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    Hey Guys - I'm almost 18 months post RNY and have been maintaining at my goal weight since April. I moved to Chicago (Lakeview) a few months ago and wonder if any of you are from the city? I've started looking for a good support group or friends in the area to help me stay on track - the holiday was pretty rough with all of the temptations, but I made it through pretty much unscathed. Any recommendations you have would be great!
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    nycholle reacted to DavidOso in Any Chicago sleeve parients here?   
    I did the UIC program. They were great! 3 years out next month. Southern suburbs.

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    Hi is there anyone from the Chicago area on this site?:-) would love to chat with you guys😊
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    I've been on BP for almost 4 years now and just stumbled across this board...lol. I had the sleeve in Sept of 2013 and have lost 125 pounds and maintained the loss for 3 years now. It's been a life-changing and affirming journey and I love talking to other people about it and helping them with their journey.
    I'm willing to "mentor" anyone new to the sleeve or considering the sleeve. Just reply or send me a message.
    Also, I started a blog right before my 1st pre-op appointment, almost 4 years ago. I documented the entire journey with my pre-op struggles & process, monthly progress pictures, the good the bad and the ugly, my Tummy Tuck & skin removal surgery, etc. Feel free to check it out to see if you think my journey might be able to help you. It is linked in my signature.
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    nycholle reacted to COnative in 5'6" and weighed 225-235 surgery day?   
    I am close. I am 5'7 and started out at 220. I am 6 1/2 months out and 55 down. I lost 20 the first month and about 7-10lbs each month thereafter but a month long plateau at month 5. Now at month 6 I started losing again. But I definitely felt like I hit plateaus all the time. I would lose a few pounds in a week then plateau for two weeks then lost again. But the entire time I felt my body changing. I also learned that if I eat 1000 or less calories per day I lose- I eat a measly 200 more calories per day and I plateau. I really hope this helps!!!! Hang in there! It looks like you are doing really good.

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