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    Clementine Sky reacted to Sleeve1stFitNext for a status update, So yesterday, I did a dumb thing. I went to see the Dietitian and Therapist at my sur   
    So yesterday, I did a dumb thing. I went to see the Dietitian and Therapist at my surgeons office and I was so anxious at the fact that I had not lost any more weight. I had forgot to eat since Thursday morning (It could have been that I subconsciously did it out of fear of being told I am not doing a job). I weighed in at 196 lbs and found out that I had lost 5 inches since my last visit which they were proud of. They gave me a much needed pep talk and I was ready to tackle on the world again. 
    I went to the gym (still had not eaten) and began my workout. My second set in and apparently I fainted. I know my trainer woke me up and apparently, I was trying to climb on the pull-up bars yelling, “I have to do the pull-ups” . Then in the Ambulance I am telling them that they are trying to hold me back from exercising and this is why our relationship will never workout . They tried to give me Oxygen and apparently I got rude with them and said, “I’m not paying $400 for **** that I can do naturally and for free.” 
    After some testing, I found out my blood pressure and sugar was very low and I was severely dehydrated as well. 
    Well 6 hours, $100 copay (probably hundreds in ER bills cause they will charge you for napping) and an annoyed mother later, the moral of the story is to remember to eat. Just eat. Don’t worry about the scale and the mind games it plays. Just eat. Now I am not saying junk food or anything like that but eat the healthy stuff. Don’t be afraid to. 
    I was so in my own head, that I forgot one of the most essential parts of living and that is fueling this body I have worked so hard for.