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  1. You've lost 51 lbs that's wonderful. It took work and determination. Keep it going in the right direction????????.
  2. cbonet

    Pumpkin spice anywhere!?

    You can but pumpkin spice in grocery stores inn the spice section. I get it in Natures Pantry. I just made my plain far free greek yogurt with pumpkin spice and .5 Splenda. If you brew coffee you can add it to the grounds and then brew.
  3. I'm feeling very disappointed and a little defeated. 5 days after surgery I only lost 4.5 lbs. Now 2 weeks after that, on liquids only, I only lost 5 more. I'm grateful that I'm losing but I really did expect a bigger number. On the first follow up, I was there with people who had the surgery the same day as me. 5 days post one had lost 9lbs and 1 lost 15lbs. I know we are not supposed to compare but it's hard not to. I start pureed foods today. I'm concerned that's going to slow it down even more. I know my thyroid diseases play a part but it's between pre and post op nothing but liquids, I expected better results. I'm really concerned. Grateful to have a place to vent with people who get it.
  4. cbonet

    help! new sleeve question

    If it helps any, i am only 2 weeks out and i am not having alot of trouble. I havent thrown up and i have no problem keeping liquids down. My only issues thus far are them vitamins!! They upset my stomach bad. And, at my 2 week i was told i was not eating ehlnough, my body was in starvation mode cause i couldnt get much down at a time. Now, i am to eat 6 small meals and have 2 Snacks if needed to get my 70 to 90 grams of Protein a day! Plus, all that Water :-) I get the water....still working on my meaals and Vitamins tho. :-) Also, just remember, everyone is different so your intake and others won't be the same:-) You've got this!! ♡You might want to try Vitamin Patches. PatchMD.com.
  5. cbonet

    Next goal achieved...

    Congratulations!! Your living proof that it all pays off
  6. ☺. I am happy for the loss. I got lost for a moment, but I would never feel better due to someone else's struggle. We're in this together!
  7. Thank you everyone. I know I got stuck on the numbers. The 10lb total is from preop till today, almost a month. I think I'm just having an emotional reaction to maybe unrealistic expectations. I didn't consider the IV fluids and other factors that you guys shared. I do realize that the goal is long term success not short term. As for all of us, this has been an emotional roller coaster. I don't have one family member or friend who can relate to a lifetime of obesity and all that entails, and having this forum is a gift that most definitely helps. I am grateful to all of you and appreciate your responses. My best to all of you. Pulling up my big girl pants☺.
  8. cbonet

    Try this water !

    What brand is it? How does it taste?
  9. cbonet

    BCBS 6 month process...month 2 preop

    The dr office should be meeting with you and explaknig the process. My office made most of my appointments for me. Some things, like stress test, I did. As far as insurance, many require y months supervised, so surgery right after that. Good luck. Don't be afraid to ask all your questions at the practice you are going to. Its very different from practice to practice
  10. cbonet

    Unrealistic Expectations

    Thanks for the inspiration!
  11. Good for you. Besides looking great I'm sure you feel great
  12. cbonet

    Any Sept. surgeries?

    9/13 doing pretty well. Legs and head hurt. Still weak but glad I did it.
  13. cbonet

    Help! Please!

    Have you informed your doctor? You need to move to prevent clots. Call the Dr and explain how you are feeling. You may also need a different pain killer. Are you taking the gas medicine daily? You need the gas medicine and you need to walk to get the gas out.
  14. Tomato sandwhiches and ice cream.
  15. cbonet

    So WEAK

    I was on water, CL, tea, broth for 5 days after surgery. Yogurt wasn't allowed. I was very weak and lighted until I started using the vitamin patches. That helped a lot. Didn't feel that much better until I was allowed the protein shakes.
  16. It could am so be the tempreture. I did better with room temperature and warmed fluids
  17. The soups are not counted as your mushy good. Its liquid so you just drink at the appropriate rate.
  18. Get the test. Don't risk that you might have a clot.
  19. cbonet

    What is your favorite snack?

    Looks great. What are sultanas??
  20. I hope there isn't something hiding in my pouch!!!
  21. Hope you're feeling better. Animals definitely know when we're not ok. Cooper wouldn't eat while I was in the hospital and when I came home he was literally glued to my side for days.
  22. cbonet

    Phase 4 - Cleared for Vegetables.

    Acorn squash. Cut in half horizontally. Seed. Out in small casserole dish open side up. Put butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, a little sugar free maple syrup in the cavity. Cook in microwave for about 5-8 minutes or until soft. When soft pull it off the skin and mush it all together. You can mix it in a magic bullet too depending how smooth you want it .
  23. SO everyone as I'm sure you know by now is different. Not sure where you are in your journey but sounds like you are a pre op lower BMI. If I were you I would start working on strengthening and toning exercises now. Resistance bands, light dumbells, push ups, planks etc all pre op. I'm not having issues with saggy skin just yet BUT I'm sure I will. I am 13 weeks post op today annnnnnd I workout on average of 4 days a week. I do strengthening and toning during every workout coupled with about 30 min cardio. Now that my abs are stronger I do at least 300 crunches each workout, 30 min cardio and I work on 2 other areas like legs and butt, or arms and back. I'm a pear so I carry mostly in my hips and thighs but finally started gaining in my arms when the fat had nowhere else to go. There will be saggy skin in my thighs but I think my arms and belly will be ok. I'm in the low 200's and my stomach is almost flat. There's a little pooch but I think once I get to goal I can live with any remaining skin there. My arms appear to be toning, I've increased my weights during exercise but not sure that I will be able to tone them enough not to end up with "wings" but I won't worry about it. Now my thighs-- that's another issue. When I lift one leg up to put on lotion, my inner thigh has some drooping that resembles those you tube videos of saggy skin. Like you I'm willing to get cosmetic surgery on 1 or 2 areas my plan is for breast lift and a repair of my worse area (thighs or arms or belly). How long after surgery were you allowed to start working out?
  24. cbonet

    What is your favorite snack?

    Can u share the protein ball recipe