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  1. lclemur

    MYFITNESSPAL and Fitbit

    @@mrs kaje. I guess I will have to check out the Fitbit. Thanks for your input about the Water. This may be a stupid question, but how does the Fitbit know when you are walking/exercising, versus driving in a car?
  2. lclemur


    @Hertsukfem31: I am so sorry that you are in this funk. Very few (I didn't say ALL) people understand depression unless they have been there themselves. I wish that wasn't true, but it appears to be. Chronic depression is the worst. But, it is true, however, only you can "pick yourself by the bootstraps." As hard as it is, put one foot in front of the other, and take little steps (huge on certain days!) towards positive thoughts. I grew up with a very negative father. Only when I became an adult (I don't feel I am quite there yet!) did I recognize how bad this is. What I have learned (in therapy,) is that when you find yourself going down the negative path, say to yourself (when alone, outloud; when in the company of others, in your mind) "I am NOT going down that path. No good can be found there." It took quite a bit of practice, but it has helped me. I visualize the fork in the road and see darkness one way and light the other. Maybe it will help you as well. Get up and walk. Force yourself. As the Nike slogan says "Just do it!" There is no shame in getting help. If you are not seeing a counselor, priest, pastor, rabbi (fill in the blank,) consider it. Having surgery is the first step to changing a losing battle into a chance for success. I wish you the best of luck. I have walked in your shoes ( or similar ones!)
  3. lclemur

    NSV shout outs

    @karlam29. Isn't your dress lovely! Have you already had your big day? If so, I am sure that it was great! A new life! I want to fit back into my wedding dress. My husband and I were married 20 years ago.
  4. lclemur

    Baldness is in my future .... :/

    Don't freak out so soon. Time will tell. Honestly, that is the hair I would normally lose! I guess I lose a lot even without the surgery!
  5. lclemur

    Easter error :(

    Whew! I thought you were going to say you ate the ears off of the chocolate bunny!
  6. @LipstickLady Aren't you and your two daughters just beautiful! I love that picture!
  7. lclemur

    MYFITNESSPAL and Fitbit

    Regarding MFP: It is not exact, but you can use the setting for carbs, fats, and Proteins. They all have to add up to 100%. I have them set at 45% Protein, 30% carbs and 35% fats. (I am thinking to change protein to 50% and carbs to 25%) I don't know how accurate that is. I keep track of my calories weekly, but haven't figured out how to chart my protein weekly. It was a good tool, however, when I visted my Nutritionist this week. I am pretty anal about recording everything except my Water. It only measures in cups. It would be easier if it was in ounces. I watch my final protein count on a daily basis, looking at the nutrition tab. I haven't decide whether I will get a Fitbit or another similar device.
  8. I am curious too! Of course I have a LONG way before I am there. Is it true that it is recommended that you wait 12 - 18 months after you reach your goal weight?
  9. lclemur


    I have heard that some "large sleevers" have added a lap band for more restriction. It is a thought. I am so very sorry that you are going through all of this frustration! I would be pretty upset if I found out that my surgeon screwed up.
  10. I AM going Alex. I am sorry to hear that you aren't! Have we set up a place and time for our group to meet up?
  11. lclemur

    Return of periods.

    My surgery was in February. Out of the blue I had a period in January. None since then. I hope it won't come back!
  12. @@LilMissDiva Irene: Thank you so much! As the butt of some of these ongoing rants and raves, I appreciate a little reminder!
  13. @italianlady13: We are all different. Some people have craving foods that they can eat moderately. Personally, I have never known an obese person that can. Most of my downfall in the past is the belief that I can "have just a little." Next thing I know, I am eating them regularly, and have gained another 20 lbs. It is like alcohol for me (never been an alcoholic, but, believe me, I can relate!) It is about willpower (I hate that word! Many skinny friends say "Oh just use your willpower and eat less, exercise more!) I knew when I embarked on this journey that there are many foods that I can't have ever again, and I mourn the loss. If I label them "addicted to," then I have to walk away, especially when they have no nutritional value. But, again, let me emphasize, that everyone is different. For me, It is a slippery slope. I CAN'T rely on willpower when it comes to food. If I could, then I wouldn't have needed WLS.
  14. lclemur

    Trader Joes Meal Hacks?

