days ago he proposed in disneyland! We've been slowing integrating our lives ( we both have children with prior partners) and he has made such amazing strides with my daughter and with understanding my weightloss journey. I am excited to try on dresses! I was engaged once before, and I refused to try on anything besides A-lines and everything was awful( I was a size 20-22 in a wedding dress then). Tomorrow will be my first trial, I'll get sized, and try silhouettes, its so exciting now that I am not worried about them having my size or the whole world seeing my big butt and flub because dresses only come in tiny sizes. Its like the last year has been building my confidence specifically for this moment, where I am look at myself and see what everyone else does. The picture with the red shirt is from our first date (248 lbs) and the one with Minnie mouse is from this Monday :D minnie is showcasing the ring.



  2. On April 5 this year I had my rny. A year ago I was told that I was looking at losing 20-30 years of my life because of my insulin need and weight gain. I wasn’t even 30 yet. Now I’m 10 lbs from goal and scared to loss that much because I am just so happy were I am now. I went from a size 18 to a size 4/6 on bottom and a 2-3x on top to a small. I’ve never been this tiny and looking in the mirror is hard some days because I don’t know who I see. But overall I am so much happier. I’ve been off insulin since less than a week after surgery. My asthma is better. And generally my moods have been so much more stable. I am learning to deal with emotions and not eat them (I’ve tried and the physical pain isn’t worth it). And now I am just trying to see how to do these last few pounds till goal without freaking out! Workouts are in my future but for maintenance and maybe I’ll build some muscles . But being so small feels weird. I don’t know what to do with that feeling yet but at least I know it’s there! Anyone else struggle with this?


    Sw- 235

    Cw- 155

  3. Current weight is 160. Highest 255. Goal is anything between 135-155. I am going shopping this weekend for some clothes because my size 12/ large 10s don't fit on bottom and my shirt size is now a sm/med [emoji15]

    Personally I have a fear of getting sickly thin. But right now my body is happy at this weight and my wl has slowed down now at 5 months post op. Everything now that I am in abnormal range is gravy truthfully. I am tinier now then I was since junior year of high school. It's like looking at a stranger some days. No regrets just the unknown of when it will level out and I can maintain keeps me cautious.

  4. Blue shield CA here. No required weight loss unless over 50 BMI but that my my Doctors requirement. I was approved first time around with 6 nutritional meetings and two visits with my doctors and 2 visits to my weight management dr that was focused on exercise, though we discussed it at nut appts. too. I have insluin dependent diabetes though and severe asthma so my comorbidies might be the reason for the 3 day approve. Surgery is 4/5! and I've lost 5 lbs since December. I can't gain... that was he only requirement the whole time for me with a low BMI .

  5. The closer I get, the more scared I get. But the fear of what my future holds if I DON'T GET IT SCARES ME MORE!

    I'm with you all. I'm scared because the idea of surgery is vary but at the same time I'm so excited to see the new beginning. I want to see if I will be released from the chains of diabetes and if I can use this tool to make all the changes I keep trying actually stick instead of fallin apart. Keep up the spirit y'all we are almost there!

  6. Hi everyone,

    I'm sure I'm not unique in sharing all of this. I'm 29 years old and I live in the Austin, Texas area. I've recently started the process to get bariatric surgery. I have chosen the gastric sleeve as my surgery choice and I have my first appointments to begin my required 6-month pre-surgery stuff.

    I grew up thin and have only struggled with my weight in the past 7 years (give or take). I gained 120 lbs in that time and there seems to be no going back. After marrying my husband, I tried to gain control and even participated in my first half-marathon, but things were not getting better no matter what I tried. I'm married with no children (just a crazy and wild dog).

    My mom had gastric bypass surgery and it changed her life. I was looking for answers to help me with my journey, but I didn't find exactly what I was looking for so I decided to start a blog. I'm hoping to help people like me and find support along the way.

    If you're interested, the website is www.bigtexasgirl.com. I have only shared this with one other person. I hope you'll come connect with me.


    Mandy how has everything been going? Have you tried attending the support group meetings? I've been finding them more helpful than the nut appointments. Hearing from the source ( like on here) has been vital to keep my spirits up. How about you ? Our journey is getting closer to starting officially!

