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  1. 5'7"ish...starting weight 269. Goal weight 169 (was 170, but I wanted the 100!) Currently 163. Fitting between 12 and 14 Jean. But I look smaller (or so they tell me...) I don't want to lose more, but I am having a hard time remembering to eat, especially when stressed. What a change! Before, I binged when I was stressed!

  2. Okay. I am 2 lbs below goal. Now I wonder how I figure out how to maintain? I am ready to schedule an appointment with my NUT, but in the meantime...Do I have to pick and chose what to eat, and see how I react? Maintenance has always been my challenge. This is scary territory. Any advice on how I start? I am getting a little frustrated that the clothes I had hoped to wear a while are starting to get too loose! Thanks!

  3. Chipoltle kids meal with chicken, black Beans, and veggies

    Wendy's kids meal chicken wrap, don't eat the wrap. Get apples. Save milk for later.

    Luna Grill: Kids meal, all salad, no starch - grilled chicken kabob and gyros are good.

    1/2 salads (Wendy's has 1/2 sizes)

    Deli counter at grocery store. Order 1/8 lb of meat of your choice thinly sliced, eat as you shop. Sometimes I ask for a few slices of meat, and a few slices of cheese.

  4. It is a bitter pill to swallow, isn't it? I have learned, for myself, it isn't a number, but how you feel. A lot of "professionals" have set my goal much lower than I would. I am 5'7" and am currently 170. I feel and look great. I am wearing between a 14 and 16 (no W!) Most people think I am a 12. Point is, on the BMI I am still listed as "overweight," and I am fine with that. Most will acknowledge that the BMI is flawed, at best. Congratulations on making so much progress! You are an inspiration! I don't like going to the gym either. Currently I am incapacitated, and wishing I could exercise...go figure....

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