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  1. Hello if anyone is reading this I need to know if I'm dumping or having food poisoning and what to do?

    Around 11 am today I had some salmon from a restaurant by 12:30 I was running to the restroom vomiting and having diarrhea. I have been having horrible abdominal cramps and with nausea, also sweating. Somebody please let me know what this is and what to do! Thanks in advance

  2. Some of my favorite meals early on included: rotisserie chicken (cause it's so moist), frozen broccoli microwaved to real soft, canned green Beans cause they were soft too, fish (fish is THE BEST!) and doesn't much matter what kind, mashed cauliflower with butter, yogurt of course, eggs and omlettes, oatmeal (only need 1 pack), chicken and egg salad mixed together for extra Protein, zucchini and squash (yum), 1/4 of a turkey Subway sandwich, and for dessert ice pops, pudding, and those little sherbet cups and of course FRUIT!!!

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    Thank you so much, looks like I have a few new things I need to put back into my life (such as rotisserie chicken) I completely forgot about it.

  3. I am about one month post op and I just recently got over this pain. I had this pain near my largest incision site and my Doctor told me that it is called "transfer pain". He did an xray in his clinic and let me see my stomach, everything was fine. My doctor told me just to put a warm compress or a heating pad to break up the inflammation on inside. When I finally did that I started getting a burning feeling which means your nerves are trying to get back together, it was so uncomfortable!! But about 5 days later, all pain is gone. Now just soreness. Good luck and it will get better :)

  4. So wow has this surgery been a big change! I finally talk to my doctor about the pain on my left side near my largest incision, he said it is normal and should happen. Now I am experiencing a stinging pain in my lower belly around the big incision, it happens if I sit or bend down. Does anyone know what this means? Or had this happened to them?

  5. Hi all, I felt alot better yesterday, I've been concentrating on getting my liquids in. The only thing is the nausea, and the pain I have is not on my incision where I had my drain but on the side of it, near my hip and stomach. I called the doctors office this morning because I felt so good and now again I feel sick. I just don't think this is normal. Right now I am having to put a little bit of crystal light in my Water to help me get it down. Other than that, thank you all for all the encouragement. It helps :)

  6. So I am a little more than 2 weeks post op on pureed food phase and today I just don't feel good. I had my drain removed a week postop and I've been feeling pain on that side. If I sit too long it hurts, and it's uncomfortable. Yesterday I tried pureed chicken again, and my pouch was not happy. I am not throwing up, but just gagging over the toilet while nothing comes out (TMI). I was nauseous again this morning and now a little better. I have been sipping on some crystal light. I just feel right now so horrible. I am overwhelmed with emotions, and with this pain on my side and I feel like it's neverending. Please pass some words of encouragement, thank you.

  7. I wanted to share with you, i have been having issues with getting Protein in. SO i was suggested to try GENEPRO which is not only flavorless it is actually TASTELESS. You add only 1 Tablespoon and get 30 grams protein and it has no taste. I actually love this stuff. Mix it in tea, coffee, chocolate milk and you wont taste it. It was definitely worth the money and AMAZING. just thought i would share with you all!

    Thank you for sharing I will be trying this. ????

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