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    Maybe I'm the odd ball out but to tell someone that I've lost 100 LBS makes me feel very proud. Heck, especially since I have only lost 30 lbs since surgery. Losing weight is not an easy thing, however you do it. What people don't realize about having surgery is that it is not easy and it is not a quick fix. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Own your weight loss and be proud. While it is absolutely no one's business unless you choose to make it their business, I don't think any of us have anything to be ashamed of.
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    Valentines Day Challenge!

    Weigh in today 176.8
  3. seaux_beautiful_vsg

    African American Hair (and loss)

    I have not had any hair loss at almost four months out from surgery. I decided to loc my hair about two months after surgery and for me that has been a great decision. My hair is growing like its never grown before since I'm not constantly messing in. I have been completely natural for the past three years though so for me, this was as much about growing my hair as having a change to go along with my weight loss.
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    FitBit users

    you can add me as well sarahmalissayoung@gmail.com
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    Valentine's Day Weight Loss Challenge

    CW- 177.9 GW for V-day - 167.9
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    Scale Obsession

    I've noticed it drives them crazy too. Which is why I don't want to get into the habit... especially weighing in the morning since that can set the tone for the day.
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    Scale Obsession

    Everyone seems to be obsessed with the scale... I am trying to not base my journey on that number... There are so many NSV's that's occur that I'd miss if I focused solely on the scale. 11 1/2 weeks and down to 178.3. I have 0 complaints... I am very glad I made the decision to have this surgery... Even more glad that I am learning to use it is the tool it was meant to be. I read a lot, say a little. Lots of people compare their journey to that of someone else... Stress stalls weight loss, take the stress off yourself and just take it one day at a time. This surgery was NOT a magic solution. Fact is you can gain the weight back if you don't work the tool effectively...... I'm glad that I've learned this lesson early on. I have a clear road ahead of me. Thank you all for sharing your stories. You're a big encouragement to lil ol me.
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    time it takes to eat

    You are probably eating way too fast. I eat quite a bit of chicken, cut into very small pieces, and I eat them very slowly... The faster you eat, the quicker your pouch fills up, the more uncomfortable you become. Try putting the plate and fork or spoon down when you eat and not eating in front of the television. Or set a timer. My NUT said a meal should take 30 minutes. Most days I average between 20-30 minutes to eat but it's because I consciously do so.
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    time it takes to eat

    Some days I eat way too fast and my body says "NO, don't do that." and it hurts... badly... so I try to eat and read a book, put the fork or spoon down, read a few pages, take another bite... THAT helps me to eat a whole lot slower.
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    Post-op pain

    I was fortunate not to ever have a LOT of pain. The drugs in the hospital after surgery were awesome lol. I was up walking around that evening. The only time I had pain to speak of was when I first tried to lay down flat. That was a pain straight from Satan himself.
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    A serious question for the veterans

    Before and after pictures are a GREAT way to see the difference that you don't see when you look in the mirror... I totally use this because when I look in a mirror I still see the fat girl, when I look at pictures I see someone half the size I once was.
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    Scale Obsession

    If you don't mind me asking what was your starting weight? My starting weight at the beginning of this process in June was 213. My weight day of surgery was 206. My highest weight was 266... However I lost a very nice amount in 2013/2014 after being diagnosed with diabetes. Unlike many people I did not have the surgery solely to lose weight I had the surgery because they could not regulate my blood sugar and I refused to be on medication for the rest of my life for diabetes, especially when I'd changed my eating habits and managed to lose weight without it.
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    Scale Obsession

    "Level of fat***ness" that caught me off guard. You will get there. One day at a time.
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    Scale Obsession

    I'm happier feeling the difference in the way my clothes fit and seeing THAT number go down... from a 22 to a 10/12 when I've NEVER been that size in my life is amazing to me, so there is where I place my focus... the scale doesn't give the whole picture for me as long as I'm looking good I'm great.
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    Awesome accomplishment. Congratulations!
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    I'm 11 1/2 weeks out and I still have that gurgling. It's annoying. Hopefully it will eventually go away but as for me no such luck yet.
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    What I'm I doing wrong

    Stay off the scale. Don't compare your progress to anyone else's. The weight loss will come. Everyone loses differently. Focus on your nutrition. I can't stress enough stay off the scale... Because that will stress you out and stress definitely impacts weight loss.
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    Dress size conundrum

    I'm 5'1, currently at 178 lbs, and in a 10/12. I've never been that small before... My high weight was 266 and I was a 22. However, at 16 I was 160 and in a 14. Your body changes, there are several factors that could cause this to be different. But best of luck to you.
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    Weight loss on track but I eat a LOT

    Also, I know that everyone's plan is different but weighing and measuring is VERY helpful. There are sites out there that show you what portion sizes should look like... You might also consider portion control plates.
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    Weight loss on track but I eat a LOT

    No restriction at all? Yeah I'd make an appointment with my NUT or doctor even. I'm 11 weeks out and I have restriction. Lots of it still. Which is a good thing. The only thing I find I CAN some what eat with no issues is cheese puff... I guess they are a slider food for me, so I limit that... But I even get sick when I eat too fast so I can't even imagine eating too much and not knowing it.
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    Sugar free slurpe 711

    I don't see how that could be an issue at all. 7 grams of carbs is not a lot actually. I've never had a carbonated slurpee! Interesting! Course I've never had one of the soda flavored ones maybe those are the carbonated ones? Our 711 has crystal light ones. Don't know how that could be bad I've never had a carbonated slurpee either... Even the one's at sonic don't have carbonation. I wonder what you're drinking.
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    Nobody wants my food!

    Nope because I've cooked somewhat healthy for the past few years my children eat what I cook. I'm 11 weeks out now though so I'm not sure what you're eating but I make a lot of baked chicken, fish, zoodles, seafood. Salad's. Not sure how far you are out but I also still buy some of the same things for them to eat so that they don't feel like they are being punished.
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    I didn't have the issue with nausea unless I ate too much or too fast. Or when I ate re-fried Beans. They did not agree with me.
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