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    The truth is, I failed

    SCARLETWITCH, which protein powder do you use in coffee? Like OP, I hate the drinks, and I have to really work to get my protein. All the powders I've tried clump up or taste weird in coffee. I'd love to find one I could use daily.
  2. I'm just over 6 weeks out, and I'm kind of worried about how much I can eat. I see people on here who are 3+ months out who can only eat 500-600 calories. I am eating around 700-900 calories a day, but I could easily eat 1200 - 1300 calories if I wanted! I'm talking 1200 of high quality, protein-rich foods, not junk or sliders. I'm not overly hungry, but I also never feel that super restricted feeling people talk about. I read about people who can't eat more than 2 oz or never want to eat anything, and I wish that was me! I can take full gulps of liquid -- not HUGE gulps, but a lot more than sips. I can eat 5.3 oz container of yogurt, or a veggie hot dog, or 3-4 oz of tuna in 10-15 minutes without feeling at all sick or restricted. I eat as slowly as I can, but the few times I've forgotten and have eaten too fast I've had no ill effects. I have not found a single food that disagrees with my sleeve so far, and I've never thrown up. (Not eating any bread, Pasta, rice, though, so I can't say how those would feel.) The only food that causes a super restricted feeling is salmon. I never drink with meals, never eat bread, starches, etc. I'm following the guidelines. I'm losing slowly but surely. But I am so worried that if I don't have much restriction now, I will go back to my old, bad eating habits in a few months, after the restriction gets even less! Does anyone else have this situation? Does anyone have any advice?
  3. I don't know about the rest of you, but I've been obese for a long time. I am in my late fifties, and my question is kind of crazy for my age: What is my "style"? I used to have cute clothes, when I was thinner, but I'm much older now. As a heavy person, I've done my best to dress attractively and with style. But three factors have led me to not love the clothes I've worn for the last many years. First, feeling so bad about myself has taken away my desire to dress well. I guess I've felt that very little I could do made me look really cute or attractive. Even when I was happy and confident with an outfit, I'd always second-guess myself. Or see a dreaded photo or image in a mirror and be able to focus on nothing but the bumps and rolls. Second, I've always tried to hide and cover up my fat as much as possible: Spanx, nylons under pants (although I mostly stopped that a couple of years ago), three-quarter or long sleeves, nothing too form-fitting, etc. So, while there were clothes out there I would have loved, I didn't wear them because I didn't think they would look good on my body type or I was too-self-conscious. And third, of course, is the lack of stylish clothes available for heavier women. I am so looking forward to being able to buy -- and look good in! -- smaller clothes. And emptying out my closet of all the cheap clothes I bought (and, sadly, a few good pieces that will no longer fit). I plan to shop at thrifts and consignment stores during the weight loss period, but once I reach goal, I want to have a smaller wardrobe -- in both senses of the word! Good-quality pieces that will last and that are versatile. But I find that I'm not sure now what my style is. And I don't want to waste a lot of money buying too many things as I figure it out. I know this won't be a problem for a lot of people, who seem to have been born with a "look" or style. And actually, "problem" is totally the wrong word. I'm really looking forward to being able to express myself and have fun through clothes. But I don't want to clog up my closet with junk purchased on a whim, and I don't want to waste money buying too many things, especially good pieces that I won't end up wearing long-term. So, I guess I'd like to know if anyone else experienced this, and how you approached this wonderful, brave new world of getting to buy cute clothes and figuring out your own style? How did you go about building a new wardrobe? Did you cut out or Pinterest looks you liked as you were losing weight? Any other tips?
  4. Thinside

    What is on your Trader Joe's Shopping List?

    I love TJ's green corn cheese tamales, but I haven't had one since my surgery and probably won't try it for 6 months or so due to the corn meal (masa). I like their fresh cut flowers -- so much cheaper than elsewhere. And their bulk nuts, and frozen seafood. I usually buy my veggies at a farmers market, but I'll have to try some of the ones mentioned here. @@OutsideMatchInside what's wrong with the St. Louis Whole Foods? I thought they were all pretty much the same. Do you go to the one on Brentwood Ave.? (I have family in St. Louis and was just there a couple of weeks ago.)
  5. I second @OutsideMatchInside. It's not only unprofessional but probably illegal for a supervisor to do this! I also work with a bunch of gossipy women. I haven't told anyone about my surgery. I say I am eating healthy, watching my calories, focussing on Protein, cutting carbs, and exercising. All of which happen to be true!
  6. Thinside

    Greek yogurt:/ Yuck!

