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  1. Thank u! Omg pepsi and even sprite and gingerale taste the worst! I love my coffee but thats not doing it for me either i really just want Water more now then my regular intake.. Im kind of amazed!? And shocked. The thing is i dont even really like soda my mom buys it in a pinch and when my water isnt cold i drink it but now i physcially cant drink it my fridge is stocked i have no choice lol!!!

  2. Yeah i was on it like 8 yrs ago before i had my daughter i lost massive weight. Then i got pregnant i didnt even get a chance to really enjoy the weight loss... I didnt know of anything else. Im really going for a panni i lost 40 lbs on my own but the surgeon said that i had to loose the maximum and so i went to my internist i need a push i have the slowest motabolism ever. So he gave me topamax.. He said he didnt feel safe with phentermine.. Im feeling very good on his suggestion.

  3. Well i snack on veggies or a yogart and i only notice that since the last two days im eating only dinner... I dont want to not eat.. Its not my goal... Trust me.. Im just happy that i lost 5 lbs. but now that ive noticed that im only just eating dinner because that is when i am hungry im going to set timers for myself.. Weight loss is a battle anyone on here knows this... But being healthy while loosing is important as well.


  4. Im down 5 pounds... Since last tuesday. Yes soda doesnt taste good at all... I dont drink it.. I have an unquenchable thirst for water... Which is great i love Water anyway.. At first i was kinda munching and it slowed down now im eatin one meal a day at dinner basically because thats when i remember to eat and by then im hungry... Im not n 50mgs i take at night before bedtime.. Now i know its for head aches funny enough i kinda been getting headaches but not severe n i think its cuz i have been under stress lately.. And not wearing my glasses... Lol but im seriously happy... Because ive been stuck at 265 -268 for months like 6 months now.. And im at 262 this morning.

  5. Hi.. Yeah i said it was phen phen.. I worked in the medical field for yrs as a medical assistant and also billing and my parents are in the medical field... He said he didnt trust it. Im not using topiramate for headaches or migrains im using as an appitite surpressent... First day on it and i acually feel a difference... Obviously im not going to loose lbs over night... But i dont have an urge to munch which for me is a great thing... Thanks for the info :)

  6. @@Gwenlucy ive seen alot lf reviews since filling the prescript this afternoon and i feel confident... This doc is an older man has been a doc for 30 yrs and the newer combos he wasnt sure of... He didnt like the phentermine at all. So i trust his judgement. I eat healthy now and excerise but the munching is what doesnt help me... Aftet 30 days ill give my full review of weight lost if any and how i feel on it

  7. Well its tolidamate which is the generic form of topamax.... The print out for topiramate says thats side effects dry mouth, loss of appitite drowziness.... I went to my doc asking for weight loss meds and told him phentermine he told me he didnt feel comfortable wit that... I asked him about adderall he said no... Then he said theres topiramate...when i looked it up i found out it topamax but the generic form was used for weight loss as well as treat bi polar, head aches, migrains, ect... Either way... Some meds work for ppl in different ways... He seemed sure of this particular medication.... And so ill go wit that...

  8. He gave me 50mgs... Ill keep u posted... I remember i was on phentermine like 8 yrs ago and lost soo much but i was like 199. But soon after i dropped lbs i got pregnant with my daughter and its been a battle ever since.... I hope it works. I had alli aka xenical but insurence doesnt pay for the prescribed and alli is too expensive... And whils it helped me shed close to 40 lbs the new one on the market isnt the same. I need an appitite surpressant... I do hope it works... Crossing fingers!! Ill keep u posted

  9. So i finally saw my internist... And he basically told me that he cant give me an anti fungle cream because i dont have a fungus under my fupa... So i prob wont get approved for fhe panni... But he did give me a prescript for topiramate... Aka topamax... And he told me i can stay on it for as long as i want or need to as well as when hitting my goal of 180 but his reccemandation was 150. Never in my life have i been that small... But what about the loos skin??? Well he said my insurence is acually branchin out out our medical center.... And laser Lipo will be on the menu for those who lost lbs on thwir own in conjuction with diet aid... And now its been recorded.... So by my 35th birthday i may be who i see myself as.... This has been a hard and long battle.... I have about 120 lbs to loose now with this pill...

  10. Hey all... Consultation went well. I go back sept 11th... I have a little work to do... I have to loose as much weight as possible. Between 30-60 at max... I also have to get a antifungal cream on documented for this persistant itch... If it works they wont approve... But if it doesnt then it will be approved... In so many words he gave me the blue print to get approved. The extra weight loss is to get the best result possible.... I do like a challenge and so he told me to enjoy my summer and i got my appt for sept...he told me this is going to be the hardest thing i do the extra weight loss.... But i know i can do it... Its crunch time now!!!

  11. @@jane13 thank u.. Im not nervous yet... Im not going to be nervous until i know insurence will pay for it... Then its real.. The only thing is having to take the pics.. I cant stand to see myself naked at this point..but ill do what i have to... I will update later today about how the appt went!! Thank you so much for crossing eyes, toes, and fingers for me!!!! Lol ( oh recovery is a bitch) if i can get it id like to do it first week of july after my daughter gets out of school... They say 2-3 weeks its not as bad... So we will see.

  12. Ive had two children. My son i had at 16 yrs old. hes 17 almost 18 and my daughter is 7. Up and downs with weight my whole life im a yr and a half in loosing. But i think id loose 60 to 70 lbs with a panni. I have a consultation next tuesday to discuss my options... Hooefully insurence was approved. I read online alot of info but the requirements vs the medical need are kinda obsurd. I dont have rashes but impacts me physcially other ways... The fupa is an issue regardless... But i just hope that its approved so i can wear pants that fit and not itch under my fupa and the smell is discouraging. Even of i wash the smell the itch is enough to drive me insane.... Anyone whos gottsn approval from medicaid pls let me know how and what ur doc sent in?? Is it as bad as they make it seem or will pics and my weight loss and docs recommendation enough?

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