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  1. So after constant nausea, pure exhaustion again, and smelling this awful smell in my house that noone else can smell I decided to take a test to be safe... I never, ever, in a million years expected a positive test. We've used protection and I had a doctor's appointment on Monday to get on the pill or have an IUD placed again. Tomorrow is our 9th wedding anniversary so I will be finding a way to break the news to hubby then... but I don't want him telling a lot of people because I'm scared. I'm terrified of what my surgeon will say... terrified of what our families will think.. and terrified at ending up with a loss. I figure I am about 6.5 weeks pregnant at the time. Advice, suggestions, tips, etc? Please not negative comments... like I said, we were preventing, but it happened anyhow.
  2. Just curious as to whether or not there were any other Michigan people here! I'm in Northern Michigan and thought it'd be great to hear from others in the state about their experiences, surgeons, insurance, approval info., etc.
  3. momma_missie

    Emotional Connections

    I've tried leaving twice.. before my wls. But came back both times. In his eyes all is well. Sometimes I swear not an emotional bone in his body... hopefully in time we get it figured out. Is it bad to hope he'll hate the new me and leave this time around? :-/
  4. :-( I can't even imagine!! My. Thoughts and prayers are with you!
  5. momma_missie

    Almost 3 Months Post-op and Surprise...

    We had a d&c 1.5 weeks after this post. We had 2 ultrasounds and were diagnosed with a blighted ovum or false pregnancy. The heartbreak was tremendous and it's thrown my body out of whack. I've struggled with getting back on track with my eating and weight loss too. Praying we get to try again for a healthy pregnancy soon!!
  6. momma_missie

    Nothing tastes good

    Nothing sounds good, ever. It's a challenge for sure.
  7. momma_missie

    Pregnant 4 months post op.

    I was told to take an additional folic acid supplement on top of my prenatal vitamin by my surgeon. Congratulations!!!
  8. momma_missie

    Almost 3 Months Post-op and Surprise...

    I went for ultrasound and saw only the gestational sac. So good news is that we weren't as far along as my period dated me being.. I must have ovulated late.. which is normal for me. My cycles have always been between 45 and 60 days long. So hoping and praying we have a viable pregnancy here. With the afternoon sickness and overly sensitive sense of smell, I could only hope this means baby is growing!! Anxious to hear from my ob tomorrow.
  9. momma_missie

    Pregnant 4 months post op.

    Just found out today that I'm pregnant. I have to call my surgeon tomorrow.. he's likely to be upset. I figure I'm about 6.5 weeks out. VSG surgery was on 07/13/2015. I'm scared.. nervous.. and anxious.
  10. I hope my sex drive comes back. I lost it about 2 years ago. I was sleeved 7/13 and am down 60 pounds and it still hasn't returned. I don't feel like I have an emotional connection with my husband, or anyone else for that matter. Just doesn't feel as if anyone can really relate to me right now. Emotionally this journey has been super tough.
  11. momma_missie

    July sleevers?

    Sent a request to join.
  12. momma_missie

    July sleevers?

    July. 13th here also!!
  13. Surgery is the 13th. I have no strict preoperative diet except for the day before surgery. I've cut out sugar, pop, and most carbs. I've lost 8 lbs or so. Starting to get very anxious and nervous,!!
  14. momma_missie

    July sleevers?

    I completed my pre-admission tests today. Surgery is a go for July 13th. I'm nervous and very excited. I think today made it more of a reality! Started my new walking routine with some friends tonight. My doc doesn't require a pre-op diet (but it is recommended) other than 1 day clear liquids the day before surgery, but for my own safety and peace of mind I plan to adhere to a low calorie high protein diet in order to shrink my liver as much as possible. The next 2 weeks are going to fly by... by this time in 2 weeks I'll be on the losers bench.. EXCITING!!!
  15. momma_missie

    July sleevers?

    @@Amybeth2015 Mine is on the 13th as well! Another surgery buddy... YAY!!!! When do you have to start your pre-op diet and such?
  16. momma_missie

    July 14 (or close )Sleeve Date Friends

    I am scheduled for July 13th here in Michigan.
  17. momma_missie

    July sleevers?

    July 13th... eeeeks
  18. I've asked similar questions before and not got much of a response, so going to try to be a little more clear this time in hopes others have similar experiences and could share their stories. I have BCBS of Michigan. I am covered under my employer and I have 50% co-insurance coverage. My out of pocket co-insurance maximum should be $3000 according to my plan documents. My out of pocket max for healthcare period should be $6,600, this includes my co-insurance payments according to my plan documents. I have done my psych eval, surgical consult, etc. and the hospital should be submitting for approval for the procedure this upcoming week. However, the lady who is in charge of getting approval for the surgery made a comment about how co-insurance and out of pocket maximums don't usually apply to bariatric surgery and that I would likely be spending $15,000-$20,0000 out of pocket in order to have the procedure. She couldn't give details because she wasn't from the financial department, but she told me that I'd be in touch with someone from financial to figure out what costs I'd be responsible for once she gets me approved for the surgery. I was heartbroken and have been in a bad mood ever since. I'm sick with worry, fear, anxiety, etc. I want and need this surgery more than I'd been willing to admit until recently. I was every bit prepared to pay $6000 - $7000 out of pocket. It's a small price to pay. Just wondering if others had co-insurance amounts they had to pay and if bariatrics were included or excluded. Thanks in advance!
  19. momma_missie

    Psychological evaluation

    Try not to worry too much. Perhaps she just needed clarification or needed some additional information. I know it's easier said than done.. best of luck to you!!
  20. momma_missie

    July sleevers?

    I am almost certain I'll be a July sleever... will know for sure in the next day or so! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO nervous and excited!!!
  21. momma_missie

    BCBS Co-Insurance for Bariatric Surgery?

    UPDATE: The hospital called me today. I owe about $2400 in co-insurance to make my co-insurance maximum. I only need $1300 at my pre-admission testing and I'm good to go. Everything else can be done in payments afterwards. I am SOOOOO excited!! The tears have flowed since I got the phone call. God is SOOOOOOO good!!
  22. momma_missie

    BCBS Co-Insurance for Bariatric Surgery?

    @@Sharon1964 Thank you!! That's a great way to word it and get my point across! Amazing how someone else can put into words what you could never say alone... you rock!!
  23. momma_missie

    Is Premera BCBS (WA/AK) good to work with?

    Have you attended any WLS seminars anywhere yet? Do you have a facility/doctor in mind for surgery? Perhaps they have an insurance specialist available to help with this? Dealing with insurance companies is a major headache. Best of luck to you!!
  24. momma_missie

    BCBS Co-Insurance for Bariatric Surgery?

    I will try calling my insurance again tomorrow. I didn't have much luck with answers before. I got lots of "We can't answer that question." stuff from them. I should just be patient. I'm going through the Barix Center in Ypsilanti, MI so I'm sure they know their stuff since it's all they do. I'm just terrified of what the answer may be. I've re-read my insurance documents for the 1000th time today. I have a $3,000 co-inusrance maximum for me or $6000 co-insurance maximum as a family and then $6600 out of pocket max for me or $13,200 out of pocket max for the family as a whole. I wish I knew someone who was an insurance expert. Haha.

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