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  1. Just completed a half Century road bike ride 11 months post RNY surgery. I did my normal breakfast, during the four hour ride I did dates, banana, peanut butter and one Gatorade protein bar. Lots of water and nuun hydration tablets.
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    My journey so far

  3. blackhawkpro

    Am I eating too much?

    Hi my name is Joe Ganino. I had RNY surgery in March 2018. In August I started riding a bike everyday. I now do 100 miles a week, so I spend a lot of energy exercising. Keep that in mind. My heaviest weight was 394, I currently weight 210. I average 1000 calories a day. I don’t eat red meat, breads, pastas, crackers, chips, popcorn, grapes, raisins, fried, fatty or sugary foods of any kind per my Surgeon. My daily goal is 1000 and 100 grams of protein. Last Saturday I road 51 miles at the Tour de Palm Springs in one day. I did not eat anymore or less. I burned 3100 calories on that one ride. I hope this helps. Also I log everything I eat on my fitness pal every single day.
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    How long will I lose?

    Hard to say I started at 393 and 10 months later I’m 222 but I ride a bike 75 miles a week. It’s different for everybody
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    Need help week 5

    At five weeks I was plain yogurt and berries in the morning, chewable vitamins only or go to the patch. Broth, cottage cheese, string cheese. Water, water, water ! Sleep, rest heal, don’t worry. Everything will be fine. I’m at 7 months, 149 lbs. down and feeling like a million dollars, riding a bike 10 miles every day. I had major hernia surgery at the same time as my bypass Bariatric surgery. I was a mess. You will be fine, get your stomach right and everything else will follow.
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    March Gastric Bypass Group

    6 months post opp, This year HW 389, surgery March 26th 371, CW 252, down 137. GW is 189. I’m bike riding 10 miles a day. And going to start the gym three days a week as well. Still eating 100 grams of protein and 700-1000 calories a day.
  7. I had hernia surgery at the same time so it took me longer to start working out. My bypass was March 26th. I ride 10 to 12 miles on a bike every morning and walk my dog 20 minutes every night. I start light weight training in 10 days. Don’t be in a hurry. You have the rest of your life. January 1, 2018 379 lbs, September 1, 2018 266 lbs. I have 77 lbs more to obtain my goal, but I’m giving myself 12 months to get there.
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    March Gastric Bypass Group

    March 26 was my surgery date. Down 104, 80 away from my goal weight. Feel great, it’s hard but everything worth anything always is. Exercise is so much for fun now. Energy levels have gone way up. Anybody eating protein bars yet ?
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    What to tell coworkers?

    It’s time to look in the mirror, that persons opinion is the only one that matters. I’m four months post and have lost 104 lbs. people will notice and ask questions. Tell them the truth. This has been by far the hardest thing I have ever done. Yet at the same time the most rewarding.
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    I had 3 Irish coffees and nothing happened

    Wow I’m three months post and would love to have a glass of wine. What did your doctor recommend
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    3 months Post Surgery

    Not to bad. When I woke up the surgeon told me he did it. We were to wait a year and then do it but he changed his mine. Not the end of the world. When is your surgery ?
  12. HW - 1/1/18 389 SW - 3/26/18 376 CW - 5/25/18 285 GW - 205 OMG it’s been a great 3 months. I have hernia surgery at the same time of my bi pass. So healing started slow. Kinda swollen for a while. But in the last 2 months it’s been game on. Feeling fantastic ! Walking everyday and eating what my surgeon wants me to. Nothing more nothing less. Getting on the bike tomorrow for the first time in a few years, can’t wait.
  13. Two weeks post opp. Drinking all my fluids, still hard to go. Any suggestions?
  14. blackhawkpro

    Travel diet after surgery

    I traveled with a juicer for three years all over the county, then I traveled with a road bike. Traveling post opp will be no big deal. Fluids and soft food. Rest is also important. I’m five weeks post and just did a five day work trip. Don’t forget to eat every two hours. Your surgeon should have issued you a card, so you can bring food and drinks on the plane. Good luck!
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    Gastric bypass twin 3/26/18

    Doing great HW 389 SW. 376 CW. 334
  16. blackhawkpro

    Gastric bypass twin 3/26/18

    Yes mine was on 3/26/18, in Southern California
  17. So I read everyday on this site. 90% of what I read is negative, for most people things are going to be ok. I had major hernia surgery the same time I had my by pass surgery. I had to stay in the hospital five days. So my struggles are maybe not the same as others but I do have them. I feel great, I’m able to walk everyday, get all my required protein and water down each day. Everyday seems better for me. I feel my life is under control and moving in a positive direction. Life is not always fair, but when your given a second chance, you better grab hold and fight like hell to overcome your obstacles.
  18. I’m with Socal Kaiser my whole life. It took me three years. I’m five weeks post at this point and the wait was worth it. Don’t give up, stay focused. It will happen for you. I took all the classes twice!
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    1 Week Post Op-Frustrated

    4 weeks post opp, no weight loss for a week. Should I be alarmed ? HW - 385 SW - 376 CW - 342
  20. blackhawkpro

    Tylenol PM

    I’m three weeks post. Can’t sleep more than three hours at a time. Anybody using Tylenol PM?
  21. blackhawkpro

    Constipation Issues

    Thank you everybody for you suggestions.
  22. blackhawkpro

    Tylenol PM

    I’m two weeks post by pass. Hard time sleeping. Anyone try this ?
  23. So I had by pass on March 26th. Surgeon told me he removed and repaired a Hernia the size of a football at the same time. Next day I had a reaction to pain meds that had me in seasides, Wednesday I sprung a leak in one of my entry points and lost a lot of blood. They released on Friday. Rough weekend due lots of gas still in my system. Yet through all of this, you can’t stop fighting. Their is no turning back. It’s Monday morning, I slept five painless hours for the first time ! Things are looking up and I can’t wait to tackle my day.
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    Post by pass 7 days

    Just a few days later and doing much better. Seeing my surgeon this afternoon. Hope to be on soft foods tonight. Clear liquids two days prior to surgery and seven days since the surgery, I’m ready for some new options.