    @@gal friday: Good for you that you can eat all of those carbs and fat! It just goes to show that different people respond differently to different foods! Personally, most of those suggestions just wouldn't work for me. But, then again, I don't know the quantity of the frequency you indulge in these, so I can't judge. I will go to TJ and check it out. Maybe I am misinformed! Thanks for such a thorough, thoughtful post!
  15. lclemur

    Very, very beginner

    @Very, very beginner: Be VERY, VERY careful what you post here. Be sure to make yourself clear. Evil lurks, and your words will very easily be misconstrued. Tread carefully!
  16. lclemur

    Who uses a fitbit?

    Well, not just a marketing tip. 20 years ago, when I was on Jenny Craig (or was it Lindora, of was it...) they recommended 10K steps. So, it wasn't a FitBit original.
  17. I struggle getting the Water in. I have been using straws, because it started to drive me crazy taking the lids on and off the water bottle 100 times a day. My NUT said to see if I started to noticing any problems with it, and, if not, go ahead.
  18. I, too, had none of the "co-morbidities." I didn't have diabetes (although it was knocking on my door,) high blood pressure, etc. But I KNEW they were coming if I continued on the path I was on. I had to look to my future to realize the need. I am so sorry that all of us need to come to this. One family member said "But it is such a drastic measure!" Yeah, but drastic conditions call for drastic measures. If we could do it with diets, we would all be skinny, wouldn't we? Keep doing your research. The web has a wealth of information. Even after all of my research, I still questioned my decision. I do know one thing, I didn't want to die from obesity.
  19. Interestingly enough, I lost in my face almost immediately. That never happened before. I found my cheekbones. That was a very pleasant surprise, and very noticeable.
  20. lclemur


    I suffer from depression. I am "used to it." But it is very scary, especially for our loved ones. The good news is that it will pass (unless you are clinically diagnosed, as I am.) Be supportive, encourage the exercise, and get out in the sun. Gee, I hope you are somewhere with sun! Walk the mall! My son encourages me to walk the mall. He comes with me, then disappears, but calls to encourage me to meet him after one more lap. If it goes on for more than 2-3 weeks, definitely follow-up with your GP and/or the Psychologist that did your evaluation. Antidepresants are not a lifetime commitment. Some people do great on a short 6 month course, and can let them go. Others need longer. But, you do what you have to do. I know that it is hard to encourage when depression makes him so resistant. Keep loving.
  21. lclemur

    Hair Loss oh no!

    uugh! Does that mean we should be looking for wigs?
  22. lclemur


    If you are on your monthly, then surely it is playing havoc with your weight. After just going through Menopause, I can't use that excuse. lol. You are ahead of the curve at 42 pounds, so maybe your body needs to take a deep breath and readjust. It will pass, it will pass, it will pass. Weigh yourself in one week. Don't cheat. Give your scale to a neighbor :0) Go get it back in a week. Let us know what it says. We are all your cheerleaders!
  23. lclemur

    It's no April Fool's Joke.

    @CanyonBaby: how elegant your reply is! It really sums up what you need to do! 6 weeks out from surgery, and I am beginning to feel the pressure of "sticking to the program." I have so far, but am ever mindful of all of the times I was successful at a diet, then gained it all back. That is what scares me the most. But, with all of the encouragement I get here, I know I can do it! I want to be an example to those that follow me!
  24. lclemur


    My father put it best. Why wouldn't you be upset? You shot your best friend...Who knew that food was my best friend and companion? I didn't until I couldn't turn to it anymore. It is hard! But, as others have said, one day at a time. You WILL get through this. Hugs!

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