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  1. kemahaney

    What Is Your Biggest Fear?

    That is normal. Right up until I rolled into the operating room that I was having doubts. My mom told me to relax and that it was normal.
  2. kemahaney

    What Is Your Biggest Fear?

    Mine: Stretching out my stomach and regaining. Not being able to lose what I want to. I moved to a new state and will be seeing a new surgeon this week. I haven't lost a pound in a month because of the move and the stress level. My body is changing shape I can tell but the scale is kind of stuck. I also slid into bad habits of not writing down what I eat which in turn sometimes I ate more or sometimes less. I have issues getting calories in because if I am not hungry I just don't want to eat and have to make myself do it.
  3. kemahaney

    Cold all the time?

    I also live in FL and when it is 70 degrees I am STILL cold. I am wearing fleece and sweat shirts when most people are in shorts. The humidity bothers my allergies...but I am still cold.
  4. You will find it tastes different and you may not want it. Some things that I liked before now the taste is SO different that I have zero desire.
  5. I had to take predispone for a month and it didn't make me hungry just really thirsty and hot all the time. I drank so much water during that time. The first few weeks after surgery I had zero desire for food. Nada. I still don't and tend to not eat if I don't track. My head hunger is just that I get pretty sick when I eat things I shouldn't even chicken makes me ill. My meals are boring but I get my calories in.
  6. I lose an average of 10ish a month and I don't compare myself to others. I work at it just as hard as other people do. I am active but don't hit the gym everyday. I have zero desire to spend 3 hours at the gym. I also ride horses and when in active training mode I do trot sets for 40 minutes that is a posting trot sweating and burning calories. My Protein level was to get to 100. Now the nutritionists want me to get 100-120.
  7. kemahaney

    Bummed out

    Just follow the advice it will come off. I average 10 lbs a month. 2 lbs a week and I am fine with that. I drink 5 calorie juice (cranberry) which my nutritionist happy with. Also Trop50 which is only 50 calories. Other than that most juice is overly sweet. Do you journal in Myfitnesspal?
  8. I waffled back and forth right up until they wheeled me in. It is scarey to think about. I should have done this sooner. My energy is up. My depression has gotten better. My asthma well it is allergy time. The biggest difference is my right leg has stopped getting numb so quick.
  9. I only took 5 days off during when I was in pain killers. I worked from home and took a few naps. I was on a tight deadline and had to get something done by the 1st. About week 3 I felt human again and went into the office one day. The biggest difference for me I only take 1/2 a Tylenol PM at night. If I take more there are issues in the AM getting up. Also I get light headed so I know my blood pressure has dropped...it was never out of control I just have issues with sodium and Water retention.
  10. kemahaney

    Chest Pain?

    I get them when I eat to much. They pulled my gall bladder out at the same time as the sleeve. Mine was full of stones.
  11. kemahaney

    Purée purée purée

    Greek yogurt, pudding with fair life milk and unflavored powder, chopped up chicken
  12. kemahaney

    Smell of food makes me ill.

    There are days that smelling food makes my stomach churn and it is effort to eat. I mean living on Proteins shakes and a few other things. Than other days I smell something and it makes my body go I miss food. Lol I just go with the flow
  13. I didn't lose much the first week because I had a LOT of water retention issues. I counted it more starting the 2nd WI
  14. Not stretching out my stomach. I eat like 3 or 4 bites of dinner and stop. Usually about 2-3 oz maybe. I just am scared about that. Also what the heck is slider foods? I am not going to find out I just kind to know what to stay away from.
  15. Some weeks I have a huge drop 5+ and than the next week it will get "stuck". I drink my water and do what I am supposed to. I feel amazing and the scale will come. I weigh daily because it doesn't affect my brain. When I do official weigh in's monthly that is when I will have to deal with the muscle mass loss or gain. My first 4 weeks I gained 6 lbs of muscle. They were thrilled that I built muscle.
  16. Thanks ????. I eat Gluten free also so there are many things that I will never be able to eat again - ever.
  17. Call surgeon now. It could be many things don't wait.
  18. kemahaney

    The Plateau From Hell

    I go with the flow and make minor changes. Most times I need to eat a little more or drink a little more. That shakes things up enough the scale moves. It is hard when not hungry because my natural thing to do is not eat but I have to.
  19. kemahaney

    Dumping 5 days post op

    No it isn't just RNY thing. I was and now worse with regular sugar. I found out in hospital with boost. I drank it and 15 minutes later I was sweating and wanting to die. I oops and did it one other time. Haven't touched it since. I mean nothing. The nurse said it does happen and depends on the person. I am not going to keep trying since sugar is bad anyhow for me to keep it off long term.
  20. I sleeved on 9/22 which happened to be my 44th birthday. Divorced no kids. SW: 236 CW: 209ish GW: not sure. I still do puréed due to having gastrophresis and being overly cautious.
  21. kemahaney

    Feeling down

    Emotions do run crazy. My mom went home a few days after I had surgery and I bawled my eyes out. I laid down and snuggled with the dog. He always makes me feel better.
  22. I posted in wrong place. Had surgery September 22. Just have face. I pushed my lips out and took like 5 to hide double chin. Now I can just snap without doing any special angles My helmet was making head look huge lol
  23. kemahaney

    Approvals with BMI history under 40?

    Mine was 39.5 on my pre-op. I did have a few co-morbidities that counted towards me getting it. Having extreme asthma and terrible lymph edema. Also neuropathy in my right leg and it had caused a few injuries from it. Also before surgery I had a couple meals with high salt. Since I retain Fluid like a sponge that was non-issue.
  24. kemahaney

    Before and After Pics

    Had surgery September 22. Just have face. A week ago

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