    If you really can't tolerate Greek yogurt, try Noosa. It has less Protein, and more calories and carbs than most Greek yogurts, but it is AMAZING. I eat it for dessert as a guilt-free treat. It comes in 4 oz sizes. The lemon tastes like lemon meringue pie filling and the blueberry is awesome. (120-130 calories, 9 gm protein, 14 gm carbs).
  7. Thinside

    Halloween ????

    @@Babbs I think that's the solution for me, too. One piece, on rare occasions, to be savored and enjoyed. I know myself too well. If I thought I could never, ever have candy again, I think I would obsess over it all the time and crave it until I pigged out. But knowing I can control it, have one small piece of candy or one or two bites of some other treat now and again makes it so much easier to ignore it most of the time. I know that for some people, it's a trigger and if they have a bite, they just can't stop. So we each have to make our own way. But this is working for me. @@Babbs I think that's the solution for me, too. One piece, on rare occasions, to be savored and enjoyed. I know myself too well. If I thought I could never, ever have candy again, I think I would obsess over it all the time and crave it until I pigged out. But knowing I can control it, have one small piece of candy or one or two bites of some other treat now and again makes it so much easier to ignore it most of the time. I know that for some people, it's a trigger and if they have a bite, they just can't stop. So we each have to make our own way. But this is working for me.
  8. I don't vomit (at least I haven't yet) and I haven't gotten that back and chest pain people describe. The few times I've overeaten or eat too fast I have had a sneezing fit. That's my sign that I'm too full. I also have felt kind of nauseous each time. It is such a learning curve to know when to stop, and to learn to eat slow! I'm sure we've all made these mistakes. Love the Maya Angelou quote! So true!
  9. Thinside

    Gummie vitamins

    My program permits gummy Vitamins.
  10. Thinside

    NSV shout outs

    I have two. 1. Yesterday, I took my jeans off -- without unzipping or unbuttoning them! I just slipped them right off! 2. Today, I didn't have any clean clothes for work. I saw a dress hanging in a dry cleaning bag that I had cleaned a long time ago so I could sell it at a consignment shop because I figured I'd never fit into it again. Lo and behold, I tried it on and it fit! It's a size 12!!!! The last clothing I bought was 2X!
  11. I'm 8 weeks and haven't had any problems like that. I can eat too much, if anything! I have to focus to get all the fluids in, but I usually manage. Maybe talk to your team?
  12. Depends on the flavor. I like Quest Mixed berry, Luna Lemon vanilla, Premier Peanut Butter. Still testing others! They are so high calorie, I eat no more than 1/2 a day.
  13. @@Madeleine Renee I've had the same experience with plain Water. Water used to be my favorite beverage, and I rarely ever drank sodas. Now, I can't tolerate plain water. It actually makes me nauseas. Weird. I've never been a Crystal Light or Vitamin water type person, but now I am! Every day I take 1/4 to 1/2 of a New whey Fruit Punch Protein bullet, pour it into my 20 oz water container, and add half a Crystal Light -- one of those tiny foil packs. That way I get protein and water. I like the raspberry green tea and the strawberry flavors. They make the syrupy protein stuff palatable.
  14. I had 1/4 cup of grape nuts with milk once. I let it thoroughly soak so the Cereal was soft. It tasted great and I had no problems with it, but it's not something I'll eat very often because of the carbs.
  15. Thinside

    Question? ?

