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    6 Simple Ways to Gain Your Weight Back

    Hi soniadelbosque. Different doctors have different diet plans. Which surgery did you have? Most doctors will email you their plan if you have misplaced yours. I had VSG and I went online to look at the 5-day pouch reset and the 10-day pouch reset. I decided to do the 10-day reset because I felt the 10-days would get me under better control. I am 4 days in and have lost 4 lbs. I'm sure it's because it is mainly liquids for the first 3 days. The one I am doing does throw in a vegetable soup on the 2nd day that helps with the hunger. It really hasn't been bad though.
  2. TipTop in TX

    Best protein bars

    Quest chocolate chip cookie dough, cookies and cream, chocolate brownie, peanut butter flavors, vanilla almond crunch are my favorites. You can get them at GNC or Amazon. They are pricier than most. Oh, almost forgot, Costco has their own brand - Kirkland and it has two flavors in the pack, chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate brownie. They are cheaper, taste okay, but not as dense or filling or as good-tasting as the quest bars.
  3. TipTop in TX


    I am almost 6 mths out and I had a mini corn on the cob after eating my protein. I could on eat about 1/2 of the mini, but did not have a bad reaction. I was on vacation and don't keep it in the house. I love corn, but don't plan on including it in my regular meals.
  4. TipTop in TX

    My work here is done

    I am also a newbie. I am also older and don't tolerate much foolishness. I've read the posts from newbies that start a few days pre-op to a few weeks post op about whether they can eat bacon, or had a slice of pizza or say I am going on vacation and can I drink alcohol. I read those posts, shake my head and think, "Why the hell did you have surgery, especially when you are making bad decision so soon after surgery?!!!" I followed the rules post op because I had major surgery and wanted to change my life for the better. Many think of this as a quick fix and it is obvious from their posts. Others haven't addressed their food addiction or food behaviors prior to surgery. Have I been perfect since my surgery, No, but I have been able to stay on the right path based on the guidance given by vets to other members. I appreciate ALL the vets input, responses and tips. I would hate for the vets to leave because your successes, experiences and suggestions have made my journey successful so far. Like others, even though I might not post often, I do read the forum EVERYDAY. I think a FAQ for newbies is a good idea and when somebody asks some of these "stupid" questions, the vet can just post a link to a section of the FAQ that explains what to eat and what not to eat post op and keep on going. Kindle, I would love for you to reconsider your decision to leave. Your postings, along with the other vets, are appreciated by many of us newbies. .
  5. TipTop in TX


    @@jess9395 - I noticed from your profile that you're 5'7". Generally, I think at 135 pounds you would be very thin You mentioned your husband likes where you are with more meat on your bones. I have seen a few people go that extreme and not be able to see their true body. I know you mentioned you felt more comfortable seeing your ribs and hip bones. Not to imply anything, but have you considered seeing someone to make sure that how you are seeing your body is accurate and appropriate?
  6. I'm not in the 70's club, but this website has a lot of recipes and information that you might find helpful. You also might want to check out Pinterest and search for weight-loss surgery recipes or gastric sleeve recipes. You all are so inspiring and congratulations on this new phase of your life. http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com
  7. TipTop in TX

    Calorie tracking App?

    I Initially used the my fitness pal app, but I switched to LoseIt about a week and a half ago. I was really disappointed that my fitness pal did not track fluids in ounces and the only option was cups. It looks like users have been requesting for them to add ounces for a few years without them doing that simple addition. Under Armor bought out my fitness pal and their premium rate is $50 a year. I tried LoseIt and liked it a lot. I decided to upgrade to the premium which was $30/year through iTunes. You can set goals for steps, hydration, measurements, nutrients and many other things. I just liked it and it was easier to use for me than MyFitness Pal. The free version is good too but I like the upgrades of the premium version.
  8. TipTop in TX

    Protein shake

    I am about eight weeks postop sleeve and I generally drink a protein shake at night to make sure I get all my protein in. It's the only thing that works for me. I have been better at Integrating high-protein foods in my diet during the day, but I can't to get in all the protein without the shake because I can't eat that much.
  9. TipTop in TX

    Back Pain Weirdness

    I will try the seat adjustment, christinamo7. It's probably a multitude of things that are contributing. It's an interesting thought about the steroid shot during surgery, I'll have to ask my surgeon because if so, I want another one of those! Lol
  10. TipTop in TX

    Breakfast foods you love and are healthy

    Loved the idea of the crustless quiche, especially the ability to freeze. I used to make a Breakfast casserole before sleeve. I am going to try that today. Thanks for the tips.
  11. Hi Everyone, @@kmorri - I have not been getting my fluids in since surgery, but I get in the Protein. Just yesterday I was able to actually swallow Water, not just sip it. That will make ALL the difference in getting my water in. @@KristenLe - Yes, my CPAP has humidifcation, but I did have to tighten my mask a few nights ago. @@kcsprong - Well, I have lost 10% of my weight, so I will have to check that out. @@Inner Surfer Girl - It has been a month for me. I think I will make an appointment with my CPAP provider and see if they can get me in this week. @@Bobbis - I think you might be right! I woke up last night and I notice air coming out of my mouth. I bet the pressure is too high. I really didn't think I would be making a change in my CPAP this early. @@maxcimax - I am hoping for the same thing! I hate traveling with my CPAP. Just one of the health problems I hoped to address with my weight loss. Great suggestions everyone. I'll get on them now.
  12. TipTop in TX

    Updated Photo

    You look fantastic! Congratulations. I am only two weeks post op, but I forgot to take my body measurements. Going to do that now, because sometimes it's not about the weight, but the inches and how you feel and look. I have never been hung up on my weight, just how I look in my clothes and in my skin. Let me tell you, right not that's not anything pretty!
  13. TipTop in TX

    Probiotics for post-op

    You might want to ask your surgeon and mention the coconut Water base. My doctor has me on probiotics for a month after surgery. I started a week after surgery and I am 2 weeks post op.
  14. TipTop in TX

    Questions about surgery

    I had my sleeve 2 weeks ago tomorrow. I had minimal gas pains, but what I had easily passed (belching) when I got up and walked around. I had a drain, but only because there was a tear during surgery. I had minimal incision pain. It wasn't bad and easily controlled with medicine. The worst pain was taking out the drain, but it only hurt for 5 minutes and was sore for about a day. I never had any nausea or vomiting. The only pain I had was when I tried to drink my clear liquid diet in the hospital. I realized that cold fluids hurt worse than warm fluids and we found a combination of anti-gas, pain and nausea med (even though I did not have nausea) that helped me with that pain. I have had previous surgeries and this is the easiest I ever had. I had surgery on Wednesday and back to work on Monday without any problem.

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