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    I'm on day 4 and I'm the same way. I don't feel any restriction on liquids but from what I have read, that is pretty normal. The restriction starts when you get to actual food in the next few weeks. I'm just plugging along.
  2. The only thing I would keep my eye on with lower right pain would be your appendix. That's where it would present.

    My day three

    Yep I'm on day three as well and the gas is the worst part. I've been going to town on the gas-x and that has helped but it's still uncomfortable. The incisions are healing nicely. Sounds like you're right on schedule with the rest of us!
  4. So your pain is on your right side? Interesting because most people including myself have the most pain on the left side where the major incision is located.
  5. I go in tomorrow for my sleeve and I assume that tomorrow evening, I'll be up and sitting and everything so my wife and I decided that we'd play it by ear but we're assuming it will be ok for my 3 year old daughter to come visit me since I'll be gone for a night. We've already told her that daddy is going to the doctor to get healthy and I'd be gone for a night. I'd definitely like to see her but I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with an actual hospital visit.
  6. Yeah that's kinda how we were gonna play it. This helps a lot. Thank you.
  7. Yeah that makes sense. This is not at an actual hospital I guess so that would definitely change things. It is at the bariatric surgery center and they have private rooms and there are no rules against it.

    Food funeral...

    I'm 7 days into my 2 week pre-op. I had what felt like a whole week of food funerals. Pad Thai, steak, chicken Parmesan, all kinds of stuff. After 7 days of this diet, drinking Protein shakes is like taking medicine. It's a very weird feeling knowing it will be months before I eat a "normal" meal again. I just try to keep focused on why I am going through this and what will be gained. On the upside, I had to go by my surgeon's office after 4 days of the diet and had already lost 12lbs.
  9. I am on day 3 of my pre-op liquid diet. Getting sleeved on 6/2. Obviously it has had its ups and downs but overall I feel like it's going ok. I'm just doing 4 Premier Protein Ready to Drink shakes/day. Just kinda taking it a step at a time and I keep reminding myself of the reasons and goals of doing this. It's amazing how many behaviors you realize are focused squarely on eating. Driving home from work: TIME FOR dinner, meeting up with a friend: LUNCH!. I'm sure it'll get worse by the end of the 2 weeks but I know it's possible and I'm hoping I get a big weight loss boost from this before surgery!
  10. I've lost 12lbs in the first 4 days of my liquid diet. It was enough to keep me going...
  11. I am totally with you there. This is the end of day 5 for me and June 2nd feels months away. When I have a moment of reflection it becomes painfully obvious that food is Waayyyyyy too big a part of my life. It's hard to explain but I feel like I have nothing to look forward to because there's not a meal on the horizon.
  12. Walmart also has Premier Protein. My costco has vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry but after 5 days they all taste the same. Good news though...I'm down 12lbs in 4 days.
  13. NCTRNL

    To Catheter or Not to Catheter?

    Yeah I'm not given a choice. I will have one. They say it's to measure the fluid output so they can make sure they're putting enough fluid back in your body through your IV. Guys catheters do have to go further so removal won't be great but it is what it is
  14. NCTRNL

    Pre-op diet is a b***h

    Wow yeah I did not have an ultrasound for my liver. Guess it's just a no brainer anymore.
  15. NCTRNL

    Pre-op diet is a b***h

    No one's doctor has run any tests on their liver. It is a scientific fact that if you are obese, your liver is larger and fattier than a normal BMI person. Add this to the fact that the liver sits right on top of the stomach and it has to be held out of the way during the procedure and the diet to shrink it makes sense. Any help you can give the surgeon so that he does not have a higher risk of puncturing or damaging the liver during surgery is the least we can do. The liver is very fragile. 99% of us have to do it before our surgery. I will say the diet also has made me realize how real this struggle will be. This is equal parts behavior modification and correcting the foods I eat. If you can't follow this pre-op diet, how are you going to follow the equally restrictive post-op diet?
  16. Nope, mine is pretty strict. Most green smoothies have fruit or agave nectar or honey or something else to sweeten them. That would effectively ruin the point of the pre-op diet. Just suck down the protein shakes like the rest of us...
  17. NCTRNL

    My Story So far..............

    I'm glad you posted this. I have found it difficult to find people in the same "boat" as me meaning Male, 30s, 400+ lbs. Now, the whole heart stopping thing is a new one. I don't have sleep apnea either but I know I am at risk for it so the whole undiagnosed sleep apnea thing is definitely scary.
  18. NCTRNL

    2 days to go and SCARED

    This is exactly why I am only telling people that need to know about my decision. I don't need anyone trying to influence my decisions. I know that the possibility of complications is NOTHING compared to the fact that there is a 100% of complications in my life if I keep doing what I am currently doing. I can't wait for my 6/2 surgery date. BRING. IT. ON.
  19. My surgery date is 6/2/15 with Dr. Hoehn. I had my EGD yesterday with him as well. Everything has gone perfectly smooth but I am self-pay so that helps a bit. I go to my nutrition class on 5/18, my psychologist appt on 5/23, and then I'm off to the races. I seriously can't wait to get going with this. I am hoping my excitement will get me through at least a little bit of my liquid diet!
  20. Perfect! Thank you @@OneDollarBill
  21. I couldn't find the link to the Men's Health article. Do you mind posting it?