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  1. psych eval today! excited and nervous all in one!

    1. blizair09


      I actually enjoyed my psych evaluation. It was like an interesting conversation with an informed friend. The doctor was awesome! I hope yours goes just as well.

    2. BayougirlMrsS


      remember... be honest so you can get the most out of it


    3. kplumlee1205


      Thanks ya'all. I am a horrible liar. I just worry that my depression will make them make me wait extra time :-/

  2. psych eval today! excited and nervous all in one!

  3. the struggle is real.... so excited but the anxiety of waiting might kill me first :-/ Tuesday is support group thank goodness!

  4. I saw the NUT today and she said to try to stay away from the Atkins and the instant breakfasts. I like the premium protein shakes from costco so hoping those are okay! Also ordered unjury to try in tea, broths and coffee. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  5. I am starting to loss the nervousness and gain excitement about this journey. I meet with the BariatricPal NUT last night and got lots of positive comments and made a plan for this month of food log weighing Protein and healthy eating out choices.( also only eating Out twice!) shall be interesting! April surgery date seemed a reality to her if not even march! Seems surreal a bit still but so excited and the positive changes are helping me emotionally. Here's to starting the new year right! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  6. Nothing like an extreme cold... but nothing is dampening my excitement for this journey! NUT on Monday!

  7. kplumlee1205


    Like a few others said. Some of us are just made that way. To give an example. My sister is about thirty pounds over weight but her number s are fine after years of being a diabetic she's inwhat we swam boarder land. My dad on the other hand takes medications ( metformin) does construction for a living eats healthy ish and had an A1c that is framed diabetic. Then there is me. I fit. The category perfectly. 80lbs over weight a1c is 8.5! That's up from 7.2 5 months ago. I work out two to four days a week but my eating isn't healthy all the time being a single working mom. But I'm also dependent on insulin or my numbers are even worse. Like an A1C of 11 or 12! So it's not always a size or eating thing. It's a genetics thing. And with type two you are resistant to insulin. So as you age even with perfect weight it starts to catch up if you have the genes. Just means hat you know how to manage it and the doctor can test again every few months to monitor. Good luck! Oh and A1C is a 3 month overview or average of your blood sugars. So if you are always high then your A1C will be too. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  8. Definitely something I'm looking forward to in the future. I was huge with my daughter at my heaviest weight ever. I'd be nice to look cute and pregnant and not a beached Beluga. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  9. Where are you located ladybug? ☺ I am in santa cruz .you?
  10. Excited to start my new program Dec 5! ^_^

  11. I meet with the surgeon last Tuesday and found out I needed to do 6 months, but because I have been with a weight management doctor they are hoping to get me in sometime early April 2017! I really hope so otherwise I will have to postpone till June due to my teaching schedule.
  12. I can't wait for the NSV's. I want to be comfortable enough to go to the gym pool and swim again, or even join a masters swim club! I want to go sky diving! I want to be able to clean house, play with my daughter and teach all day without being exhausted all the time or having to take breaks constantly. I'd like to buy clothes that are cute and make me feel like me and not someone else. To be able to look in the mirror and smile because I can see me and not the lbs of shame. thank you for this post! It is so uplifting and fun to see everyones aspirations.
  13. Today's I meet with my Surgeon for the first time one on one! Then insurance and nutritionist! Will be a busy evening for me!

    1. BayougirlMrsS


      good luck.... bring your list of questions...

  14. kplumlee1205

    Diabetes in Younger Folks.

    Thanks you for posting this! I've read a few others that said it wasn't statistically relevant after 5 years so that makes my decision more solid.
  15. so nervous and excited for tuesday!

  16. I have scientific proof that that's impossible for me. I have fairly intense insulin needs and with that I can't loss, its medically recorded in over 100 different medical journals. >_< nerding out. Well the hope here is that it comes and goes well. Hopefully it will for you also. I have not gotten that questionnaire >_< but I have been working with a the weight management program since April so they might have used that one?
  17. I go to my first consult with the surgeon next Tuesday. I'm nervous that even with my comorbidies he'll say no. I've struggle with between 65-100 lbs of extra weight since 2006. Lost most gained it back lost it again. In 2013 I went on an insulin pump because medication just wasn't helping and have been struggling since then to even loss 15 lbs. I just want to be healthy and was recommended by the np that I see for weight management and my endocrinologist both. Thirty is looming and my five year old deserves to have a mom that can keep up with her and not be exhausted 24/7. 5'7'' HW: 255. CW : 240. GW:145-160. Any suggestions for questions and advice for this first appoitnemnt?
  18. Nervous for next Tuesday! I want this journey officially started!

  19. Hoping to maybe find more local sources and stories.
  20. kplumlee1205

    Where are you From ?

    Central Coast in California.
  21. Thanks Beaker27. I went to an orientation ( program requires two) last week. I have watched probably 50 different actual surgeries between looking at the sleeve and bypass. With as much weight as I'd need to loss and with the diabetes ( weight and genetics based) I am hoping that Dr. Legha will say yes. A notebook is a good idea! I was thinking of blogging maybe since I am on computers constantly. I am so very anxious to just start this journey all the way. Insurance won't even talk to be until they talk with the coordinator but it is covered at least partially by my insurance!
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    Me and my daughter

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