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  1. Hi Marthie66! Wow, we are so close in stats it is unreal!! I had surgery July 21, 2008, have lost almost 60 and need to lose a little over 75. I think it would be neat to keep track of each other and our progress. I don't know how we compare in other stats but i started at 309 and am 5' 9 and am 63 years old. Let me hear from you if you are interested. I live in Nebraska

  2. Thanks Doddie! You also have done very well and we are very close in our stats i wonder how you losses have gone? Have you lost consistantly and how much do you lose a week. What are you eating by now? My goal is strictly better health so hope i will continue even though it has gotten harder. Thanks again!!

  3. Hi everyone! I just found this site and it is great except I went in the chat room and I think I am a little out of my element. I am 63 and have been banded since July 21, 2008. Most people in there seem like they are pretty young and I think our problems are a little different than what they talk about. There seems to be a lot of talk about babies, boobs, flirting etc. etc. and there is nothing wrong with that but I feel it hard to keep up or stay interested. I am not a computer whiz and this was my first experience in a forum, on a blog and first chat. I had lost 58 pounds but have been going up the same 13 pounds. I need help and motivation is there anybody can help me get back on track. I have type 2 diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia and am on a lot of medication. I want to be healthy and be around awhile longer!!! Hope this doesn't come across as whinning i just need other golden agers advice. Hope I hear from somebody!!!

  4. Hi Heather! Are we related? I am going through exactly the same issues that you are. You are living my exact story!! I was banded on July 21, 2008. I am 8 months out and had lost 60 pounds, but since January have gone up and down the same 14 pounds. I can do everything I thought I wasn't supposed to do. I am a diabetic, type 2 and have had two back surgeries and need to have both knees replaced and am on so much medication twicw a day plus insulin. I am a young 63 and want to feel better, look better but most of all be healthier and be around awhile. I go next week on the 8th of April and hope to get a proper fill to help me feel more in control of my eating and drinking!! Do you think we could be of help to each other? I am very frustrated and down on myself right and need a new attitude and motivation. I have made excuses for not excercising since the beginning but I think that is one of my biggest problems. Hope to hear from you or anyone else that can help me get serious again before I do anymore damage!

  5. Hello! I am a fellow lapbander and have lost 50 pounds. My surgery was July 21, 2008 and was done at Creighton University Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska. Dr. Ranjan Sudan did my surgery and has since moved to Duke University Hospital.The first 4o pounds came off very quickly and easily. Since then I struggle with going up and down the same 8 pounds. I can't seem to reach a happy medium on band fills, it is either too much or not enough. I know I am relying too much on the band to control myself and we all know it is a tool and not the magic pill!! I started out this life as a rolly polly baby and at 63 feel I have fought it my entire life. I am a 24 year type 2 diabetic with many health issues which is why I wanted the lap band surgery because weight loss is the answer to a healthy more fulfilled life. After 8 months I need renewed committment and more ideas, tools, and help from others going through the same struggles. I am going to try the 5 day pouch test program to try and ignite a flame and start moving forward. Has anyone done this, does it help, do you have any other suggestions? Thank you for your time, I'm looking forward to your help and any upbeat positive thoughts and ideas!! Thanks, Noel PS I would like to lose another 75 pounds. I weigh 263 now was 309

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