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  1. Hello friends, where do i start...i am in my 5 th week. I eat too fast which makes me throw up; i wake up nauseous every morning due to being dehydrated. I hate throwing up because it takes me the entire day to recoup. ok what is with throwing up foam!!

    I can tolerate cheese, very limited quantity of eggs, it is hit or miss with meat. Chili works for me, sweet potato and potato dumplings but only a few. Soft meatballs, Peanut Butter on 1/4 english muffin.

    It is trial and error at this point i think. Just when you think you have it figured out you throw up lol.

    Good luck everyone

  2. Hi everyone!

    Today I started Purée Phase. I was excited this morning, but it's so hard to eat slowing. My nurse told me to get a baby spoon that that would help me with bite size!

    I had stage 2 baby food with seasoning and my pouch hurts a little. A friend told me its because I ate it too fast! Don't know how much slower I am going to eat.

    Had cottage cheese for Breakfast and super hard to chew it to applesauce texture.

    How should I proceed!


  3. My surgery date is March 23rd. My surgeon requires a two week pre-op diet which consists of four Protein drinks daily and only clear liquids. Well I have three days till I start and let me just say I am eating anything and everything I can. I'm so excited for this life changing surgery and I'm scared. I know I will be able to eat things I want in moderation again someday. I just feel like this is the time to eat whatever guilt free! Anyone else experiencing this "last supper syndrome" ?

    I went to every restaurant and had all of my favourite foods without guilt. I had surgery on April 2nd and right now am craving chips and salsa from lone star. are you from Canada?

  4. My surgery is tomorrow

    Can anyone that has done it tell me

    How bad is it... Am so nerves

    i had my surgery on april 2nd, i was not in too much pain after. i think it was just the soreness but they give you pain meds. take the pain meds to avoid needing them asap and then taking an hour for them to kick in. I had alot of ice chips which helped.

    good luck

  5. thank you Julie, i know it is very hard. i walk around with my Water like it is a child. I get my Protein by adding 2 scoops of Protein high alfa whey protein by ultimate that i purchased at the health food store. I add this to 2% lactose free milk with a few ice cubes and shake, i use the chocolate one. It is very good and no after taste.

    Although i am sure everyone feels that yucky taste in their mouth as this is ketosis beibng on strickly protein. I cannot stand this taste and cannot wait to get rid of it.
    What have you tried on your pureed soft diet?
    Thank you

  6. hello everyone, my name is elisabeth from toronto canada. i had surgery april 2nd 2015 and am craving eating with a fork and knife. It is very hard on the brain considering we have gone almost 1 month on liquid.

    i am feeling a little grumpy these days. cant wait to start the pureed diet in order to gain a little variety.

    i freeze yogurt and then add 2% lactose free milk in the blender with a scoop of Protein. it is very refreshing and a change.

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