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Duodenal Switch Patients
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  1. Peggy D,

    You stated that you have elevated liver function tests. I do too! Only 3.5 months out from surgery, they were fine pre-op. Did you say it could be from all the extra Iron we take? I had to have ferritin x 2 IV right before surgery as well as my Iron stores were low.

    How long have your LFT's been up? Anything you need to do besides take the Vit E? How often do you have your labs checked?


  2. Awesome! The approval will go through fast! I got it done by Dr. Smith at Essentia health in Park Rapids. He's one of the top surgeons in MN to perform this surgery.. I was the first in MN to get it!

    That's so good to hear! I'm trying to do research on this surgery and, of course, there's always the mixed reviews on the internet. I am also seeing Dr. Smith and I really like him and his team.

    Seeing Leah for a RD consult next week.

    How have your results been?

  3. Hello group! I had the SIPS procedure on 2/15/16 here in MN and i was the first person in my state to get it! I've had no complications (knock on wood). My start weight was 284lbs and as of this morning I weigh 198lbs! The best decision of my life. This surgery like any does come with a few draw backs.. Like you really need to be mindful of your fat intake or its greasy farts and toilet world for you.. Lol.. Oh and stay hydrated!!

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    Great Results! I'm awaiting insurance approval for this procedure. Where did you have your surgery done? I'm also from MN.