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  1. highfunctioningfatman

    This sure feels weird

    @@Dub I'm getting hit on too. I'm surprised that my ring size has gone down so much. When I got married I was 12.5 "comfort fit"(slightly rounded inside) now I easily fit a regular 10.
  2. highfunctioningfatman

    Shrimp gate

    I will admit that this thread inspired me to buy 2 pounds of big ol shrimp today (16-20 per pound) and bacon to wrap them with. Mmmmm!
  3. highfunctioningfatman

    So depressed. Really need help

    All of the hormones trapped in your fat are dumping. They will seriously mess with us. They will change your requirements for depression meds. Go to your doctor and discuss what is going on and get the meds adjusted.
  4. highfunctioningfatman

    My weight loss since august 2016

    X2! You do look great!
  5. I've been losing for awhile. I can't wait to lose the boobs and belly! A man shouldn't have his own boobs...
  6. highfunctioningfatman

    NSV so excited!

    I am so excited for you. I am going to Hawaii in February and I also plan to parasail. My husband does it on almost every vacation and I always acted like I didn't want to do it because I didn't want anyone to know I was over the weight limit! Have the best time!!! If you go to the big Island you have to go on a dolphin snorkeling trip in the ocean!
  7. Kickin butt there! (Nice Santa pants)
  8. highfunctioningfatman

    Body image and sex

    I didn't think that I would see the term "Geriatric spidermonkey" in here. Love it Dub!
  9. highfunctioningfatman

    Body image and sex

    I agree with @theantichick. If a guy gets to the point of having sex with you and the skin is a bone killer than you didn't need that relationship anyway. Anyone worth a damn won't hesitate. Theantichick has a great point about making you feel better though, lingerie is nice! Honestly I enjoy the mystery of lingerie during sex. Completely naked is fine by me but some lace and high heels does more for me than just a birthday suit. I have a sneaking suspicion that your smile, attitude and simply how cute you are will overcome any issues that you are concerned about.
  10. highfunctioningfatman

    Water causing stomach pain

    My stomach tightens up and feels like it is cramping.
  11. highfunctioningfatman

    Water causing stomach pain

    Same problem over 3 months out. I mix Powerade Zero 50/50 with water.
  12. highfunctioningfatman

    Is this normal

    A couple things that I love post op. 1. I just bought lunch at a local meat market/restaurant I asked for 2 ribs (they were about 4" long) she looked at me and said are you sure? They are really small. I said yeppers! 2. The rib meal is $7.95 with 3 ribs and a side. When you get just the ribs they sell by the pound. My lunch was $2.24 for delicious ribs. Happy fat man!
  13. highfunctioningfatman

    So excited

  14. highfunctioningfatman

    Trouble with "movements"? Try manners

    Love it!
  15. Yes. Surgery wasn't covered under my plan. I waited awhile and finally did it on my own when I started having weight related issues. I wish that I'd done it sooner. The other big bonus is that for anything here I have to use whichever lose surgeon is in my network of crappy doctors. In Mexico I had my choice of anyone who wanted my money.
  16. I've never had a booty so it really surprised me when shortly after surgery my butt got boney. Apparently I did have somewhat of a butt after all.
  17. highfunctioningfatman

    This is what I tell myself everyday!

    I agree 100% the new picture rocks!
  18. highfunctioningfatman

    3 month surgeaversery!

    Congratulations! You are kicking butt!
  19. highfunctioningfatman

    More looks and attention?

    I considered buying a Semi out in Yamhill a couple of years ago and I got to explore that whole area. I agree that it is a beautiful area. @@Montana Gal
  20. highfunctioningfatman

    More looks and attention?

    Good luck!
  21. highfunctioningfatman

    More looks and attention?

    Based on your previous posts and the above post I'm going to say that you want to work with a company located in Beaverton.
  22. highfunctioningfatman

    More looks and attention?

    I definitely get good comments. I'm by no means where I want to be but I've always been confident so nothing has changed there.
  23. highfunctioningfatman

    Physical activity by day 6?

    This fat man on the left could snorkle! What I couldn't do was drown!
  24. highfunctioningfatman

    HELP! Freaking out - need honest feedback

    No pain here. I was off of the meds 4-6 hours after surgery. I had rolled into my side and felt like a fart in my back. I burped immediately after. I rolled on my other side and boom, once again burping. I kept doing this until I didn't burp. No gas problems whatsoever.
  25. highfunctioningfatman

    Last Supper

    Lobster broth the day before and for my meal before my liquid diet I had 6 bacon wrapped shrimp.