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  1. I'm also scheduled for sept. 12!
  2. I was hoping for an August surgery date, but I will be sleeved in September, which works out fine too. Now I just have to wait.....
  3. I just got my date. I was hoping for August, but I am scheduled for mid september. It stinks because of my work schedule, but it is what it is. I am going to use the next ten weeks to make sure my good habits are all in place. I am hoping to lose some more weight before surgery, and improve my fitness level since that will help with recovery. Good luck to to everyone who is going in August. I know you can do it!
  4. Yay! I'm happy for yowhat are you planning on telling your child? Do you have someone who can help out during your recovery time? My husband travels and I don't have any family nearby. I am trying to figure out how to handle everything on my own.
  5. Do you strain it and drink just the thin liquid, or do you drink the pulpy part? I want to try it, but I'm a little nervous.
  6. I have tried for years to get sugar out of my life, but it always seemed to sneak back in. A few months ago, I read a book called Never Binge Again, and it really really helped me. I think you can download it free from the website. (Just add a dot com to the end of the book title.)
  7. I've jumped through all of my hoops over the last six months. I meet with the surgeon on July 5. I am hoping for an august date. Im a little nervous because the upper GI shows that I have some reflux, so I'm hoping I can still get the sleeve. With my current life situation, I can't do the bypass because of the long recovery time. Maybe in a few years. I'm really hoping to get approved for the sleeve. Ive made all of the changes- added exercise, cut back on quantity of food, and greatly improved the quality. I'm feeling really good, so even if I don't get approved for surgery, the changes I've made will continue to help me improve my life.
  8. I've enjoyed reading your posts. Thank you for sharing! I'm struggling to lose the pre-op weight as well.
  9. ZinNH

    Lapband to VSG

    You are not alone. I had the lapband for close to five years and never lost more than fifteen pounds. I had it taken out about five years ago, and have felt like a huge failure ever since. I mean, come on, I failed at the most drastic thing I could do to lose weight- surgery!! Then, last year, I ventured back on to the WL forums and discovered that the lapband itself was a failure. I do take responsibility for some of the failure of course, but the lap band was NOT the right tool for me. I've started seeing a therapist to help me determine whether or not I should try again with the sleeve. I'm pretty far along on the road to approval, but I need to make sure my head is in the right place before I take that leap again. there are a LOT of people on here who have gone to the sleeve after having little or no success with the lapband. You definitely aren't alone.
  10. I've made my appointments, so I guess I'm on the road now!! I'm increasing my exercise and making a few changes to my diet. Slow but steady wins the race, right?
  11. While on your weight loss journey, did you find that going for therapy helped you deal with your food issues? If so, how did it help? Did the therapist help you figure out why you were addicted to food? Do they have some special trick that helps you lose the addiction? How did you find a therapist who was good with weight loss issues? Several of them in my area list weight loss as one of their specialties, but I am still nervous about going to someone who just tells me to eat less and exercise more. WLS will help fix the physical issue, but many people (myself included) need to figure out the root causes of the weight gain. I'm going to attend my first support group meeting next week, so I will ask for some local recommendations at that time, but I am interested in hearing about other people's experiences with seeing a therapist to help fix your head.
  12. You look great! You should update your profile to show how much weight you've lost. Right now I think it says 15 pounds! I think I've worked out my childcare issue, so I am hoping to go to the info meeting at cmc on wednesday.
  13. I had no idea that there were online OA meetings! I tried to go to a local one a few months ago, but lost my nerve. I need to look into this option!
  14. I know a big part of my failure with the band was my fault, but it really didn't do what we were told it would do! I wasn't able to eat healthy food regularly because it would get stuck. And it would change from day to day- one day, I'd be able to eat grilled chicken and some veggies, and the next, a forkful of scrambled eggs would get stuck and cause 12 hours of discomfort. I ended up developing really bad habits, because junk food (ice creams, sweets, carbs) went down easily all the time, whereas healthy foods were iffy. So now I am wondering what, if anything, would be different with the sleeve. The band didn't keep me from overeating, or from grazing and eating out of boredom. The sleeve won't help with that problem either, since that's a problem in my head. My hope is that a.) i find a therapist who will help me conquer my food addiction, and b.) the initial weight loss (which I didn't have with the lapband) will motivate me to continue with good habits.
  15. You will love CMC! It is my understanding that everyone must attend the info session before starting the program. You will to ask questions and hear from those that have been through the program . Who knows, maybe I'll be there!!! Any questions, anytime please feel free to ask . Did you look into any other programs before deciding on CMC? Do they require you to use a certain nutritionist? If so, did you think the advice he/she gave was worthwhile?
  16. I'm chiming in- I'm still at the "thinking about it" stage. I had the lapband almost ten years ago over in Portsmouth, but I am leaning toward cmc for the sleeve. I can't make it to this month's info session. Do you HAVE to attend an info session? Can I just call and get started? If not, I should be able to get to the December info session. I'm aiming for surgery in the summer.
  17. I am so glad to find other people in the same boat as me. Had the lapband almost ten years ago and had it removed after five years, with no weight loss to show for it. I felt like such a failure . Now I am considering getting the sleeve, but I am afraid it will end the same way.