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  1. lclemur

    New to fifties group

    @LisaGB: I had to spend an extra day in the hospital as well. I couldn't drink anything without pain. I am glad you are feeling a little more human! My first shower was heavenly!
  2. lclemur

    New to fifties group

    Hi all! I am a 51 year old Sleever. I had my surgery on February 10th, and I am down 40 lbs. My biggest stressors include getting enough water, protein, and exercise. Although my progress is great, I wonder if it would be even better if I met any of my goals above. I am an elementary school teacher, and my job is exhausting, not to mention my 1 hr. commute each way. I am glad to find the 50s group!
  3. lclemur

    Breakfast question

    This morning I went out to breakfast with my Dad. I debated between one scrambled egg, or a side of cottage cheese. Turned out that the cottage cheese had more Protein. I also ordered a cup of fruit. I ate probably a 1/4 of the cottage cheese and about a 1/3 of the fruit cup. My husband was quite happy to get the left overs. There are a lot of left overs in my house. My teenager doesn't want them, however!
  4. I really, really appreciate the support of this sight. But, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, clarify before you jump all over someone! Words (especially the written word) can be misconstrued. I posted recently about a 4 week depression and doubting my decision. I mentioned eating a kids meal (portion!) and suddenly I am hanging out at McDonalds! Seriously?? I had a kids meal at Red Robin. It consisted of grilled chicken skewers with no sauce, and steamed/undressed broccoli (which I highly recommend if you are looking for a fun place to go with small/healthy options.) The drink was a diet lemonade, which I drank much later on the drive home. A perfectly health, reasonable choice. I was depressed because I was only able to eat about a third of it! Other restaurants have kids meals! Albeit, most consist of mac 'n cheese and hotdogs, but not all restaurants. I am trying very hard to go places with my family and not screwing up. These comments, however well meaning their intent, have really upset me, and I am seriously thinking of "checking out" of this site.
  5. I have been down lately, and questioning my choice. When I go there, I realize that there is no going back. Stomach is gone, can't come back. Then I am even more depressed. food, food everywhere, and am not allowed to eat it. I think of all the things that I have enjoyed, and wonder if I will ever make the transition to enjoyment elsewhere. I feel like such a "weirdo" not being able to eat a typical, "normal" portion. I get a kids meal and can eat less than half. I keep telling everyone that this won't be forever, but I really don't know if that is true. This week I have "only" lost 2 lbs. I question if it is because I have added "real" food to my diet. Then I know how rediculous this is, since I have only added the average of 300 - 400 calories. Then I wonder if I am in "starvation mode." Does that happen with wls?
  6. lclemur

    Jumping to Conclusions!

    BLERDgirl: I posted a new topic because the newest responses to a topic end up on the bottom where few will see it. Am I wrong? Often times, when I am reading a topic, I don't continue all the way to the last page.
  7. I go to a therapist, I go to OA, I don't do fast food, I don't do hamburgers, fries, etc. I am struggling to get out of the "eat to celebrate" mode with my friends and family. I am struggling to go out and have a manicure, pedicure, massage, walk on the beach, etc. instead of eating. I shouldn't have posted.
  8. LET ME CLARIFY! Oh boy, I really set off a storm! I had a kids meal at Red Robin. It consisted of grilled chicken skewers and steamed, undressed broccoli. The drink (diet lemonade) was drank later. I do not go to fast food restaurants AT ALL. Unless you consider Chipoltle one. There I had a kids meal of grilled chicken and black Beans. I can't stand thinking that you are invisioning me sitting down to a burger and fries!
  9. lclemur

    Acronyms - Lets Make A List...

    DH = Darling Husband, or so I have been told! In any case, I am happy to note that it describes mine!
  10. lclemur

    What's Your Favorite Store Now?

    I am heading close to the dreaded "between floors." This happens to me around 1x. Our local Macy's has the plus sizes on a different floor than the "regular" sizes. What happens around now is that I have to bounce back and forth to find something that fits. I might fit in an XL, but, then again, I might have to go upstairs to get a 1X. I am really thinking about doing Gwennie B (however you spell that.) But the last time I looked I didn't like anything on there.
  11. lclemur

    Not so victorious NSV

    I miss the days when I had the "small boob" problem. I distinctly remember being a Sophomore in college wearing a small A cup. Now I am a double DD. I would love to be a C. Maybe the future holds a floppy C??
  12. California girl here. I wonder about SPF. My GP said that we really need to amp it up on our facial moisturizers. #15 is really not enough for anyone anymore. Other than Luvin_life, no one has mentioned SPF. I use Cere Ve. It has 30 spf.
  13. I couldn't drink the liquid pain relievers, it burned terribly when it hit my stomach. They kept me in the hospital an extra day until I no longer had a serious problem with pain. I wish there is something I could suggest other than speak with your surgeon ASAP!
  14. lclemur

    AM I CRAZY?!

