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  1. I will admit that I only read the first two pages of this topic. I will share my own experience with diet sodas. I weigh approximately 320 pounds and I will be getting the sleeve done at the end of August. The last 30 pounds are the result of me going off of diet soda. I was having multiple strange medical issues including vertigo and memory issues. Was also having some breathing issues that I couldn't attribute anything. I went down to Southern California to visit my grandmother in the hospital and while I was down there all of my issues one away. When I got back home to work and everything came back. I knew that my problems could not have been cleared up by the lovely Southern California air. I started looking what changed when I went down there. I am a cheap bastard I mean Frugal man. At home I was drinking 2 44 ounce diet dr. Pepper a day and sometimes drinking 3. The cost on my fountain drink version of that dr. Pepper was $0.89 a pop. When I went to California all I could find it in was 1 liter soda bottles at 2 bucks a piece. My cheap bastard side, uh I mean frugal side, said hell no to that. Instead I was drinking water. When I realized what was going on I went completely off of the diet dr. Pepper and went to straight water. For about 2 weeks I was doing great and feeling awesome. Most of my symptoms have gone away however I started gaining weight after 2 weeks. At week 6 I had gained 25 pounds! I went to my doctor to find out what the hell was wrong with me. He asked me a strange question, do you like coffee? No. Do you like tea? No. Why? He responded with your metabolism has slowed down because of the lack of caffeine. His suggestion pick up a caffeine habit that is healthier! So I changed up my habits. Very rarely do I drink a soda with the exception of a Henry weinhard root beer when I BBQ or a Mountain Dew when I have Mexican food. 99% of the time I drink iced tea without the ice (because I hate it when it melts) and lemonade. My ratio is 6 parts tea to 1 part lemonade. I know that I have to change my evil lemonade ways so I just bought some of those single packs of Crystal Light Lemonade and I plan to dump that into my tea. Hopefully that will be a reasonable substitute for the lightly sweet drink that I always seem to crave.
  2. highfunctioningfatman

    If this wasn't so pathetic it would be hilarious

    Sounds familiar! I used to ride in the dunes a lot back in 2000-2005. I've spent quite a bit of time in your neck of the woods. We did the loop through Brookings and Coos on Sunday escaping the heat over here,
  3. highfunctioningfatman

    If this wasn't so pathetic it would be hilarious

    I call eharmony ecousin because it matched me with my cousin. I met my wonderful, beautiful, klutz of a wife on match.com. We will be married 8 years on the 21st. Oregondaisy, where are you from? I'm in Grants Pass.
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    Would you move where has someone died?

    We weren't told about someone dying in our house but it wouldn't have changed our decision. One of the homes previous owners committed suicide in a pretty grizzly way and of course our new neighbors had to immediately tell us about it. We love our home.
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    Self payers

    My career in the adult film industry never took off so I'm working my ass off and saving every dime. Perhaps post surgery...
  6. highfunctioningfatman

    Anyone looking at an August surgery date?

    Me too.How about you?
  7. highfunctioningfatman

    Anyone looking at an August surgery date?

    Me too.In Tijuana at Trinity Medical with Mauricio Gutierrez.
  8. highfunctioningfatman

    How many days off from work post-op?

    That's what I was thinking I will do, maybe 10 days. I'm aiming for labor day weekend also so that there's an extra "cushion" day, so to speak, where my whole department will off. Exactly my plan with Labor day. We are only allowed a week of vacation at a time so I will be back at work the next week. My job is fairly physical but my boss was sleeved 8/2015 so she will work with me.
  9. highfunctioningfatman

    Going to Tijuana, anyone else?

    I will be going to Mauricio Gutierrez 8/29. I personally know 5 people (3 that are medical professionals) that have been sleeved through him and they rave about the clinic and the way that they were treated.