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    Vsg slider foods

    I'm about 5 years out and I can in my experience, I can definitely eat more than I could 6 months after surgery, but if I eat "correctly", the amount I eat is much closer to that 6-month amount. When I start eating junk food, I notice I can eat quite a bit more of it. My "tool" still works if I let it. But I can easily navigate around it if I want to.
  2. My doctor gave almost the exact same instructions. I do have to say it may have been the most eye opening part of the whole process for me. Seeing how ingrained meals were in my daily routine blew my mind. I lost almost 30 in that two weeks and it was a good kickstart. It's extremely hard...but you will learn a lot.
  3. I was wearing 52's before and now I'm wearing 42's...who knows where I'll end up but it's pretty damn cool how much everything has changed.
  4. I've been searching all over the place for more info on this but I'm bored at work and I just decided to go ahead and ask you guys. I had my surgery on 6/2, Started at 445, 419 at surgery, 397 now. Everything is going well but I'm just trying to get an idea of what kind of weight you GUYS lost month to month. I know I'm just obsessing but I've been trying to search and find this stuff and I'm not having a ton of luck.

    Plastics - men's experience

    Yeah I am about halfway to my goal and it's becoming more clear that I will probably need a lot of help with the excess skin. Guess it's not the worst problem to have...

    Hate chewable multivitamins

    You can't swallow pills yet? I didn't have any trouble post op.

    Hate chewable multivitamins

    I take the bariatric advantage chewables. I don't love them but I only have to take them twice a day...as opposed to the capsules that I would have to take three times/day. Since I already have to space them out with my calcium chews 3x/day it's just not worth it to me. I just suck it up and chew the damn things...
  8. Well just one friend really but it's been a very interesting experience. My wife is 1000% supportive and I don't have any worries at all that WLS will cause any problems with my marriage. What it does seem to be causing issues in is my relationship with my best friend. It didn't take a lot of reflection to realize that a large part of my relationship with my best friend, in the past, has revolved around eating and drinking. Now it's like we don't have much to do when we hang out. It's pretty interesting so far and I'm really only 8 weeks into this process. I'm sure it will even itself out but I thought some of you on here might have the same issues.
  9. I walk at the mall over lunch...because I need to walk and it's hot as hell outside.
  10. I use a straw now with no issues at all. I did have those weird bubbly gas issues when I would take drinks early in the post-op phase. I will say that it does go away but, as I saw someone else post in here, our small stomachs are talkers. All kinds of weird noises come out of my mouth when I am eating and drinking.
  11. I don't know if it's related to this but I am not really in a very good mood at all lately. Maybe it's the whole '800 calories/day' thing...but who knows. I went to a WLS support group and honestly...ended up really annoyed with most of the people I talked to.
  12. NCTRNL

    Mashed potatoes!

    I really can't imagine a situation where mashed potatoes would EVER be a good idea. They're pure carbohydrates. Can you have fat free refried Beans? I really like the refried black beans...they were the best during that part of the diet.
  13. NCTRNL

    What about the scale?

    I had surgery on 6/2/15. Started at 445, lost 26 in the 2-week liquid diet, down 30 since surgery. I honestly thought it would come off quicker but I'm just going with it right now...
  14. NCTRNL

    What about the scale?

    Eh, I bought a new scale just for the occasion and I weigh myself every morning...so...yeah.
  15. I go in tomorrow for my sleeve and I assume that tomorrow evening, I'll be up and sitting and everything so my wife and I decided that we'd play it by ear but we're assuming it will be ok for my 3 year old daughter to come visit me since I'll be gone for a night. We've already told her that daddy is going to the doctor to get healthy and I'd be gone for a night. I'd definitely like to see her but I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with an actual hospital visit.
  16. NCTRNL

    Weight lost over time

    Does the 40 in the first month include the pre-op diet?
  17. Yeah, I've never met anyone who had the revision done and didn't love it. Not a lot of regrets.
  18. Yeah sugar free pudding was not allowed. Just sugar free jello. They were very clear about that.
  19. NCTRNL

    Post op vitamins

    The place I got my VSG done at recommended Bariatric Advantage Multi (2x/day): https://www1.bariatricadvantage.com/catalog/group/110373/ and the Bariatric Advantage calcium chews (3x/day): https://www1.bariatricadvantage.com/catalog/group/99884/ They're not cheap but they're what I'm taking right now. I'll take them up to my 2mo appt and see how my blood work looks.
  20. NCTRNL

    Day 8

    It is really odd to me how different every Dr. is. I was sleeved on 6/2. Day 1-2 Clear Liquids, Day 3-6 yogurt, cream of wheat, day 7-13 Soft egg, refried Beans, cottage cheese, week 3-4 is moving to some solids like deli meat and other things. I never knew I would love refried beans as much as I do right now.
  21. Congrats! Mine was on 6/2 as well but at about 10am. I'm still off until next Monday but feeling better every day.
  22. Yeah I was told to restrict lifting to 15lbs until 8 weeks just to be safe from hurting incisions and risking internal injuries. My daughter knows I can't pick her up for quite a while (40lbs)
  23. NCTRNL

    Day Five...hunger

    I'm on day 6 and I've felt hungry more than I would prefer to admit. I would love to eat some deli meat or something right now but I'm still following the doctor's diet. Just keep plugging along I guess.
  24. I'm a few days out and have pain there when I breathe deeply sometimes but it's right in the same place where my surgical drain was placed so as of right now, I am assuming that's what the pain is. It's so intermittent that I'm not worried currently.