    I was in your place. But the weight was starting to catch up to me. I had been this heavy in the past, and functioned quite well. But this time around at 51, it wasn't so pretty. I felt like I was lumbering with every move I made. I was VERY uncomfortable in my skin. Then I thought, I don't have diabetes now, but I am just down the road from it. I don't have heart disease now, but it was lurking around the corner. These possible medical issues scared the crap out of me. Look down the road and see if you can invision an end to these probabilities without surgery. I know I couldn't. Best of luck with your decision. BTW, you aren't crazy until you are diagnosed. As one of my second graders said "Mrs. G, did you know there is a pill for that?"
  15. Hi! I am really having a rough day. My incisions are itching and burning. They are red and puffy. I went to my GP and she put me on a Sulpha antibiotic. Surgeon, however, called and asked me to text him pictures. That was one crazy selfie! He told me to hold off on the antibiotics until I see him tomorrow. Hydrocortisone helped with the itching. It was a lousy feeling day, and I only got one very short walk in. Plus, despite my weight loss, my pants are still tight because my whole surgical area is bloated. What? Did I lose weight in my toes? I need really loose pants, so as not to rub against the wound sites. I don't own any of those. I bought one pair for surgery, so I guess it will be laundry time tonight. Sorry for the rant. Luanne
  16. lclemur

    Infecton at incision?

    Efierke: I wish I saw your post before I freaked out. My GP really thought it was an infection, and prescribed antibiotics. My surgeon said to hold off. Then he had me text him photos of the incisions (now there's a selfie!) It turns out I had a reaction to the surgical glue! I went to his office and he showed me several other selfies on his phone from people with similar reactions. It took a few days, but it finally cleared up. BTW, do you have any suggestions on getting rid of the rest of this ucky bandaid stuff. I keep feeling like I need to use GooGone!
  17. lclemur

    Having the poop issues again

    Oh my! I am SO in your place! I want so much to do this the natural way, but it doesn't seem to be working. Benefiber, etc. I am interested in trying the smooth move. I am afraid of using stool softeners, do the doctors have problems with it? I only go about once a week, when before it was once or twice a day! I know that I need to up my Water and walking, but am struggling to get that in. I really worry about my return to work and getting it all in then! One thing i did try, that was kindof gross, was mineral oil. It can be taken in enema form or orally. I was a little creeped out about swallowing it, but it really did the trick, softening things up. I wouldn't take it regularly as it warns that it might intefere with the absorption of Vitamins, and none of us need that! Good Luck!
  18. lclemur


    The first week is the worst. Keep telling yourself that. Also, stay away from occasions where food = love or celebration. You will have plenty of time for those later when you have established patterns. You can do it!
  19. Everytime I peek, there is no one there. Now, I am used to talking to myself, but don't want to bore myself on a public forum....
  20. lclemur

    Fell off the Bandwagon

    CC197823: Thanks for the Buffet trick! I really plan on skipping buffets whenever possible, but I have several conferences coming up! I plan to take my ready-to-drink Protein drinks with me and stash them in the hotel room fridge. Being so new, my tummy doesn't hold much anyways.
  21. So, one week post-op, and I am having a hard time taking in all of the fluids AND getting my Protein numbers. Great find found on the internet - Protein 2 O beyond Water. It has 0 sugar, 2 Carbs, and 15 grams of protein in 16.9 Fluid ounces! I don't know about the other flavors, but the Lemon Splash is really good. It is so much easier going down as it isn't a thick milky shake. It was $1.59 a bottle at Target. I haven't found it cheaper any place else. Since I won't be doing more that a bottle a day, that doesn't seem too bad.
  22. I am sorry that you are having such problems. It must be very frustrating. I haven't had a conversion, however, I have had friends with problems with their band. Admittedly, they weren't following good diet protocol, and hadn't changed their eating habits. I don't know if this is part of your issue. If it is, a sleeve won't help. It will help in the short run, but, eventually it will catch up with you. Also, overeating with the sleeve early on will have serious health complications. Assuming that this isn't your problem, I would recommend the sleeve. It is not easy, as I am sure you are aware. After surgery you will go three weeks without any solid food. That, in itself, is a difficult hurdle to overcome. Now, 4 weeks out, I am able to eat very little food. On a positive note, I have lost 32 lbs. in a very short time. Keep doing your research, if you need to get more feedback. Good luck!
  23. lclemur

    Pet Peeve (Celebrations centered around food)

    This is truly a societal/ethnic tradition that works against us. Parties to me meant food. Getting together with friends almost always involved eating and drinking. It is one of the "easy" things we have to deal with (sarcasm to those that insist that this is the "easy way out") It is not easy to change this, and it takes time. I know that there are casual friends that I don't see much anymore because they want to get together to eat/drink and don't think I would fit in. I think they feel guilty eating around me. Especially the ones that have to face their own food addictions.
  24. lclemur

    Serious Question. How is WLS the "wrong way"?

    Perhaps it is because of the perception that this is an "elective" surgery? Whoever believes that has never lived in my body. My GP, Psychiatrist, Counselor, and Surgeon recommended the surgery. How are these highly educated professionals wrong? I had/have a life threatening illness. period. end of story.

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