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  1. highfunctioningfatman

    A new year of weight loss advertisement

    I have one of those "plastic Rubbermaid" boards. I have to say that I definitely feel it after using it. Will it give ripped 6 pack abs? I doubt it. Does it give the lazy people who actually use it a fighting chance? I would say yes.
  2. highfunctioningfatman

    No Hairloss?

    It's a solar powered sex machine! I will say that I was surprised to be losing hair... EVERYWHERE!!! Even in those special places. I am a little worried with people reporting that is has come back thicker. I have a "normal" amount of hair now and I don't want to look like a hedgehog later!
  3. highfunctioningfatman

    I'm struggling with muscle loss.

    Yesterday was the two week stop that I was dreading. I've been sick since Monday and my 5 man crew is reduced to 2. There really isn't a way for me to not work. The good news is that I kicked ass! It was so much easier than the last time. I'm definitely going to keep up what I've been doing for the last couple of weeks. It is working well. Thanks again for all of the help!
  4. highfunctioningfatman

    Did You Get Holiday Food Gifts This Year?

    My dad works for Harry and David. We ended up with $1500+ in fruit, candies, chocolate, baclava, cheesecake and more moose munch popcorn than I couldn't eat in a year if I started on Christmas day. I regifted a bunch, made my office quite happy and gave some to neighbors. We kept the gouda, some spicy mustard and the evil little chocolate covered cherries. There are about 25 of those cherries in the bag and I will say that at the rate that I'm going I might be done with them by my birthday in July.
  5. highfunctioningfatman

    No Hairloss?

    I'm not losing my hair, I'm man-scaping!
  6. highfunctioningfatman

    If only fat...

    I would prefer that it was more like my mind. I lost my mind a looooonnnn gggggg time ago...
  7. highfunctioningfatman


    It pretty much is a lifetime rule. I haven't had a antacid yet.
  8. highfunctioningfatman

    Procedure in mexico

    I had to throw in at least one more stereotype! Honestly it was spotlessly clean and I was treated better than I ever have been here in the states.
  9. highfunctioningfatman

    Procedure in mexico

    I had a great experience. Nothing scary after they took the chickens out of the operating room.
  10. highfunctioningfatman

    Before and After Pics

    If it wasn't for your glasses I wouldn't have recognized you! In all seriousness, you look great!
  11. highfunctioningfatman

    Procedure in mexico

    Me! I'm very happy and no additional organs were harvested. I wasn't even asked to be a "mule", sigh, I guess I lost my appeal...
  12. highfunctioningfatman

    HIPAA violation: What would you do?

    Unfortunately hippa is huge. I would call the office and ask for the management. I would explain what happened and my concerns. I definitely wouldn't drop it because this could be happening to other patients without management knowing and the office staff telling you to destroy it may be just covering someone's ass.
  13. highfunctioningfatman


  14. highfunctioningfatman

    Do you lose weight if you Poop

    If you are regular then you won't see much of a difference. If you are bound up like you just ate an entire 20 pound cheese wheel then you will lose weight when you poop.
  15. highfunctioningfatman

    Down 50...bad news.

    I can tell you that the knee scooter is a good idea but avoid that one. It is made by a company called Drive. Unfortunately my company handles their crap. I swear the company is called Drive because you are always driving somewhere to fix their sh!t...
  16. highfunctioningfatman

    Pain Meds - How Long Did You Take?

    Everyone is different. Your pain level will vary from mine. I have used Tylenol once since surgery and I was off the pain meds within 4-6 hours of the actual surgery.
  17. A minor stall broke today. My pants are trying to fall off and multiple people who aren't aware of my surgery and have been seeing me on a regular basis made comments about me losing weight.

    1. Raymia


      Congratulations! I know that's a wonderful feeling : )

    2. suzzzzz


      You are going to have to change your name to High Functioning Skinny Man!


    3. BayougirlMrsS


      good job..... always nice to hear a compliment


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  18. highfunctioningfatman

    Self Payers in Mexico

    I used trinity medical in Tijuana. I couldn't have been treated better. My wife and I felt like family. My price was towards the lower end of the range mentioned above but the care was amazing. We were picked up in San Diego in a Mercedes van. Taken for food in Tijuana. Asked if we wanted to go to the hotel (4 star), shopping or explore. We went down the coastline, learned a lot about the culture, economy and people of Mexico. A new appreciation was had as a result. We had some more food at a nice open air restaurant over looking the ocean. The next day was surgery and they sent the nurse, not just a driver, to pick us up. The surgery included everything. All tests, anesthesia, meds, everything! They even asked my wife what she would like to eat and they sent a member of the staff to go to town and get whatever my wife ordered. There was no charge for any of these meals. The next day we were back in the hotel and the owner of the company was going to get a massage and offer to take my wife. She accepted and I snooze and walked. We were then taken into town to go shopping. Whatever we bought was on us. On our final day we went to do a leak test and the nurse took me for some awesome chicken broth. After all was done I was presented with my complete medical records, in English. We were then taken across the border and back to the airport. Literally the only thing that cost us anything else was the jewelry that my wife bought.
  19. highfunctioningfatman

    Before and After Pics

    Wow, what a difference!
  20. highfunctioningfatman

    You might be a WLS patient when...

    This is why I love my rectum. It has the am a ability to distinguish between a solid and a gas. I appreciate my rectums excellent decision making skills as the only time that it has failed me is when I was sick. Amazing ability. Dang phone...
  21. highfunctioningfatman

    You might be a WLS patient when...

    This is why I love my rectum. It has the am a ability to distinguish between a solid and a gas. I appreciate my rectums excellent decision making skills as the only time that it has failed me is when I was sick.
  22. highfunctioningfatman

    60 pounds in 2 months is it possible?

    I am interested in your inches measurement. What all do you measure and add up? Great to see an additional way to see results. I planned on doing this too but just seperate. Arms, waist and upper thigh. Adding them seems like to might be more rewarding. Do you do hips as well? Both arms and legs? Thanks :-)Sent from my SM-G900W8 using the BariatricPal App I measure my chest, stomach, waist, biceps, thighs and calfs. I could have done more but those are the major areas and I didn't want to go crazy.
  23. highfunctioningfatman

    You might be a WLS patient when...

    When you become a connoisseur of cold food that started out warm...
  24. highfunctioningfatman

    60 pounds in 2 months is it possible?

    It is possible but not realistic. Here was my journey. Surgery was 8-29.
  25. highfunctioningfatman

    New normal

    I felt "normal" 4-5 days afterwards but as I lost weight things started to change. My back hurt from posture changes, it turns out I'm a hunchback. My posture changing means that my old, strong muscles aren't used like they were and I need to develop new muscle. My changes are all for the good but I haven't felt "normal since week 2-3.