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    Didjit got a reaction from Newme17 in Hello everyone.... What a ruff week it has been. What started with a bug... Ended Thu   
    Oh no! Well, think of it like this: You've lost the training wheels and now you're road-ready!
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    Didjit reacted to BayougirlMrsS in 2.5 weeks out and I'm really coming to appreciate just how much activity revolves aro   
    I remember some of what it was like.... but it's been a while ..... The commercials still get to me... and posts on FB of all the food. Being from South Louisiana... our lives revolve around rich delicious food. I guess it's a sleeve thing with the alcohol? I have the band, so i was never told to avoid it.... just that it's won't take much to fell the effects.. So true, i'm a light weight now. But i still drink wine, i never drink mixed drinks with soda (coke, sprite) in it. I am a wine-o now

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