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  1. otillie03103

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    Maintaining! Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
  2. Down 103.8. After a stall and some increased intensity on my workouts...making progress!

  3. otillie03103

    High Vitamin D level?!

    3500mg or iu? Do you take in a lot of dairy or food products with added vitamin D? Could you cut back on those or get a straight calcium tablet minus the D?
  4. otillie03103

    Gastric bypass

    I noticed working out with kettlebells is helping me tone up considerably. I started doing it and while I only dropped 5 lbs since I started, the difference in 5 lbs an the toning has been huge. I've lost a ton of inches.
  5. otillie03103

    Protein shots at GNC

    I have tried protein shots and have thought all of them were really bitter tasting.
  6. otillie03103

    Food Please

    I wouldn't add any additional foods without your surgeon or nutritionist giving you the clear. Contact them and they can direct you. Depending on how you are doing with recovery will determine if they advance your diet or not.
  7. otillie03103

    Hursitism & PCOS?

    I have PCOS and have dropped 94 lbs (RNY 10/6/15). I have not seen a difference in hair growth at all...I still have to shave my chin and upper lip daily. My periods are not normal, but I got the Mirena as my spouse and I do not want any more children (we adopted our son) and I heard my fertility could skyrocket after the weight loss. I randomly get some light spotting now, but other then that I don't really have periods (not that I had them much before).
  8. I have been sick often this year, but am unsure if it is because I have a toddler at home now and he is sick so often from going to birthday parties and an in home daycare or if it is surgery related. I am religious with my vitamin regime as well (I keep picturing my teeth falling out if I were to miss my calcium and D ha ha). Hope you feel better soon.
  9. otillie03103

    Am I losing quickly enough?

    It seems you are averaging a little more then 10 lbs a month which is how I have been losing since my surgery too. I don't think you are losing too slowly at all. I was told at my 3 month appointment that I was where most 6 month post op patients were in terms of excess body weight percentage lost. There are many people in my support group that also are losing slowly. Stalls are normal and I have had a few, but I notice inches lost during this time more so then when the scale is actually moving. How many calories are you eating on average daily? What type of physical activity are you doing? Are you getting in all of your protein and fluids? I also sometimes have to switch up my workouts and add more weights and reduce the intensity of my cardio for a while. Recently I picked up kettlebell workouts and what a total body workout it is! I actually really enjoy them.
  10. otillie03103

    Your Healthy Lunch

    I just made some "nachos." So good. I took a Joseph's low carb tortilla (7gm protein) and cut it into wedges and cooked in a skillet c cooking spray on both sides until crispy, then I put them in a baking dish and covered with one ounce shredded cabot light sharp cheese and diced chilis. Broiled until bubbly and then topped with a little salsa and plain fat free greek yogurt. Super good!
  11. otillie03103

    Your Healthy Lunch

    OMG! That sounds delish! Please share the recipe. http://healthyrecipesblogs.com/2013/11/04/eggs-baked-in-portobello-mushrooms/ I used garlic pepper seasoning and black pepper along with light sharp cheddar instead of parmesan. It was so good. I'm a dude! Going to need more details. How high? How long? Step by step instructions would be greatly appreciated!! The website link lists all the directions.
  12. otillie03103

    Your Healthy Lunch

    OMG! That sounds delish! Please share the recipe. http://healthyrecipesblogs.com/2013/11/04/eggs-baked-in-portobello-mushrooms/ I used garlic pepper seasoning and black pepper along with light sharp cheddar instead of parmesan. It was so good.
  13. my insurance wouldn't let me have the surgery if my BMI wasn't at least 40 when they requested the surgery. They also required me to be in the weight loss program at least 6 months before they would approve me, and I almost went under, so I had to maintain my weight for a couple of months which was a pain in the butt.
  14. otillie03103

    Your Healthy Lunch

    today I had an egg baked inside a portobello mushroom cap.
  15. otillie03103

    Interesting experience

    I don't think you should feel bad. Physical appearance plays a huge role in attraction and you are either attracted or you're not. You went based off how his pic looked and he didn't appear the way you expected him to, regardless of the reason why he looked different (weight, acne, bad hair, dirty nails - my pet peeve, etc). You shouldn't feel bad about being honest about your attraction to someone.
  16. otillie03103

    Exercise stall !

    any time I have a stall, I usually see the inches come off. I continue exercising and push fluids and the scale does move again. I will get so frustrated during stalls and then suddenly my pants are looser or I am in smaller clothes and then I'm happy again! It's all normal, but still frustrating when it is happening.
  17. I had RNY and it was a breeze going in. They gave me something to "relax" and the next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery.
  18. otillie03103

    Progress pics!

    Awesome! Congrats!
  19. otillie03103

    Pre period eating....

    This happens to me too! I crave food I don't normally crave, especially chocolate and carbs! I substitute with diet hot cocoa and an occasional small piece of sugar free chocolate so I don't go completely mad. Luckily due to my small pouch, even though I would love to pig out on these days, my body doesn't let me so I usually stay within my calorie range needed for weight loss during the day.
  20. finally broke through my most recent plateau! Down 91 lbs!

    1. LizzieBeezWax


      that's awesome! congrats!

  21. otillie03103

    popcorn for a snack

    I do in moderation, it doesn't really fill me up, so I stick to the small 100 calorie bags and have maybe one a week if that.
  22. otillie03103

    Eating Eggs

    I didn't dump, but eggs sat very heavy for me and still do. I think everyone is different, I know my NUT suggested that when I scramble them I do them softly scrambled so they were still moist and easier to go down. If over cooked they can dry out and I have a hard time with dry foods to this day.
  23. otillie03103

    Comments from only one sex

    I work from home and recently had to meet with IT to get a new PC for my home office. The IT guy admitted he was afraid to say anything thinking I may be offended.
  24. otillie03103

    Calories per day ?

    I ate 1200 cals a day preop.
  25. otillie03103

    2 weeks post-op RNY...back pain

    I experienced a lot of back pain shortly after the first sudden weight loss after the surgey. I was told it was my body readjusting to the weight change. I periodically experience it from time to time through my weight loss journey. I didn't experience it after eating though, but back pain after eating can be several complications from WLS including gallbladder issues, pancreatitis, ulcers, allergies (are you having issues with milk products now?), appendicitis, poor diet (we are in a state of malnutrition). Because some of these can be serious, I would definitely reach out to your surgeon.