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  1. lclemur

    NSV shout outs

    Woo Hoo to all of your NSV! Mine this week was, for me, a biggie! The weight on the scale matches the weight on my drivers license!
  2. lclemur

    4th of July Challenge

    S: I will be out of town next week. I will have my computer, but no scale! I REFUSE to pack my scale! lol...So my Monday weight will be my Saturday weight (I only weigh on Saturday Mornings.) 195 - Hoo Hoo! Same weight as my drivers license!
  3. Getting up off of the floor...on my own...without using furniture to push off of....
  4. lclemur

    The Proof is in the Pictures

    You look great!
  5. lclemur

    Lazy in the kitchen!

    I was not much of a cook before the surgery, so inspiration, when I am not hungry, has been sorely lacking. I need to check out TJs. We eat out WAY too much, and with my working fewer hours next school year, I am worried about the budget.
  6. Those of you losing slowing, but working out so often, must be losing inches. Am I correct? I exercise very rarely, outside of normal activities, and the weight is falling off. Maybe some of you are working out too much? Just a thought.
  7. lclemur

    4th of July Challenge

    Stepph, Week before last I entered Onederland! Woo Hoo! Isn't there a column on the spreadsheet for that? Add me in! Thanks for all you do, this topic is hopping!
  8. Hi! I know you are out there. Let me know! Thanks!
  9. lclemur

    4th of July Challenge

    @stephh I seem to have dropped off the spreadsheet. My starting weight was 204, my goal is 194. Today I am 197. I guess I need to revise my goal. Let's make it 190. Thanks! Lclemur. How do you keep track of all of us? Were there this many on the last challenge?
  10. lclemur

    First night of CPAP

    BTW...my insurance wouldn't cover the type of machine RaginCagun describes. My respitory therapist recommended it, but no go. I can't be too bitter, as they didn't fight me on the surgery.
  11. lclemur

    First night of CPAP

    It is not easy. The first time I tried it I gave up after about 2 weeks of use. I felt like my night's "rests" were worse. This year I gave it another try. Yes, the trick is to get the right mask/pillows. Also, having the straps adjusted correctly. Finally, make sure that your "ramp" is adjusted correctly. Switching mine from 30 minutes to 15 actually helped. Good luck, you need some perseverance on this one.
  12. lclemur

    Body temperature

    less padding?
  13. lclemur

    Drinking Diet Soda

    OMG it burned! I also tried a sip of beer unsuccessfully. I don't know if that changes with time. Yes, I do miss bubbles too!
  14. lclemur

    this might be a bit awkward but....

    All I can say is UGH! It is my worst side affect. I have never had this problem before! Don't ever let it get past 5 days before you actively treat it. A trip to the ER for impaction isn't pretty, believe me!
  15. What kind? I have wanted to find some that breathe. I used to have some that were made out of a mesh type of material. It breathed so nicely, I never sweat!
  16. lclemur

    4th of July Challenge

    Thanks @@Bluesea71 - Susan?? Are you there?? ;0) I am now currently 197, hit onederland last week! Woo Hoo! I guess I need to change my goal, as it is set at 194? Let's make it 190! Thanks! L
  17. lclemur

    4th of July Challenge

    I can't get into spreadsheet to add my info! User error?? Let me know! Thanks!
  18. lclemur

    NSV shout outs

    Bittersweet: Saying good-by to some of my favorite clothes, and not having the money to replace them! This morning went through the laundry basket and couldn't find any pants that fit. Goodwill pile growing! Onederland is so close, I can "taste" it!
  19. lclemur

    4th of July Challenge

    Thanks Stephh! This will be fun! It is so exciting to see so many of us!
  20. My weight loss has definately slowed down. Yes, I am disappointed that it has. But, weight loss has not been that much of an issue with me. Maintaining has always been my issue. I have been this weight before, many, many times. I know that I need to exercise more, drink more, etc. I, also, did my research, and understood that it wasn't going to continue to "drop off." I am so eager to see how much easier maintenance might be. Someone questioned my choice the other day. "Weight Watchers worked for me!" "Yeah," I answered, "for how long?" The truth is, less than 5% of chronically overweight people maintain their weight loss, but those with WLS have over 50% success. I will take those odds. (I may not be "spot on" with those percentages...)
  21. lclemur

    4th of July Challenge

    I am in! My goal is 194! AND 64 ounces of Water daily habit!
  22. Unfortunately, we don't do a ton of cooking at home. We are always on the go! Here are some great restaurant finds: These are all kids meals. They are all under $6. They last me 2-4 meals Chipoltle: Grilled chicken, black Beans, and fajita vegetables (hold the tortilla.) Comes with a drink I give to my son. But no toy Red Robin: Grilled chicken skewers and steamed (undressed) broccoli. Comes with drink that I, once again, give to my son! No Toy. Chick-fil-a: Grilled chicken nuggets (new!) and a fresh fruit cup. Their buttermilk ranch dipping sauce has 2 grams of sugar. Every other sauce is much higher. Either I give the drink to, you guessed it, my son, OR I get their splenda sweetened real lemonade for later. TOY! It is often a book. Into my classrooms treasure box it goes! Daphne's Grill Grilled chicken with fire roasted vegetables. Comes with Tzatziki, pita bread (who gets it?) unsweetened applesauce, and a large bottle of apple juice (who gets it?) No toy! Souplantation: My family and friends LOVE Souplantation. What was I to do? Spend $10 on .50 worth of food? I called them and explained my WLS, and they said that they charge the $5.99 kids price for us! It still isn't worth it, but it is since I can go with my family and friends! No toy! Now, it could be that they don't give me a toy, because they know it is an adult eating it. But what fun is that?
  23. "Enlightened - The Good-For-You Ice Cream" Sea Salt Caramel bars. 80 calories, 7 gm Protein, 5 grams of Fiber, 5 grams of Sugar. It was a decent sized bar too! On the box they had pictures of so many other of their products. I wouldn't eat them daily, I have only eaten one in a week. That being said, Ice Cream has never been one of my trigger foods. Otherwise, proceed with caution!
  24. Funny thing is...I never had the food funerals. I almost wish I had. My head hunger keeps saying "If only I had _______ one more time before my surgery." Somehow I lost the memo that "Hey! You are never going to eat these things again!" And, there are certainly things I do miss. I miss carbonation. Of course, I am "early out." Maybe I will forget how they taste???
  25. @bluegrass: That is such a scary story! I wish all surgeons would share that story!

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