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  1. Mine:

    Stretching out my stomach and regaining.

    Not being able to lose what I want to.

    I moved to a new state and will be seeing a new surgeon this week. I haven't lost a pound in a month because of the move and the stress level. My body is changing shape I can tell but the scale is kind of stuck. I also slid into bad habits of not writing down what I eat which in turn sometimes I ate more or sometimes less.

    I have issues getting calories in because if I am not hungry I just don't want to eat and have to make myself do it.

  2. I had to take predispone for a month and it didn't make me hungry just really thirsty and hot all the time. I drank so much Water during that time. The first few weeks after surgery I had zero desire for food. Nada. I still don't and tend to not eat if I don't track. My head hunger is just that I get pretty sick when I eat things I shouldn't even chicken makes me ill. My meals are boring but I get my calories in.

  3. I lose an average of 10ish a month and I don't compare myself to others. I work at it just as hard as other people do. I am active but don't hit the gym everyday. I have zero desire to spend 3 hours at the gym. I also ride horses and when in active training mode I do trot sets for 40 minutes that is a posting trot sweating and burning calories.

    My Protein level was to get to 100. Now the nutritionists want me to get 100-120.

  4. I only took 5 days off during when I was in pain killers. I worked from home and took a few naps. I was on a tight deadline and had to get something done by the 1st. About week 3 I felt human again and went into the office one day.

    The biggest difference for me I only take 1/2 a Tylenol PM at night. If I take more there are issues in the AM getting up.

    Also I get light headed so I know my blood pressure has dropped...it was never out of control I just have issues with sodium and Water retention.

  5. Some weeks I have a huge drop 5+ and than the next week it will get "stuck". I drink my Water and do what I am supposed to. I feel amazing and the scale will come. I weigh daily because it doesn't affect my brain. When I do official weigh in's monthly that is when I will have to deal with the muscle mass loss or gain. My first 4 weeks I gained 6 lbs of muscle. They were thrilled that I built muscle.

  6. No it isn't just RNY thing. I was and now worse with regular sugar. I found out in hospital with boost. I drank it and 15 minutes later I was sweating and wanting to die.

    I oops and did it one other time. Haven't touched it since. I mean nothing. The nurse said it does happen and depends on the person. I am not going to keep trying since sugar is bad anyhow for me to keep it off long term.

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