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  1. Thank you! I will look into some sort of class like that! Typically I just do like tricep biceps shoulders. Then back and chest then booty and legs and abs I haven't mastered yet but I plank and stuff at home cause I'm not fully comfortable doing all exercises in public but between those and cardio daily in seeing tons of changes and stuff! Just the cost of skin removed and maybe some sort of boob work is expensive! So thank you once again I will keep up what I'm doing and research that type of class!

  2. So I think I'm doing great so far! 10 weeks out today down 50/52lbs (gotta love those 2 fluctuating pounds)! I know I'm early out where I should even think about this but my skin isn't coming back as I drop the weight... my arms and chest is like my biggest ughhh feeling as I look in the mirror? Any exercise recommendations that could plump up the chest muscles?

  3. Ok so I had surgery 12/19/16 and with having Caresource as well! It was literally a full year start to end! The 9 months go by so quickly! This entire journey is very much mental! You will need to be mentally prepared for all this change that will happen! And I'm not sugar coating anything, be prepared to have moment of total mind fucking. (Excusing my language) but it's going to happen! You will have your visit with your pcp your medical dr surgeon psych nutritionist and in between your testing done! You'll be so focused on making sure you lose and not gain that the length of time will be totally not there! Just be patient! It will come in no time! Now I am 9 weeks out tomorrow I'm down 47lbs and I'm happy with everything! I have days of hardships with food and moments of weakness and yes at time I fail but I don't let it bother me! The 9 months of visits will not mean a thing once you have surgery! You'll be like me and encouraging the next person that the wait is worth it!

  4. I'm only allowe 2 shakes a day and about 2 cups of skim milk. My nurse said to split my premier shakes in half and add a half cup of milk... wasn't making me full so I do a shake for Breakfast and dinner and I either drink a glass of milk with unflavored Protein and lots of Water. I did have my popsicles last night and those so help cause it's like the action of actually eating something cause it is all mental. My stomachs may make a hunger noise and such but I'm not starving

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  5. Bouncy jeez! You conquered this liquid diet! I like your method! They want me to take 2 premier shakes and split them in half and mix them with skim milk and have that mixture 4x daily.... but if I'm waking up at different times it makes it hard to spread it out. I like how you have it mapped out through your the day! What's the calorie and such on the gene pro Protein?

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