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  1. Cream Soup (cream of chicken, cream of muchroom, cream of broccoli, etc)

    Apple Sauce

    Jar baby food

    Mushed up tuna with mayo/yogurt

    Mushed up chicken

    I am only 5 days post op but I have been drinking Soup already. I feel very hungry and the Protein shakes don't help. I put cream soup in the blender to make sure everything is creamed properly. I even added a bit of chicken to the soup and blended to add Protein. Am I doing this too soon?

  2. If you are fresh out of surgery, avoid taking nsaids. They can increase bleeding. If you've healed from surgery, taking some once in a while won't be too bad, but do not take them daily. As others have mentioned, taking liquid or chewable is better. Follow with liquid to wash it down.

    if your pain is consistent and you need to take meds daily, ask for something stronger, like tylenol with codeine, vicodin, tramadol, etc. Just be careful as those can be addictive.

  3. I am a few days post op and I do not feel burning. This might be acid. I would see if the doctor can prescribe something to help relieve it. Your tummy will heal better without the overload of acid, so even if you can tolerate the discomfort, it is still better to control it with meds. Ranitidine comes in liquid form, have your doc call it in to the pharmacy. It will make all the difference.

  4. I had a huge fear of surgery. I even wrote a will just in case. I was scared and emotional too. Then, the day of surgery, out of nowhere I woke up in the recovery room and even though I was in pain, all I could think was 'I did it!'.

    I don't remember anything other than getting changed for surgery and getting wheeled over to the OR. The surgery itself does not exist in my memory. If I didn't have the scars, I would never know that I had it done.

    Read up about the anesthesia, it is extremely safe these days. It made me feel better after I read up about it on medical websites like webmd.com.

    Good luck to you! If you need to talk to someone, PM me and I'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

  5. The surgery itself was good, I woke up in the recovery room feeling pretty good. I was quite out of it and the only thing I mumbled was that I was in pain. I got morphine and everything was pretty good for most of that morning.

    Once I was put in my room, the horror started.

    My night nurse completely neglected me. I called her four times and told her I was in a lot of pain and I couldn't sleep. I was supposed to be on morphine every 2 hours and even though it was time for my next dose, the nurse kept telling me she will bring it soon. Five hours passed and I was crying in my room from the pain. The nurse left for the day without giving me my meds. Then, as I am sitting there crying and begging for someone to help me, the transport guy comes in to take me to radiology. The nurses assistant comes in right after he did and they stand there talking amongst themselves while I cry. They didn't leave nor did they try to comfort me, just chit chatted like I wasn't there. Then when I finally crawled out of bed, the guy took me down, talking to everyone he passed on the way down. When I was done with the xray, he came back and had the NERVE to say 'Oh, that was quick baby doll'. BABY DOLL! What the hell!

    I went back to my room, covered myself under the covers and cried my eyes out. I have never felt so neglected.

    I was discharged a couple of hours ago. I complained to the nurse that I can't lift my legs and it went ignored. When I was leaving, I asked the head nurse to provide me with a wheel chair. her answer was: "You can walk". So I walked... until I stopped in the middle of the hallway and bended forward and cried again because I couldn't catch my breath. A paramedic was walking out of the ER and noticed me and offered to help. I was NOT in any shape to walk.

    I did not get to see the surgeon after the surgery. He sent some other doctor I have never seen before. The doctor seemed clueless and minimized every one of my complaints. After I asked if there were any complications, he said yes, and asked me how I knew. HOW PROFESSIONAL! Turns out that my liver was cut during surgery. I don't care, I knew that could happen, but I am sure that I was supposed to be informed about it. The doctor also had no idea what size band was put inside of me.

    They also did not give me ANY heparin on day 2, although I have a history of blood clots and was advised to take heparin for 2 weeks after surgery. I had to rely on my family doc to prescribe the heparin shots to take when I got home.

    I had to remind the nurses to give me my medicine and even then they didn't follow through.

    I have been to my share of hospitals. I have been hospitalized several times in my life. This was by far the absolute worst hospital experience. I pray that I am the exception and everyone else has much better care.

  6. Hi everyone.

    It has been two years since I've been here. I finally decided to go forward with the band. I have my surgery scheduled for the 26th. I am on my 3rd day of liquid diet and I am having a hard time.

    I don't know what to drink. So far I have been drinking low carb Protein shakes and chicken broth.

    What other kinds of liquids can I have?

    Am I allowed pureed Soup?

    How about pudding?

    I was not told to do Clear Liquids, so my instinct is to assume anything liquid goes.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  7. I wish my mom was stricter with me. She let me get away with so much, allowed me to date a 23 year old when I was 14, a 20 year old when I was 15, and I got pregnant. I got a GED, but never was able to finish college. Now I live with my mom and I don't make much, but I do work, pay all my bills, have a new car, etc. My son's life is very stable and does well in school. I am very mature now, at 24 years old, and I realize how my mom could have prevented so much. I always did what she said, and I was always respectful of my parents, they just never figured to be stricter.

    If they set some serious rules, like no dating, earlier curfew, I would have followed. I never got an allowence either, when I wanted something I had to ask my mom for it and she decided if she can afford it. That made me try to be a better kid most of the time. I guess my only problem were boys, haha, I mean MEN.

    Now, when I think about a 20 year old dating a 15 year old, I think 'fu#$% pervert' and want to call the police. I still wish my mom would have called the cops on my ex, he doesn't even pay child support. He isn't around to be a father to my son. I don't even know where he is.

    I am glad I never got into drugs or alcohol. Til this day I still have never been drunk. When I go out with my girlfriends, I have one or two drinks and never more.

    I guess my point to all of this is, if the guy is 21, and she is 17, and if the law doesnt allow them to date, CALL THE COPS. He is 21, no car, drinks alcohol!!! Get her the hell away from him!!!!