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  1. I got a 2nd job to help pay for my skin surgery in addition to my business. Now that I am sitting in an office all day and not working from home. I understand how some of you struggle with food post-op.

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    2. Djmohr


      Hopefully it will get easier to resist. I don't work outside my home but when I visit my relatives (FIL) he is constantly pushing cake, pie, cookies, ice cream at me. No matter home many times hubby and I tell him that I don't like that stuff, he pushes anyway. In his defense, he is 87 and a big sweetheart so I try not to let it get to me. Sometimes, when there is pie.....I really struggle because it is my favorite. The other junk makes me sick.

    3. OutsideMatchInside


      I gave in the first week and got a couple things out the vending machines. I didn't even like them, only had a couple bites. I gave in because I knew I wouldn't want them once I had them and trying them was better than obsessing about them. It is a real learning experience. I am also finding that I drink about 2x as much coffee at work than at home, just to stay warm in the office and to stop being bored. I started just drinking hot water instead to cut back on my coffee and hot water works just as well.

    4. Djmohr


      You know, it is funny you mention coffee. I think it is because of the cold weather here but recently I started stopping at Starbucks for my skinny vanilla latte. I had not had one in two years and suddenly I am stopping a couple times a week now. In fact, just came from taking FIL cat to vet and I am sipping one right now. It is a lovely balmy 1 degree outside today. BBRRRRRRR.

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