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  1. Just checking in here all...

    I was completely unfilled because my pouch was slightly stretched on May 21st. I just went back in for a re-fill on June 28th. I had gained too much weight, and I was really disappointed... Got 1 cc put back in and I haven't weighed since. Got hubby to hide the scales... which is fine by me.

    I am back in my size 6 jeans, and that is all I wanted. :cool:

    The new gal did my fill, well, she tried to. My port was COMPLETELY upside down. She tried 2 times and then called good ole Brenda in there and she got it after another 3 times. They almost called Spivak in to do it. It was horrible! Not their fault though, just that dang port.

    Spivak poked his head in and said Hi. He just seems to care so much about his patients. I really am glad he is my Dr.

  2. My input:

    Tanning made my scars look better than before tanning.

    Mystic Tan can turn you orange just like the self tanning lotions.

    Best bet is to go to a tanning salon, purchase some really good lotion, and lay in a bed. It is relaxing and you will love the results. They will start you off tanning for only 3 minutes or so, but you want to start off slow.

    Lotion is VERY important though. It helps keep the tan longer and moisturizes your skin, which is number 1.

    Good luck on your tanning decision.

  3. Melissa it was very brave of you to post your story here. I am sad to hear that your surgeon offers no support to you.

    I hope that you can find the help you seek if you do. I do drink more regularly now than I used to... but not a bottle of wine every evening.

    If you want help, I really hope that you can get it.

    I know there are a lot of others out there with replacing addictions. I replaced my addiction for food with a shopping addiction. Going on Week 4 Shop Free right now.

    I know that does not sound as bad as alcoholism, but it can be when you shop beyond your means.

    Hugs to you and I hope you make it thru this and get back on track.

  4. HI Txbecca!

    I just wanted to wish you luck on your upcoming surgery and tell you my opinion of a few things...

    Like Renee said... you will savor every bite of food. You will still get to eat, and I hate that someone told you that your food will be cold before you finish it.

    Everyone is different and I do eat less, but I eat a lot better food. I do not eat cold food that should be hot... :)

    As for the liquid breakfast... I don't agree with that either. Some people can eat a solid breakfast, some can't.

    I have never been a breakfast person. With my current level of fill I do not get hungry until 11, so that is when I eat lunch.

    Good luck with your journey!

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