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  1. becomingmandikaye

    Finally - my wls surgery podcast is live!

    It's only a month late (sorry - life happens!), but I've finally gotten my podcast going! In the first episode, I mostly just introduce myself and explain why I chose the sleeve. Direct Link // iTunes // Stitcher I'd love your feedback! And if you have suggestions for future topics, that would be awesome too! So far, I'm planning episodes on insurance, head hunger, what wls is and what it isn't, and a more in depth look at the different kinds of surgeries.
  2. becomingmandikaye

    30 Second Chew Podcast

    Alright you guys, I did it. I went and started a wls podcast from the perspective of the patient! It's called 30 Second Chew, and should be available most anywhere you choose to get your podcasts. I am by no means an expert, only someone who wants to share my successes, my struggles, my fears, etc. You can find my intro episode here: http://eloquentgushing.com/30-second-chew/episode-0-introducing-me/ I officially launch in April - and I'd love it if any of you had questions or comments/thoughts for me to share on the show!
  3. becomingmandikaye

    30 Second Chew Podcast

    It already is! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/30-second-chew/id1216502822
  4. becomingmandikaye

    New Podcast

    Hey everyone! I'm tinkering with the idea of starting a podcast about wls. The main ones I've seen are run by doctors and medical centers. Would that be something any of you would be interested in listening to? I'm thinking it would be a weekly 5-10 minute show where I share my experiences, answer questions, and share favorite tips and recipes.
  5. becomingmandikaye

    Started an Instagram.

    I'm becomingmandikaye on IG too!
  6. My tummy won't stop gurgling tonight!

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    2. finding_onederland
    3. WLSResources/ClothingExch


      Annoying as the gurgling is, be reassured that the plumbing is working.

    4. OzRoo


      You can join my bath tub party :)

  7. Waited too long to eat, so now I'm STARVING. But of course, it'll only take 2 bites to fill me up.

  8. becomingmandikaye

    Bariatric Blogs?

    Hi everyone! Do you have any favorite bariatric blogs? I know there's Eggface and Bariatric Foodie. What else do you read?
  9. So I've decided to review a lot of the foods I'm trying as I adjust to this bariatric lifestyle - here's my roundup of a few protein bars I've tried: http://becomingmandikaye.com/2016/08/02/protein-bar-round-up-1-review/

  10. becomingmandikaye

    Anyone from North Carolina?

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J120AZ using the BariatricPal App It was good. I was off pain meds completely by day 7 (and only taking them before bed days 4-6). I'll be 7 weeks out on Wednesday, and I really only feel some lingering fatigue at times. I never had any severe pain, severe gas, long-term nausea, or any vomiting at all.
  11. becomingmandikaye

    Anyone from North Carolina?

    How's it going? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J120AZ using the BariatricPal App Things are going great, other than this blasted stall! Thanks for asking.
  12. becomingmandikaye

    800 calories ? IS IT ENOUGH?

    My calorie goal is between 600 and 800 calories, at least until I'm 3 months out. If you're not weighing yourself at all, are you taking your measurements? I bet there's more of a change than you think there is.
  13. becomingmandikaye

    Sleeved 7/25-questions and looking for others

    Hey there! I'm six weeks out, so probably not as new as you're looking for... but here's my advice anyway. Walking is the best way to get rid of the gas. Walk, walk some more, and then walk some more. It took me 4 or 5 days to have a bowel movement - you're only 2 days post-op, so don't start worrying yet! Congratulations, and welcome to the loser's bench!
  14. becomingmandikaye

    Down 65lb :-)

  15. I just finished binge watching BSG and now I feel sad and empty. *sigh* That show did a number on me.

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    2. becomingmandikaye


      Battlestar Galactica. It ended sad, and I prefer happy endings.

    3. finding_onederland


      I'll have to put it in my queue! are you a Star Trek fan also? Did you see Beyond ?


    4. becomingmandikaye


      @finding_onederland - I am! But I haven't seen Beyond yet. It's on my list though. I'm trying to decide if I should watch DS9 or Enterprise next.

  16. becomingmandikaye

    Do I need a warm body with me?

    I would assume they would want someone there until the surgery was over, but ask your surgeon's office!
  17. becomingmandikaye

    I'm APPROVED! 9/8/16 surgery date!

  18. becomingmandikaye

    Insurance Says NO! BSCA

    For what it's worth - my *insurance company* gave me wrong information and I had to call and correct them. People make mistakes - you just have to stay on top of it.
  19. becomingmandikaye

    Insurance Says NO! BSCA

    Right - they're wrong. So maybe they have outdated information or maybe the coordinator got you mixed up with someone else. It's your surgeon's office that's wrong, so they're the ones you need to call so you can provide them with the information your insurance gave you.
  20. becomingmandikaye

    Insurance Says NO! BSCA

    Sounds like someone got their wires crossed. I'd call your surgeon's office and go over your insurance with them.
  21. becomingmandikaye

    Showering after surgery

    It may depend on how they close your wounds. I had superglue and as allowed to shower the day after surgery. If you've got stitches or staples, it may be longer.
  22. becomingmandikaye

    the unbearable fatness of being

    I see myself in your post.. I don't have the autoimmune disorder you do, but my name is also Amanda and in high school I was convinced that I was THE FATTEST PERSON IN THE WORLD. I've been considered "fat" since I was in middle school - if not earlier. But now, I look back at the photos, and I see a healthy, beautiful girl who had no idea who she was or how to love herself. I may have gotten fatter over my life, but at least I got smarter too!
  23. I am 4 pounds from the lowest weight I can remember being in over a decade! 23 more pounds til onederland!

  24. becomingmandikaye

    its done