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  1. My surgery date was 8/30 and I've notice in the past 48 hours how much better and more energetic I feel!!! I am having an issue getting in all of my Protein and water... I am trying tho. I feel like I am in a stall already... Someone told me to do nothing but eggs, shakes, and Water for a whole week and that will give me a boost. I am starting my workout regimen as well now that i am feeling better. I am loving and hating this all at the same time. Discourage and disappointed with my slow loss.

  2. Ok guys my surgery was 8/30... everything went so well and my one week post op check up is Wednesday. I haven't been on in a couple days since I've been so out of it. My question is how long doe the incision pain lasts. Most of them are not too bad but the one at the very top of my tummy is the one worst... not complaining because I am so happy with my decision.. just wondering how long the pain lasts... thanks in advance

  3. I was advised to not take flinstone or children's Vitamins, as they do not have enough of what a sleeved patient needs. Below is a link (for amazon) for the vitamins I am currently taking. They are chewable and not bad at all. I actually really like them. Been taking them for about two weeks now.


  4. Hey There!!! My surgery is August 30th as well. I am as nervous as I can be. But you are so right. The positive effects this will have on our lives is going to be a game changer. I keep worrying that my liver hasn't shrunk enough, or that something will go wrong.... but then I stop and remember that it will all be ok. I'm going to come out of this just fine and you will too!! Good luck to you, keep us updated!!

  5. 5 hours ago, Maryvsg87 said:

    Tell me about it..... I hear different requirements other people have had with my same insurance some only 3 months others 6 months..... I have had 3 weigh in with my PCP but they are not consecutive which bugs me. I want to know if my PCP can give me a letter with those weigh in and they approve it after I see my surgeon. I hope so because I don't want to do surgery next year. I would love it done in the month of Nov or even sooner if possible.

    Hey girl. My WLS office faxed over some forms to my PCP to fill out for those appointments to count for me. Thanks goodness they did or I would still be 3 months out. My date is August 30th. My first appointment with my PCP was 2/8/17. Hope this helps. Ask you center is there are forms your PCP can fill out for you. Good luck :)

  6. Girl. I am shaking like a leaf and I don't know why!! I think partially it's excitement!! And partially I am very nervous. My liquid diet starts and pre-op appointments are all 8/16. I know that's still 5 days away. I think it is probably normal and healthy for us to be nervous somewhat. You're gonna do great girl!!! Channel your nerves and anxiety into focusing on success!!! <3 <3

  7. I love reading about everyone else's experiences. I start my liquid diet on 8/16 and surgery is 8/30. I have two weeks of Liquid Protein diet before surgery. And just like others have said, NO CHEATING for me either. I'm going in to this hovering 300 pounds and I am ready to get that number down. I already quit smoking which was so hard for me. But we can do this guys!!! Good luck to you all!!

  8. I got my date!!! August 30th. Start my liquid diet on August 16th.

    Any tips on how to make the best of the liquid diet, how to best prepare for the hospital, etc?

    I will have a two night hospital stay. I'm so nervous. I'm dreading loose skin and leary of what my future holds.

    My husband and I are separated and we have two kids who live with me at home. Any tips for my nerves? Lol.

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