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  7. Same to you! my sixth and final appointment is April 3 and I talked to my care coordinator this morning and she said that the end of April for me is a possibility, as well! I sure hope so because the thought of traversing Barnhill Arena for my son's graduation right after surgery is a daunting one. LOL

    Sounds awesome! April is gonna be great! Two months ya'all!

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  8. I'm in central Cali. Santa Cruz area. I am worthing with a Dr out of Mt. View though through Sutter/PAMF. I have my second orientation this Thursday and Feb. 7 I am hoping to get paperwork submitted and a date set for my surgery. It is all nerve wracking but exciting too!

  9. Hi. My anticipated surgery date is March 2017 (gastric bypass). My insurance requires six consecutive nutrition classes. I've already had my psych evaluation, GI testing and blood work. My heart and lung tests are scheduled. I was told to begin finding suitable Protein supplements. Have any of you researched Protein shakes? Good lock to you all. I hope to find some friends as we start our journey!

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    I saw the NUT today and she said to try to stay away from the Atkins and the instant breakfasts. I like the premium Protein Shakes from costco so hoping those are okay! Also ordered unjury to try in tea, broths and coffee.

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  10. I am starting to loss the nervousness and gain excitement about this journey. I meet with the BariatricPal NUT last night and got lots of positive comments and made a plan for this month of food log weighing Protein and healthy eating out choices.( also only eating Out twice!) shall be interesting!

    April surgery date seemed a reality to her if not even march! Seems surreal a bit still but so excited and the positive changes are helping me emotionally. Here's to starting the new year right!

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  11. Like a few others said. Some of us are just made that way. To give an example. My sister is about thirty pounds over weight but her number s are fine after years of being a diabetic she's inwhat we swam boarder land. My dad on the other hand takes medications ( metformin) does construction for a living eats healthy ish and had an A1c that is framed diabetic. Then there is me. I fit. The category perfectly. 80lbs over weight a1c is 8.5! That's up from 7.2 5 months ago. I work out two to four days a week but my eating isn't healthy all the time being a single working mom. But I'm also dependent on insulin or my numbers are even worse. Like an A1C of 11 or 12! So it's not always a size or eating thing. It's a genetics thing. And with type two you are resistant to insulin. So as you age even with perfect weight it starts to catch up if you have the genes. Just means hat you know how to manage it and the doctor can test again every few months to monitor. Good luck!

    Oh and A1C is a 3 month overview or average of your blood sugars. So if you are always high then your A1C will be too.

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  12. Everything everyone said. But most importantly for me. I am looking forward to being able to become pregnant. Not having everyone worry that my pregnancy will be unsafe because I'm so big and being able to show with a cute little baby bump

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    Definitely something I'm looking forward to in the future. I was huge with my daughter at my heaviest weight ever. I'd be nice to look cute and pregnant and not a beached Beluga.

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  13. I can't wait for the NSV's. I want to be comfortable enough to go to the gym pool and swim again, or even join a masters swim club! I want to go sky diving! I want to be able to clean house, play with my daughter and teach all day without being exhausted all the time or having to take breaks constantly. I'd like to buy clothes that are cute and make me feel like me and not someone else. To be able to look in the mirror and smile because I can see me and not the lbs of shame.

    thank you for this post! It is so uplifting and fun to see everyones aspirations.

  14. I feel the same way - I haven't had my consultation yet. Just in the beginning phases of finding out what the options are and how to get started. I sent my health/weight history questionnaire in to the office and am waiting to hear back for my consultation appointment. (I guess that's how you get in?) Part of me feels like they will tell me - are you serious? Diet and exercise, just do it. I'll be looking foward to hearing how your consult went!! Good luck! :)

    I have scientific proof that that's impossible for me. I have fairly intense insulin needs and with that I can't loss, its medically recorded in over 100 different medical journals. >_< nerding out. Well the hope here is that it comes and goes well. Hopefully it will for you also.

    I have not gotten that questionnaire >_< but I have been working with a the weight management program since April so they might have used that one?