    Oddly, my right wrist. I have this weird habit of encircling my right wrist with my left hand. When I'm heavy, I can't get my finger and thumb to touch. When I would lose a few pounds, I could -- barely-- get them to touch and that always felt fabulous. Now, I can touch my finger and thumb with a lot of overlap -- all the time! Yeah! I've also lost about 3 inches in my stomach.
  16. I'm about 8 weeks out and yes, I am saving money. When we eat out, I get an appetizer or, if I get a full meal, I take most of it home and have at least another meal, usually two from it. Unless I have plans to meet someone, I almost never eat lunch out any more. I just eat my 4 oz. cottage cheese or my tuna packet and I'm very satisfied. I'm not spending a lot on Protein powders and drinks, because I can't find one I like. I use the New whey bullets, 1/2 or 1/4 of a bullet each day, and 1/2 a Protein Bar a day, which can add up. But we have always eaten out a lot, and now I'm not doing that as much, and am spending a LOT less when I do. Here's an example: We go out for sushi at least once a week. Here's what we used to order to split: Edamame, age dashi tofu, sumai (dumplings), at least 6-8 pieces of sashimi or nigiri, and 3 rolls. Now we get the either tofu or edamame (and I take most of it home for lunch the next day), sumai (I eat 1 piece, he eats 5), 1 roll (I don't eat any of it) and 4 sashimi (I eat one piece). About $30 compared to $50-60.
  17. I have done this my whole adult life, before and after the sleeve! Whenever I eat too much, I sneeze. Always have. My grandmother had this too. I've always thought it had a genetic component to it. I hoped it might go away after the sleeve, but it hasn't. I don't overeat or eat too fast very often, so it's only happened a few times since the sleeve. @@Bufflehead, your explanation is the best I've heard.
  18. I may be delusional, but I've eaten out a few times and no one seems to notice. I eat slowly, say I'm doing low carb (true!) so I skip the bread and potatoes, order fish, and take some home. For example, tonight we went out for Greek food. I had most of piece of saganaki, a tbsp. of hummus (no pita) and ordered a shrimp appetizer dish. Ate two shrimp, brought the rest home. Everyone was so busy eating and talking no one noticed what I ate.
  19. Thinside

    My love for Starbucks!

    What brand are you using? I've been looking and looking for a good chocolate Protein powder that tastes good in coffee. The unjury just clumps and clumps -- it's gross drinking something with lumps in it! Another brand I had (I think it was Isopure) wasn't chocolatey enough.
  20. Thinside

    Quest Bars - Soluble Corn Fiber

    Hmm, I'm new to the whole Protein bar thing. I found that one Quest bar -- the Peanut Butter -- tasted great but gave me horrible gas. So far I like the Mixed berry the best. Couldn't stand the Mint chocolate chunk or the chocolate chip cookie dough. But I have no idea if these were the old or new recipe. I've been trying a lot of bars to find one that has a good amount of protein, lower carbs, some Fiber, doesn't cause gas, and isn't too sweet. Not fairing too well in my search. The Muscle MIlk chocolate peanut butter is ok, but too much like candy. So, I've been sticked with the Quest mixed berry for now. How can you tell if it has the new fiber -- is it pretty clearly indicated on the package? Thanks for this heads up!
  21. There are some cute and creative user names on this site. What is your favorite? (NOTE: This is NOT asking who is your favorite person! Just a name you like, admire, find amusing, think is creative, etc.) I vote for Sleevy Wonder. Wish I had thought of that one myself!
  22. Thanks @@samskiles My doctor's suggested daily meals from week 4 on are about 1000 calories. But it just seems like a lot compared to other folks on here. I need to start weighing everything out. I log everything, and mostly plan meals ahead, and I measure food, but I haven't been pre-measuring the whole day ahead. Maybe that would help.
  23. @@SleeveMe247 and @@belaby18 so sorry you're having such problems. I hope you get well soon and can start experiencing the benefits of the sleeve.
  24. Thinside

    How Do You Track Your Food?

    Sparkpeople. It's free, it tracks every nutrient I need to track (ply many more), I can enter recipes, and users have entered almost every prepared food out there. Super easy. I've used it for many years. Plus, there's a forum, a recipe function, articles, and a place for a blog if you want one. It also links to fitbit. I really like it and although there are newer ones, I see no reason to change.
  25. I made a GREAT smoothie today! 1/2 cup Fairlife 2% (7 gm Protein, 3 carbs, 60 cal) 1/2 cup fresh berries (mostly blueberries, with a few strawberries and raspberries (1 gm protein, 10 carbs, 40 calories) 1/2 packet of unjury strawberry Sorbet (10 gm protein, 2 carbs, 50 cal) Ice Blended it well, and it was frothy, slightly thick, fresh tasting, no aftertaste, and delicious. Took about 35 minutes to drink it. Totals: 18 grams protein, 15 grams carbs, 150 calories. You could make it lower cal. with 1% or skim milk, but I buy the 2% for my coffee.

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