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    Zucchini noodles or Spaghetti Squash?

    I sautéed some cabbage tonight and ate with spaghetti sauce with some lean ground beef it was really good. I prefer that to spaghetti squash for sure.
  2. I am at 46 lbs at 3.5 months since revision. I was told I am just barely under the average. My nutritionist said I should be at 64lbs lost at 6 months. She did say to expect a slower loss than someone who just had the bypass alone. No regrets this has been a fairly easy process so far.
  3. I turned off my notifications in settings on my phone to get rid of them
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    I will join. Goal: 6 hours per week and I have a fit bit. 243.5 current weight.
  6. It depends on where you started. I started at 280 and today is my three month am down to 243.5, so I am down 36.5 since surgery. My nutritionist told me 25-30% of your excess weight is the avg loss for three months out and 40-50% at 6 months. I also had lap band conversion to RNY so a little slower than just RNY non conversion patients
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    Down 55lbs

    Awesome job! Way to go!
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    Youtube workout

    Pedro-Richard Simmons and Leslie sans one work for all levels
  9. not a lot of energy yet but hoping for some soon!
  10. I have been using Unjury protein powder. Chocolate is good. After surgery the unflavored is a must to add to your soups and puddings. No port pain at all. The only thing I have is like it feels like a golf ball in my stomach when I drink water but assume that's normal. I have heard that elsewhere. I took 2 weeks off but I get paid leave so blessed there. You need at least a week but 2 is better.
  11. Thanks! You will both also do well! Keep me posted and let me know if I can help in any way!
  12. Doing well. On full liquid diet for two weeks then onto pureed. For some reason much less pain than after I had lapband in. Can get around pretty well and no pain meds since Thursday night.
  13. Lapband to RNY on 11/18/15. Doing well after surgery. Banded in 2007 one year of success, then a re-gain of all 85 pounds lost. Hopefully the RNY will do the trick! Good luck!