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  1. I went back after six days, but I only work 6 hours a day, and my job doesn't require any lifting. It sounds like your job is much more intense, so you will need more time. Good luck! If you have the time available, take it!
  2. ZinNH

    Too much too soon?

    I wonder the same thing. I eat a 5.1 ounce cup of Greek yogurt every day for lunch, and haven't had any problems. I have my follow up appt on Thursday, and this is on my list of questions to ask.
  3. I had the band put in back in 2008. I spent a miserable five years. I was banded at 263, and didn't lose more than 15 pounds. I could eat a teeny piece of scrambled egg, have it get stuck, and spend the day sliming until it would finally get unstuck 12 or 14 hours later. I ended up developing a wicked sweet tooth. I couldn't eat healthy food, so I started eating slider foods- stuff that would go down easily. I sank into a deep depression, because seriously- I went to the extreme of having weight loss surgery and was STILL a failure! I gained back the fifteen pounds that I lost, and i had it removed in 2012. I ended up maintaining my weight for a few years, then hit age 40 and ballooned up to 305. Last year I stumbled back onto WLS sites, and that's when I discovered that it wasn't ME who was a failure- it was the band. I couldn't believe how many other people had stories just like mine. I literally read hundreds of stories where people suffered just like me. I was sleeved two weeks ago, and already I can see a huge difference. I could go on and on. My only regret is not doing this earlier. And I wish I had discovered earlier that I wasn't the only person having trouble with the band. The mental anguish was almost as bad as the physical discomfort.
  4. You should be fine. Just take it as easy as possible and plan for extra naps before or after you work! The first day or two will be rough, but you'll get your energy back soon!
  5. I can't stand the aste of the unjury stuff either! They say they will take it back, but I don't know if it's even worth paying the shipping charges. Do you know anything about their return policy?
  6. I haven't had any discomfort with liquids yet. I have to force myself to just take a few small sips, because I am so used to chugging my water.
  7. My son is a preteen. I didn't tell him anything until the day before my surgery. I just told him that I had some doctors appointments and things, and wouldn't see him after school. I've told him that I am following a very strict diet, and he hasn't asked any questions. I wont lie about having had surgery, but I'm not ready to tell people about it. My mom is the not one who noticed that I lost weight, and I just told her i was watching what I eat and exercising more.
  8. I think it's like when you plan a big party, or a wedding. You spend a year planning and prepping and getting excited about the big day, and then the big day happens, and the next morning you wake up and say, "now what?" We plan so much for surgery, that once it happens, we don't have anything to fixate on any more. After surgery, you're just waiting... waiting to heal, waiting to feel better, waiting for the number on the scale to go down. i don't have any advice, but I understand how you're feeling. I've started planning a vacation that we are going to take in a few months, just to give me something else to be thinking about.
  9. ZinNH

    Pureed food ideas

    Great ideas! Thank you! There are also tons of suggestions on Pinterest. Just a few more days and I move on to purées!
  10. I don't really like eggs, but I've been craving them lately! I have my two week follow up this week, so I think eggs will be on my new food list! (Fingers crossed!)
  11. ZinNH

    What Post-Sleeve Rules Do You Break?

    I'm supposed to be crushing my blood pressure medication, but it just tastes so bad that I can't do it. It's a small pill, and I've had no trouble swallowing it whole with a sip of my protein shake in the morning.
  12. ZinNH


    I have been sleeping a lot. I'm two weeks out, and last night I went to bed just after 8 and didn't get up until after 9 this morning! I went back to work last week and was exhausted. I think sleep just helps us heal.
  13. ZinNH

    Can't stop crying

    Be patient and be kind to yourself. We all get so hung up on the number on the scale. have you had any non-scale victories? Do your clothes fit better? Do you feel better physically? Hang in there- those numbers will change!
  14. ZinNH

    Not buying new clothes till at goal.

    I wish it were possible, but I don't think it is. My clothes were falling off of me after I lost 50 pounds.
  15. Good job on your weight loss! I just took five bags of clothes to the goodwill, because everything was falling off of me. Luckily, I had a few bags of clothes tucked away from before I gained weight, so that stuff I should fitting me now, but in a few weeks, I guess I'll have to go shopping. I didn't realize how quickly my sizes would change! it will be so nice to be able to go to the mall to shop instead of buying things online and just hoping that they fit.
  16. I didn't wear a bra home. It would have bothered my sister ncisions too much.
  17. ZinNH

    2 Week Follow Up

    I feel like I'm hungry every once in a while, but I drink some water and remind myself that dinner time isn't too far away. My stomach churns and growls once in a while, and I used to think that was a signal that it was time to eat, but now I just figure it is part of the healing process.
  18. You're getting so close! Very exciting! It sounds like they're going to be switching everyone over to ERAS. I'll be thinking of you on tuesday!
  19. ZinNH

    What's In Your Lunch Box

    I'm only a week out, so my lunch consists of a container of oikos triple zero Greek yogurt and a spoon!
  20. ZinNH

    Pre op liquid diet

    For my pre op diet, I used slim fast high protein shakes from Walmart, along with a few premier protein, but I saved most of them for post op. Both were low in carbs. Good luck! So far, I thought the pre op stage was the hardest!
  21. Good luck! Having such a positive attitude will definitely help you!
  22. I'm a week out, and eating around 800 calories a day on full liquids. I wasn't given any caloric guide. My understanding was that this is a healing time, and it's important to get protein in so the body can heal. When we make the switch to solids, it will be important to track calories. But maybe im just confused! It's crazy how different all of our surgeons are with what they want us to do. I'm trying hard to just follow the plan my doctor gave me. when I had the lapband, my doc didn't give me much to go on, so I tried to follow what I read online, which was not good for me! So now I am reading about everyone else's experience and reminding myself that I need to follow the plan I was given. But believe me, I have a ton of questions for my 2 week follow up appointment next week!
  23. ZinNH

    The day has come!!

    How are you feeling? I hope everything went well.
  24. I went back and forth for a long time about whether it was the right thing for me. I was sleeved ten months after I started the program, which is a lot longer than most people take, but I wanted to be sure that my head was in the right place. Good luck! It's a tough decision, but you'll figure out what is best for you!