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  1. Good for you. Good attitude too. I'm glad you're doing well.
  2. cbonet

    Afraid to die?

    I'm so sorry for the lose of your son. All of our experiences, good and bad, teach us how we respond to stressful situations. The good news is we can use tools to work on our perspective. Maybe you can visualize yourself when you reach goal. What would you look like, what activities will you be doing..... Your trying to better your health and quality of life and yes, a lot of us are overweight because we overeat, find exercising painful, have compounding health issues.... But surgery is a physical tool to support the journey to physical and emotional wellness. All the best to you.
  3. ???? strawberry berries yogurt instant coffee
  4. That can go on for a week with some bursts for a few days after that(my experience). Force your self to walk. I know it's uncomfortable and you're tired but frequent walking really gets it moving and out.do you have a prescribed PPI to take like omprezole. If not you may want to ask for it. Feel better
  5. After all this I think I need a sturgeon!
  6. cbonet

    Does it make me a horrible wife

    It's lovely you have someone who loves you wanting to be by your side, in sickness and in health. Maybe when you see he's about to do something for you suggest you do it together.
  7. cbonet

    Hello from south carolina

    Good luck to you. There is a lot of information on this forum but your practice is the first place to ask questions and follow the answers. Every practice has different regulations and expectations.
  8. You can get unflavored protein powder and make your own flavored shakes with unsweetened Torani or extracts
  9. cbonet


    I'm one month out and still deal with it. Drinking more water helps.
  10. cbonet

    Sleeve vs bypass

    You are correct! Stay true to yourself
  11. cbonet

    Gastric bypass

    Buy the premiere premade. They travel easy don't need refrigeration. Your internal healing is not ready for food!!!!
  12. Protidiet soups on Amazon are good
  13. cbonet

    soft foods stage

    Cauliflower mash, refried beans mixed with salsa, egg salad, sweet potatoe, applesauce unsweetened, ricotta with garlic and oregano, bananas mashed with Siggies yogurt
  14. cbonet

    Denied BCBS...Tricare?

    Do you have any other medical issues that you can appeal with, thyroid, blood pressure, heart, diabetis, sleep apnea, orthopedic problems....... Appeals do work. Good luck.
  15. cbonet

    Gastric Sleeve Eve!

    Anxiety is normal. Be positive, deep breathe and think of the goal. You don't need much for the hospital, deodorant, brush, toothbrush, underwear. I packed way to much and didn't use any of it. I stayed one night, used hospital gown and slippers. Went home in the same clothes I came in. When you get home a heating pad on your stomach is very comforting . best wishes. After a couple of days its really very manageable☺.
  16. cbonet

    Fall Favorites: Share Your Recipes Here!

    Maybe turnips could be substituted for potatoes or a squash,
  17. cbonet

    Fall Favorites: Share Your Recipes Here!

    Went Apple picking and made applesauce. I cooked it down since I'm on the pureed stage but you can just adjust the cooking time and size of pieces for the stage your on. 4 large apples peeled and cut into about 1/2 inch pieces Place in large saucepan or pot(I use ceramic so nothing sticks) Begin to cook on low to medium heat stir Add A little salt, pumpkin spice to taste and 3 tsps stevia(optional)stir When the apples sweat, stir, lower the heat and cover. For very mushy I cooked it down for about 40 minutes (pureed stage) It could cook for as short as 15 minutes depending on stage. It made about a quart. Next week I go to soft foods and I'll make a new batch with bigger pieces and less cooking time.????.
  18. cbonet

    Over a year post op

    Great proud daughter too!
  19. cbonet

    Over a year post op

  20. cbonet


    I make a list of questions I think may be asked and rehearse different answers including speaking slowly and confidently. I always have, and have taught my children to get to the interview 30 minutes early. In the car practice my prepared introduction then slow, deep breathes, being mindful of relaxing the body and dropping the shoulders with each one for 15-20 minutes while thinking positive thoughts. Good luck
  21. cbonet

    Healthy chili recipes anyone?

    I brown turkey meat, add a full jar of chunky salsa, one can of red kidney beans, garlic and hot sauce to taste(buffalo sauce adds good flavor). Simmer for about 20 minutes.
  22. cbonet

    So discourage

    I had the lap band with constant discomfort. It was removed when the sleeve was done. It's an option you can discuss with your doctor.