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  1. JerrBear: Last night I had my first meal out. While those around me had some luscious, large portions, I ate a small piece of my husband's turkey, a couple of tablespoons of vegetables, and a tablespoon of mashed potatoes. And that was a victory! Easy, my ass! I look at the television commercials and magazines devoted to nothing but food, and realize that I can never view those as pleasure sources again. How is that easy? We chose to confront an addiction that is so socially acceptable, until it shows up on our bodies. As you said, this was a surgery for a life threatening condition! I know that people are talking. Let them talk! You are an incredibly strong person that put your health first. Water on a duck my friend, water on a duck!
  2. I would not have had this surgery if I had to give up coffee. Scary, I know, but it is the bottom line. That said, I no longer have much of a taste for it!
  3. I chose the sleeve over bypass for three main reasons: 1) I was afraid of dumping 2) I wanted to be able to use Nsaids. I have had a lot of broken bones, and fear arthritis is in my future 3) I heard a rumor that those that do bypass have a higher rate of farting. I already fart a lot, didn't want to increase it Lol! Originally I was going to go lap-band. The high revision rate, low overall success rate, complications, all factored into changing my mind. Also, I was told that many insurances make it extremely difficult to do a revision. It is a "one surgery" chance!
  4. I had an allergic reaction to the surgical glue. I was scared it was an infection, but my surgeon assured me by showing me pictures of other patients. It was itchy and red. It resolved itself within a week. I am having constipation issues, and am looking to add Fibersure to my liquids.
  5. Oh joy! I am a women's size 11, pushing out to 11 1/2. Finding shoes is near impossible. If I could lose a size, that would be so fabulous!
  6. But, see, I don't think it is coming from my mouth. I think it is coming from my stomach. All the mouthwash in the world won't help that, will it? Help. My husband doesn't want me to open my mouth, even after a thorough brushing!
  7. lclemur


    Oh man! I have had that before. Strange feeling indeed! Haven't experienced it since surgery, however I am only 11 days out, and haven't had any exercise in there recently ;0)
  8. lclemur

    Frustrated and worried about husband...

    Yes, I relate. My DH doesn't seem to see the seriousness of his weight. I worry about it. I suggested that, in the future, when we go out to eat, that we both decide on one meal. Then I would eat a 1/4 of it, and he would eat the other 3/4. Win, win. I wouldn't have more than my needs, and he would have a reduced portion. He didn't buy in. He couldn't even acknowlege, started spouting off about different variables, etc. etc. REALLY? That frightens me that he is so resistant. Also, since my surgery, he seems to be drinking more beer. Buying enough for both of us, but now drinking it all himself. I hate that I put my loved ones through this for so long. So, now I can see how it feels.
  9. lclemur

    When did you stop losing weight?

    Thank you, Kindle, for suggesting supplementing with a Protein shake during maintenance. What a great idea. My question is, do you make it part of a meal, a snack? Where do you put it? I am no where near that stage, but already thinking about how I am going to balance meals with reality and progress. Thanks!
  10. lclemur

    all over body lift?

    OMG AvaFern! I had absolutely NO idea that the plastic surgery could be that much! And, I know that I am going to want it. Yikes! Good for you in making yourself a priority though!
  11. I live in the San Diego area. I don't suppose I can come to the BariatricPal meet and greet without registering for the conference, can I? $200 is pretty steep for me. I used to look for an indication of a buffet, or open bar, to entice me to pay for conferences. I guess that is a thing of the past! Luanne
  12. lclemur

    February 10th ;; Houston Tx

    How is everyone doing? I am finally feeling a little better. I am struggling to get in the recommended 4 - 6 walks a day. I have built up to 3. I am used to walking my dog every day, so being winded is a little depressing. I am up to 3 per day, but I swear today to make 4! Losing 19 lbs so far is keeping me positive. My pants aren't any looser, however, because my stomach area is still bloated from being assaulted on the 10th!
  13. I looked up personal blenders on my Consumer Reports account, and found that the second highest rated blender is the Hamilton Beach 51101, 51102, or 51103. I got the 51103. It works great. I blend vegetable Soups in it, and they are totally liquified. Blender drinks with 3 ice cubes also came out great. The best part? It is $20 or less! I got mine at Target this week for $14.99! The only review complaint on Consumer Report was a woman that was disappointed that it only lasted a year AFTER DAILY USE! Seriously, you only paid $20 for it, a year seems pretty good to me. Disclaimer: It only comes with the one mixing jug, so if you want several mugs to travel with, you are going to have to transfer it.
  14. Wow! What a great recovery! Do you suppose it has to do with my being 51? I remember recoverying from my C-Section quite quickly when I was 34. Congrats on your wonderful new life!
  15. Yep. Me too! I definitely have the "trots." I am not overly worried. I am just now transitioning to full liquids.
  16. I had an afternoon surgery (1:00 p.m.) so it was expected I would stay that night and one additional. It all depended on how I did. I didn't do so well. Everything that went into my stomach caused sever stomach pains, including the liquid pain meds. I wasn't able to get anything down until late on the 2nd night. I went home after three nights. It was depressing, and I REALLY wanted to get out of the hospital. Don't get me wrong, the staff at the hospital was WONDERFUL. They were caring and VERY responsive. So, expectations don't always work out. I am better at home, but having a hard time motivating to walk more than once a day. I know it is important, but I am only used to walking the dog 1x a day! You will do great! Patience, patience, patience. I lost 16 pounds since I checked into the hospital. It is hard to tell, since my stomach area is still so bloated.
  17. lclemur

    February 10th ;; Houston Tx

    Hi All: Three nights in hospital, when I expected one or two. Lots of pain in stomach after swallowing. It is better now, and I am finally home! I am stressed out because work is being unsupportive, wondering why I didn't get this and that done before I left on leave. I am in the "what the hell have I done?" phase. Luanne Carlsbad, CA
  18. Thank you so very much Bruce! That was very inspirational. I am so scared of doing what I have always done, slipping back into old destructive patterns.
  19. Getting up and down off of the floor. This is unbelievably demoralizing. It is especially an issue since I teach first grade. I want to shop in "normal" size clothing section. It is more about health and feeling good for me. Looking better will certainly help my self confidence.
  20. lclemur

    Approved with a date of Feb 9th!

    Gas x strips: Walmart.com
  21. lclemur

    Approved with a date of Feb 9th!

    2 newbeginningsx: Hang in there. I haven't had my "break down moment," but I feel it coming on. I am getting a little scared.
  22. lclemur

    February 10th ;; Houston Tx

    February 10 in San Diego, CA. Getting nervous!

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