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    Redmaxx reacted to BayougirlMrsS in just wanted to say Hello..... it's been a while... so much going on.   
    doing great... Sleeved 7 weeks ago.
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    Redmaxx reacted to ProudGrammy in All I can say is, "I love the new me."   
    great feeling - looking forward to every new day.
    being happy to be alive - enjoy - btw - i love you too - kathy
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    Redmaxx got a reaction from BayougirlMrsS in So march 23rd i got my beloved Tina removed.... it has been hard and scary, but i'm c   
    Congratulations! Keep up the great work.

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    Redmaxx reacted to Berry78 in Even though I have reached my surgeon's goal weight (and passed it) I still don't rec   
    I didn't recognise myself at my heavy weight. 40lbs down, and it is like seeing an old friend in the mirror. Now, if I ever get close to goal (another 100lbs), not sure what will happen!
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    Redmaxx reacted to Newme17 in Even though I have reached my surgeon's goal weight (and passed it) I still don't rec   
    In time, I suspect and hope you'll get used to it. I have the opposite problem, I look at myself now (pre-op) and don't recognize this overweight lady. In my head I'm still a fit, normal weight girl. I even think I can squeeze through small places and booths, etc. of which I do. LOL When I'm walking through a store and pass by a wall length mirror/column, it just baffles me that I'm overweight....or correct term, obese. So, with you, I hope you will recognize yourself for who you are NOW. The past is over. You are a new creation....run with it.
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    Redmaxx reacted to blizair09 in Tomorrow will be three weeks since my band removal. So far i've managed to maintain m   
    That was a very nice thing to do! I know meeting the family of significant others can be a daunting experience, but it sounds like you are up to the challenge!
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    Redmaxx reacted to BayougirlMrsS in yes.... Lawdddd..... mardi gras is over. 8 days till my divorce on the 10th.....yeahh   
    hellll yes..... this has been longggggg coming. i'm enjoying the hell out of this new adventure