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    boubette2420 reacted to blashlee in 14 days to go....   
    I'm 14 days pre-op and started my liquid diet today. I hope the next two weeks goes by incredibly fast. I'm pretty nervous but also excited. My "support staff" (family, boyfriend, friends, personal trainer, surgeon, PCP) are all rooting for me, and it's helping me get through each day of the countdown. My boyfriend is doing the liquid diet with me (solidarity!), I hope we don't spend the next two weeks snapping at each other because we are "hangry" haha.
    April 6, 2015 8AM, my life changes forever for the better!
    If you need me, I'll be crying in the break room with a Jello cup (LOL)
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    boubette2420 reacted to Healthybefore50 in Post Op Check up/Next Phase Begins   
    Just got home from my first post op check up with the Doc. He says I am doing very well and to continue to listen to him and follow the plan. They took my stitches out and want to see me in 3 weeks. I started the full liquids phase today and so far doing well with that. I have had 2 ounces of baby oatmeal and 2 ounces of ff cream of chicken Soup today. I also had 3 ounces of Atkins Advantage shake today. No where near the 60 grams of Protein the plan calls for, but the doc didn't seem real concerned about the protein yet. Water is good, and my body looks forward to it. I sip all day, aside from before and after meals. I was down to my pre op weight today, after my hospital Fluid gain, so the weight lost from today on will be true post surgery weight loss. Thinking positive and looking forward to the future.
    All take care,

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