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  1. Such a great attitude and I'm really going to try to follow in your footsteps! I'm 8 weeks post op and have not only been stalled over a week but gained a couple pounds back. (grrrr :angry: lol) I've checked and re-checked to make sure I'm following my plan properly and everything is A-OK there. I think I need to trust that my body knows what it's doing at this point. Your thread was some much needed encouragement though, thanks! :)

  2. So, I've been having a bit of a struggle lately getting all my Protein in and I'm really bored of eating the same things day after day. What I've been craving is vegetables, especially zucchini and brussel sprouts! Great for low calories but not so much on the protein. Since we are so limited to meal size, I'm trying to make ever bite as protein packed as possible. I'm back to eating regular foods, no restrictions so I'm looking for some good ideas and/or recipes.

    Anyone have any great ideas how to "protein up" some veggies? :)

  3. Totally understand the concern, it was a big one for me too. I'm sure it does sound really vain of me but I have always loved that people always think I'm 10-15 years younger then I actually am and I know it's because of my "baby face". I have been afraid, since before surgery, that losing weight (especially that lil extra under my chin) would lead to sag and wrinkles and well, would make me look my age.

    I have been doing "neck exercises" (look up toward the sky and pout your lips....you can feel it tighten in your chin and neck, hold for 5 seconds, repeat) and I use Palmers cocoa butter lotion twice a day. I might be nuts but it seems like things are firming up a bit. Either way, I am getting so may "you look so good!"s that I guess it can't be all bad. Even if I look more my age now! :P

  4. My son took me to Outback and we went all out. From appetizer (blooming onion!) right through to desert (cheesecake!). A big juicy steak has always been my favorite meal so I figured this was the perfect "send off" for me. :P I left so stuffed I felt like I never wanted to eat again! Funny thing I've noticed since surgery, I haven't craved this kinda stuff once so far. :)

  5. How about swimming?

    Swimming has been my favorite exercise (it eases my fibromyalgia pain) but doctor said no more swimming either. :-( Arm weights are already part of my daily routine so I will still be doing those for sure. Mainly worried about not getting in enough cardio since my movement will be so limited. I will most definitely be looking into everything you guys have suggested, all great ideas, thank you! :)

  6. Hey everyone, hoping for some suggestions for my current situation. Yesterday I was put in surgical shoes on both feet and told I have to stay off my feet as much as possible. No more walks, no more treadmill and even no more swimming! :( I'm so frustrated! I have been losing well since surgery ( 6 weeks post op ) and I love that exercise has started to become just part of my daily life and not something I had to MAKE myself do. I want to make the most of these months post surgery and I know that exercise is a part of the weight loss journey. What do I do now? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  7. Congrats! It's a wonderful feeling isn't it? I was on 2 types of insulin, 3 oral meds plus 1 non insulin injection daily. Since the day of my surgery (I'm 6 weeks post op today!) I have only had to take 1 pill a day. The most awesome part was that yesterday I got the results of my first A1C since surgery........I went from 8.1 (even on all of those meds) to a 6.3! It's truly a great feeling.

    Wishing you continued success and good health! :)

  8. At just under 3 weeks post op I gained weight then stalled for a week and a half. I wanted to scream. I felt like I was doing something wrong. After reading about this infamous "3 week stall" on here, then double checking that I was getting in all of my Protein, Water, & Vitamins, and making sure I was getting some exercise daily, I just let it go. I started weighing in only once a week and also started doing my measurements once a week. It sucked but apparently it really is just part of the process. If you know you are doing things the way you should be, trust that your body is behaving the way it should. I know that's WAY easier said then done but hopefully if enough people tell you they have been there, done that and it's normal you'll be able to get through it a little easier. It really does sound like you're doing great, keep it up! :)

  9. Yep, I thought the same thing at just under 3 weeks....no WAY could I be stalling yet and why the heck did I gain a pound on top of it!?! I had been losing a pound, sometimes even two a day and now the scale was mocking me! I forced myself to stay off the scale, at least for a few days at a time, and made sure I was getting all my Protein and fluids in. Low and behold after about a week and a half, the scale and I have made peace again lol. It sucks and it's hard going through that first stall but just hang in there, you WILL get past it. :)

  10. I'm on Gabapentin and Lyrica. They both come in liquid form.

    Lyrica comes in liquid form?!? I've been off my Lyrica for 6 weeks now and had been doing pretty well but I've started a fibromyalgia flare and it really sucks because Tylenol doesn't even touch it. Time to put in a call to my rheumatologist! :P

    @@Tina1969, hope everything works out for you. I know living with fibro is no fun at all. The one thing that has helped me (until this flare) is that my rheumatologist prescribed a cream for me. It has a combination of things in, one being high dosage NSAID but since it's not ingested my bariatric surgeon said it's not a problem. I can't give you the name of it as it is made patient specific so there really isn't one. It's made by a place called Transdermal Therapeutics if that helps in talking to your rheumatologist. Good luck!

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