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  1. highfunctioningfatman


    Thanks for the challenge! It was another tool for keeping me accountable. I hit my original goal of 230 and I just missed my adjusted goal of 225. I ended up at 226! Thanks again!
  2. highfunctioningfatman

    50 pounds down as of today!

    I agree, you can definitely see your weight loss! You are looking great!
  3. highfunctioningfatman

    5 oz of protein OR 10 cookies

    My ghrelin levels were 8-10 times higher than normal when fasting and 26-28 times higher 30 minutes after a normal breakfast. I'm one of the low carb, low sugar and high protein people. It works for me.
  4. highfunctioningfatman

    Self Payers in Mexico

    @I'm Changing 4 Me I'm so sorry that I didn't see your question sooner! Mauricio Gutierez was my surgeon.
  5. highfunctioningfatman

    What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

    To pay off medical bills from 2016 so we can get back to camping, fishing and working on our vehicle projects.
  6. highfunctioningfatman

    Differences in Plans

    It all comes down to the doctor and what they are comfortable with. They may feel that a long time of liquids after surgery is safer or they may just be a crappy surgeon that has had problems with leaks in the short run and they attribute that to what the patient ate. Who knows? Does that mean that a surgeon who is fine with soft foods a week out is better? Who knows?
  7. highfunctioningfatman

    Best decision of my life

    Now I have to go clean the drool off of my phone... You look amazing!
  8. highfunctioningfatman

    The surgery fixes the BODY but, not the MIND

    You can neuter a dog that doesn't stop them from wanting to hump your leg.
  9. highfunctioningfatman

    Motivation to change

    Isn't the reason to have kids is so that we can torture and embarrass them? Keep it up and congratulations!
  10. highfunctioningfatman

    Question about activity after sleeve...

    I suggest you quit the vitamins for a bit and get a blood test looking for deficiency. I was sleeved in August as well and my blood tests are normal without any "extras".
  11. highfunctioningfatman

    3 months post-op before/after

    You look amazing! Congrats!
  12. highfunctioningfatman

    I'm down 130 lbs!

    Wow, what a change!
  13. highfunctioningfatman

    What's for dinner?

    I'm also doing chili right now. Perfect for cold weather and easy to eat. It also gives fiber to keep me a "good ol regular" guy. We do pork butt quite a bit but we do it in the smoker. Good stuff!
  14. highfunctioningfatman

    What's for dinner?

    No pictures but tonight was smoked pulled pork, grilled onions and just a small amount of bbq sauce.
  15. highfunctioningfatman

    Transformation - love this image

    Almost halfway down. http://www.nowloss.com/how-to-lose-50-pounds-fast-in-5-months.htm
  16. highfunctioningfatman

    Failing at Friendship

    There is a big difference between acquaintances and friends. I don't have many that I would truly call friends but I've met a ton of people. Don't worry about friends, go meet people!
  17. highfunctioningfatman

    How many times do I have to go

    Once. I went to Mexico! So much easier than dealing with all of the doctor issues and insurance issues. The real bonus? I got to choose my surgeon instead of my "network" choosing.
  18. A new pair of boots just arrived for my employee. I took them out of the box, filled the box with random trash and put my worn out slippers in. I can't wait for him to open them!

    1. highfunctioningfatman


      As usual. I get told to either go into a corner or play in the street.

    2. WLSResources/ClothingExch


      The ice beneath your feet gets thinner and thinner. I went easy by sending you to the corner. Many times I tell people to play in traffic. Watch it.

    3. Treadmillwalker


      LOL - my hubby just walked in our home office because I was laughing so loud as I read this. He is now laughing too. Be careful about accepting anything to eat or drink from your employee...laughing still.

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  19. highfunctioningfatman

    What's everyone doing for NYE

    Working... I will however be wrapping my Christmas tree with my old clothes that I can't donate and torching it in the front yard while I dance around it like a lunatic.
  20. highfunctioningfatman

    I'm struggling with muscle loss.

    I am not. I'm not on any medications.
  21. highfunctioningfatman

    This does not seem like normal loss!

    Why don't you post up what you have been eating for the last week. Maybe we can spot some ways to help you.
  22. highfunctioningfatman

    All things cheese

    I cut up a 2 pound brick of Tillamook pepper crack into 32 pieces. It's easy, half it, half those pieces then quarter them, take everything and cut them in half. Now you have 32 1oz pieces. I add these to all kinds of things, chili, meatloaf, chicken and of course I often eat it on its own. I also love gouda and havarti. For some reason I have a hard time with cheddar.
  23. highfunctioningfatman

    Worried about loose skin and other appearance issues?

    He stole my dance moves!
  24. highfunctioningfatman

    I'm struggling with muscle loss.

    @@LittleBill This is a corporate job as well and I love what I do but for the responsibility, the on call and the fact that my guys have to have a commercial driver's license with Hazmat endorsement we don't pay enough. My company does a 3% raise every 13 months and with the wages being so low it feels like a slap in the face to see how little their raise is. There is a company that doesn't require and of that and they pay $2 more to start plus a guaranteed minimum bonus of $400 a month. They also only work 4 days a week. I can't compete with that.
  25. highfunctioningfatman


    Another idea that works is to mix sugar-free Hershey syrup and PB2. Apply to your partner and treat it like an ice cream topping. Don't gobble it, lick it and enjoy!